We get a many of important information through text. Whether it’s a day you require to collection or essential work-related info, you might find yourself wanting to save a message message. Modern-day smartphones all market a way to back up your core data and transfer it to another device. However, transfers periodically don’t incorporate your text messages uneven you conserve them ahead of time or room transferring across the same mobile operation system.

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How to save and backup your text messages

rather than keeping a one-of-a-kind text message as a screenshot, there are much more direct ways to conserve them on your computer system or through iExplorer if you have an apple phone. 

The steps are slightly different if you have actually an Android phone. You can save your text messages come your backup account to accessibility it forever.

If you usage iMessage, inspect out our overview on just how to set a profile photo and name in iMessage or examine out our top tips for iOS 14.

How to conserve text message on iPhone

If you’re to run a computer or a Mac with OS Mojave or earlier, you deserve to use iTunes to create a back-up of your iPhone, which will catch all your text messages at the time of the backup. We’ll walk over what to carry out if you’re on a Mac running OS Catalina in a bit. When you deserve to make and also save backups using iCloud, it’ll be much easier to get to your texts (and various other data) later using iTunes. You have the right to download the latest version here. If girlfriend really like not to usage iTunes, climate you deserve to skip the following two steps and go straight to the section on “Using just iExplorer.”

Step 1A (PC or Mac OS Mojave and also earlier): making backups and also saving texts using iTunes

Making an iOS back-up will save most of the data stored on your device, consisting of iMessages, SMS messages, and also MMS messages. If you haven’t already, make a habit out of creating regular backups.

Begin by launching iTunes. Then, connect your iOS device to her computer.In iTunes, choose your iOS device by click the corresponding icon in the top-left edge of the window.Go to the Summary tab — you should see a section labeled Backups on the right-hand side. Under Manually ago Up and also Restore, choose Back increase Now. As soon as the backup process is done, the Latest Backups sections have to be to update to show your most recent backup. Alternatively, you can go come Preferences > Devices (Mac) or Edit > preferences > Devices (Windows) to confirm that the back-up was successful.

Step 1B: making backups ~ above Mac OS Catalina

If you’ve upgraded come the latest Mac OS, OS Catalina, then you’ll find that iTunes no longer exists. Don’t be fooled by the app titled Music that bears the exact same music note logo, because you can no longer earlier up her iPhone using that app. Instead, you’ll must plug in her iPhone to your Mac via USB, follow the prompts on your phone come Trust This Computer and also then navigate to her Mac’s Finder. 

You’ll view under Locations in Finder that your iphone is mounted like an outside drive. After selecting Trust you’ll it is in presented through a layout very similar to the old iphone layout within iTunes.

Here you can choose Back increase Now and that will produce a backup similar to you would with iTunes.

Step 2: Accessing your backed-up messages using iExplorer

Your message are now saved, but that’s only the first part the the process. If you desire to it is in able to access them top top your computer system whenever girlfriend want, climate you require some an ext software. Get in iExplorer, a premium regime for MacOS and Windows that can, amongst other things, sift through your iTunes backups and also retrieve your various messages. It’s $40 because that one license of the basic version, however you can likewise use the demo variation for a limited time.

In iExplorer, discover the section labeled Browse iTunes Backups (it is still called this even if running OS Catalina) in the left-hand column, and pick the back-up you want to pull messages from. Within that backup, choose Messages.iExplorer will lug up your text messages, with a conversation list situated on the left. Pick a conversation to watch your message on the right, including any type of images and also videos attached to them. Friend can additionally sort the conversation list by name, date, and number of messages.Once you’ve selected a conversation, you deserve to export them together a PDF, TXT, or CSV file. You can additionally choose to only export the pictures or attachments.

Using just iExplorer

While iExplorer deserve to pull texts from one iTunes backup, the can additionally pull texts straight from your iOS device. It’s perfect for anyone who desires to prevent iTunes as much as possible.

Next, affix your iphone phone or iPad. In the left-hand column, click your device’s name. On the Device Overview screen on the right, click Data > Messages. Keep in mind that if you’ve never ever made a backup on her computer, you’ll only see an alternative to Load backup Data. You should make a backup within iExplorer an initial before that can access your messages, for this reason click the to begin the process. As soon as done, proceed to the following step.iExplorer will certainly load every one of the messages at this time on her iOS device. The left-hand shaft will have actually a conversation list, and also clicking any kind of of the conversations will bring them right into view in the right-hand column. You can sort conversations by name, date, or number of messages, as well as filter conversations to present only images, videos, or attachments.You can export entire conversations, consisting of attached media and also documents, making use of the export options below the open up conversation. They deserve to be exported as a PDF, TXT, or CSV file.

How to save text message on Android

Using SMS back-up & Restore

We verified you how to ago up your Android smartphone yet SMS back-up & restore is a complimentary app the does what the surname implies. The can ago up your message messages and also save them locally on your Android device, export them to a computer, or upload them come an online storage company such together Google Drive. It’s make to meet the needs of human being who want to save their message to multiple areas quickly. Your Android device needs come be to run Android 4.0.3 or higher.




Saving Texts

Step 1: begin by downloading and also installing the app to your Android device. Start it, and it bring away you come the key menu.

Step 2: Tap set up a backup to begin creating a brand-new backup. From here, friend can pick what info you desire to save, which text conversations, and also where to save the backups. There are currently choices for conserving your texts straight to your phone, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Girlfriend can also save the emojis attached come the texts and also name the backup files, for this reason they’re simple to identify.

Step 3: If you’re not as pertained to with manually sorting through message conversations, you also have the option to automate the process. In the app, go to setups by choosing the hamburger menu in the top left corner and also follow the prompts.

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Viewing, restoring, and migrating texts

Step 1: To uncover your saved messages, open your key menu and select watch Backups. This choice will display your messages in XML format. The view Backups function will also enable you come reorganize messages within your local folders. 

Step 2: You have the right to relocate her old messages to a new phone in one graceful activity with the SMS Backup and Restore. The most usual time human being use this attribute is when setup up a brand-new phone. Prior to you start, though, constantly remember to ago up all your texts. Without a backup, you could lose several of your many recent messaging histories, which is no funny for anyone.