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Where and also when was AynRand born?

St. Petersburg, Russia, February 2, 1905.

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How carry out you express “Ayn”?

“Ayn” rhymes v “mine.”

Excerpted native a letter to a fan, 1937:

“Your letter inquiring around the origin of my name has actually been forwarded come me.... In answer to your question, I need to say the ‘Ayn’ is both a actual name and an invention. The original of that is a Finnish feminine surname .... That is pronunciation, assignment phonetically, would certainly be: ‘I-na.’ I do not know what its correct spelling must be in English, but I chose to do it ‘Ayn,’ remove the last ‘a.’ ns pronounce it together the letter ‘I’ v an ‘n’ added to it.”

Letters of AynRand, page 40

What is the origin of “Rand”?

From ARI’s monthly newsletter Impact, June 2000

“AynRand, born Alisa Rosenbaum, based she professional very first name top top aFinnish one . The source of she last name, however, has actually been amystery.

“Although its origin is still uncertain, current biographical research by Drs.Allan Gotthelf and also Michael Berliner has eliminated one feasible source. Anoft-repeated story insurance claims that AynRand took she last surname from herRemington edge typewriter while she to be living in Chicago in 1926. This isfalse and we would favor to put the error to rest.

“While tho in Russia, c. 1925, and also long prior to Remington rand typewriterswere produced, Alisa Rosenbaum had embraced the surname ‘Rand.’ letter writtenin 1926 native AynRand’s family in Russia already refer come the name‘Rand.’ this were sent out from Russia before AynRand had actually communicatedfrom America. The Remington and also Rand carriers did no merge until 1927;‘Rand’ did not appear on your (or any) typewriters until the at an early stage 1930s.

“One lead to the actual resource of the name originates from AynRand herself.In 1936, she called the brand-new York Evening post that ‘Rand is anabbreviation of my Russian surname.’ Originally, we thought that this was ared herring in order to protect her household from the Soviet authorities.

“In 1997 Dr. Berliner noted an exciting coincidence when looking at a copyof miss out on Rand’s 1924 university diploma. Top top the diploma was the name Rosenbaumin the Cyrillic alphabet:


The last three letters plainly look choose the roman letters ‘ayn.’ RichardRalston climate noticed that by extending those letters—and dropping the end thesecond and also fourth letters—what stays bears a solid resemblance come the Romanletters ‘Rand.’


“Although much from certain, it appears that the quote in the brand-new YorkEvening write-up may not have been a decoy.”

Did AynRand have any kind of children?

Miss Rand and her husband, open minded O’Connor, determined not to have any type of children.

Of what walk AynRand die? whereby is she buried?

AynRand passed away on march 6, 1982, of heart failure. She was buried inKensico Cemetery in Valhalla, N.Y., next to her husband open minded O’Connor (whodied in 1979). Watch also: “To the Reader,” by bother Binswanger, TheObjectivist Forum, Vol. 3, No. 1.

What university did AynRand attend and also what subject did she study?

AynRand gone into the college of Petrograd come study approach andhistory, and graduated in 1924.

Did AynRand have any kind of siblings?

Yes, she had two sisters: Natasha and also Nora.

For which film studios did AynRand work?

She functioned for fairly a few film service providers in Los Angeles and new York Cityintermittently (while functioning on her writing projects) in between 1926 come 1951.Here is a partial list.

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She operated for Cecil B. DeMille native 1926–27, as an extra, writer andreader; for RKO (1929–32) in the wardrobe department; because that Universal(1932) together a writer; great (1934) as a writer; because that Hal Wallis at Paramount(1943–48) as a writer. She likewise worked because that Warner Brothers(1943–1949) on the screenplay because that The Fountainhead movie.In brand-new York (1935–43) she to be a reader for Paramount and MGM.

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