We all know the ache of gaining your hot, golden, crispy fries home only to find they have turned limp and also soggy.

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Particularly in a year as soon as we are all remaining at residence more, do restaurant-quality food from the comfort of your own kitchen has actually bever been an ext important.


Is there actually a means to conserve your potato mush? we are right here to provide you the run-down on just how to reinvigorate her french fries to their former glory.

You will desire to stop the temptation of throwing the fries, box and also all, into your microwave. These usage radiation to cook and eat your food native the inside out.

Keeping the fries in their initial container provides the moisture exit a surface to condensation on. This means that your fries will quickly become soggy and lose your structural integrity.

Reheat Fries in Oven

This is a very low-maintenance method of reheating fries, perfect for those hungover mornings wherein all you need is carbs. That is likewise the best an approach to use as soon as you should reheat a large quantity that fries.

Preheat your range to 450 levels Fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Ar this baking paper in the oven to acquire really hot prior to you include on the fries.

Spread her leftover fries across the paper in a solitary layer. This will assist prevent lock from coming to be soggier and also will ensure they obtain their crunch back.

Place the baking paper in the range and permit the fries to heat up. The moment this takes will certainly vary relying on the oven and kind of fries. Generally speaking, skinny french fries will certainly only need 2 minutes, whereas chunky fries will certainly take 3-4.

When friend think castle done, take one of the fries out of the oven. Reduced it in half to ensure the is piping hot throughout and also the outside has a slim crunch.

If they room still cold, leaving them in the oven and also check in ~ 1-minute intervals.

Reheat Fries on Stovetop

Place a cast iron, or one more heavy skillet, on her stovetop. Rotate to a medium-high warm and enable the pan to warmth for a pair of minutes.

The heavier the pan, the more heat the products will host onto and the crispier your fries will certainly become.

Pour part oil right into the pan. We recommend using around 10ml, or 2 teaspoons for a small portion of fries. If you space warming more, usage an extra teaspoon or two.

Allow the oil to warm for 20 seconds. We imply using peanut, vegetable, or canola oils together these all have actually a high exhilaration point.

Add the fries to your skillet in a solitary layer. If the pan shows up crowded, that is a great idea to reheat the fries in batches.

Cook the fries for in between 2 and 5 minutes, flipping to heat on every sides. Thinner fries are most likely to take much less time to cook.

Allow the fries to drainpipe on a plate spanned in kitchen towels. This will absorb any kind of excess oil, make the fries much tastier.

Reheat Fries in air Fryer

Air Fryer

Connect her air fryer to the power resource and preheat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place a couple of handfuls of cold fries in the basket the the fryer. Spread out them out to create an even layer. We recommend no filling the basket past the halfway mark, or they will certainly not reheat evenly.

If you have a the majority of fries to reheat, we recommend law this in batches because that the best results.

Place the basket into the waiting fryer and cook for 2 or 3 minutes. Give the basket a vigorous shower to readjust the placing of the fries. Return the basket come the fryer and cook because that 1 to 3 an ext minutes, based on your fry size.

We indicate draining her fries top top a sheet or 2 of document towels prior to you offer them.

Deep fat fryer

This is occasionally referred to together Belgian style fries together they will be twin fried.

This should only be excellent if your french fries have actually a an excellent level of structure integrity.

If they are currently beginning to fall apart, we perform not introduce this technique as they will certainly disintegrate.

Heat the oil in your deep fat fryer or in a large pan until it reaches 300 levels Fahrenheit.

Carefully add in her fries and fry because that 3 come 5 minutes.

Drain the fries on a document towel and also re-season prior to serving.


Do not expect your french fries to taste the exact same as they do fresh from the fryer once they have actually been reheated.

They are often cut an extremely thinly to reduced down on cooking time. French fries are, more often 보다 not, cooking in cheap and also low-quality oil. Reheating lock can attract out any lingering tastes native this oil.

We suggest sprinkling some sea salt over your fries once they have actually been reheated.

If you have a toaster oven, this is even far better than a standard stove for reheating french fries. They will be hot and crunchy, return the flavor will be slightly different.

If you room not influenced by any of this methods, why not try repurposing her fries altogether? location the old fries ~ above a baking sheet and also cover v cheese and your various other favorite toppings.

Place in the range to warm through and melt the cheese. Easy, hassle-free invited fries that aid you to minimize your food waste.

You can even covering the fries in gravy and also cheese curds to do your own iteration the poutine.

Another put in order idea is to make use of your waffle machine. This is a fun way to repurpose her day-old french fries, providing them a completely new lease of life.

Simply chop castle up and also place them in the dish of the waffle maker. If you great them to stick together more, friend could add some egg together a binding agent. Cook for 3-4 minutes, top, and enjoy.

For additional flavor, we always recommend seasoning her fries again after they have been reheated. This deserve to be as basic as salt, or we have had a recipe for our favorite french fry seasoning below.

Another great way to add some added flavor to your reheated fries is by serving them v a range of dipping sauces.

French fry seasoning

Mix together ¼ cup of good salt with 2 tablespoons that paprika and also 1 tablespoon each of garlic powder and garlic salt.

Add ½ tablespoon every of ground black pepper, cumin powder, dried parsley, and dried basil. Finally, add in 1 tespoon of chilii powder and ½ teaspoon of celery salt.

This can be customized come suit your own personal taste.


French fries are never ever going come taste the same the next day, even after you have actually reheated them.

There are definitely methods which create a lot closer imitation of fresh fries - such as frying and also heating end the stovetop.

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We perform not ever before recommend reheating french fries in the microwave as this will an outcome in a limp and also soggy piece of potato.

If you have a little an ext time, we imply making invited fries from her leftovers. This will certainly disguise any type of changes to the taste or texture, making because that a much more enjoyable dish.I hope you"ve took pleasure in this piece on exactly how to reheat French fries. Whether you have leftover French fries from Burger King or McDonald"s fries girlfriend should have actually some principles on just how to eliminate soggy fries.