Der Freund, dice Freundin. The friend. A straightforward German word, but one that deserve to lead come confusion. Why? uncover out here, and also find the end what to do about it.

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Freund: What Does it Mean?

First and also foremost, Freund is friend. Nothing more, naught less. However, if you do it possessive, points change. If you to speak mein Freund, the usually says that you typical “my boyfriend”. The very same for meine Freundin – “my girlfriend”.

Girls: Male and also Female Friends

Let’s view it in a conversation.

Lena: »Ich battle gestern mit meinem Freund im Kino.«

Anna: »Ach, du bist in einer Beziehung?«

Lena: »Nein, nein, das ist nur einer meiner Freunde. Ich bin nicht in einer Beziehung.«

Lena: “I visited the movies v my girlfriend yesterday.”

Anna: “Oh, you’re in a relationship?”

Lena: “No, no, the is just one of my friends. Ns am not in a relationship.”

Interestingly, this is not so lot the situation if the is a girl’s woman friend. If a girl claims meine Freundin, it is usually assumed to be her friend, no her girlfriend.

Guys: Male and Female Friends

Above, I debated a girl’s male friend. A guy’s male friend might lead come the same confusion. Because that example:

Markus: Ich wohne mit meinem Freund in einer WG.

Markus: i live through my girlfriend in a shared apartment.

In Germany, many people would assume the Markus is in a partnership with the Freund, even though it can also mean the it is simply a friend, as with in English. If he had said Ich wohne mit meiner Freundin in einer WG, the is also assumed, probably even an ext so, the he is in a relationship with that Freundin.

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In any case, this can reason Verwirrung (confusion) without clarification. Therefore what can we carry out to protect against confusion?

What to Do

Ein Freund

Though a bit impersonal, ein Freund alters the conversation already. Putting it in what Markus says above, it becomes ich wohne mit einem Freund in einer WG – ns live with a girlfriend in a common apartment. Here, Freund just means friend. The is the same for Lena the goes through einem Freund ins Kino. – No Beziehung assumed!


A word offered a lot of by males is der Kumpel (mate, buddy, pal). The takes out any kind of assumption the relationship and also you can just say mein Kumpel and everyone will gain it! girls don’t need a various word, because meine Freundin often already does it for them.

It is no a huge deal to get it wrong, just know the it may bring about confusion! have actually you currently had this issue? perform you have a indigenous in her language that can lead to confusion? permit me understand in the comment below!