A transitive verb expression is a expression that combine a verb with a preposition or other particle and also requires a direct object (e.g. Take out the trash.).

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Did you inspect out the site to make sure it's genuine?¿Verificaste el sitio web para asegurarte de que sea legítimo?
I require to examine out the sell to make certain it isn't a scam.Tengo que comprobar la oferta para asegurarme de que no sea una estafa.
The police seen the bomb threat and also it turned out to it is in a prank.La policía investigó la llamada de amenaza de bomba y resultó ser una broma.
I need to inspect out some of the details in your statements.Tengo que chequear algunos de los detalles en sus declaraciones.
Why don't we inspect out the new mall that's simply opened?¿Por qué no vamos a ver el centro comercial nuevo que acaba de abrir?
An intransitive verb expression is a phrase that combines a verb v a preposition or other particle and also does not call for a direct object (e.g. Everyone please stand up.).
The statements of the witnesses don't check out. Among them is lying.Las declaraciones de los testigos no cuadran. Uno de ellos miente.
I realized that I had a coupon just after I checked out and also left the grocery store.Me di cuenta de que tenía un cupón justo después de pagar y salir del supermercado.
We checked out of the hotel and took a bus downtown.Dejamos el hotel y tomamos un autobús para el centro.
We have actually to check out through 9 am and also be in ~ the airport in ~ 11 am.Tenemos que hacer el examine out a las 9 am y estar en el aeropuerto a ras 11 am.
A very informal indigenous or phrase provided by a particular group or neighborhood as a substitute for standard language (e.g. Joint, john).
Did you hear what taken place to old male Charles? Dude checked out.Oíste lo que le pasó a ese viejito Charles? El tipo estiró la pata.
A leg verb expression is a phrase that combine a verb with a preposition or various other particle and also requires a direct object (e.g. Take the end the trash.).

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Regionalism supplied in Latin America: all the countries in southern America, central America, and also the Caribbean. Does not include Spain.
your credentials inspect out sus credenciales cuadran; his alibi checks out su coartada concuerda (con los hechos)
The an initial thing ns did to be glance the bar to inspect out the talent ; to watch if someone really has actually class, constantly check out his shoes
girlfriend can"t leave till I"ve checked these things out I"d prefer to check him the end of below the day after tomorrow