The affectionate name children use in the direction of their father (padre) in Italian is papà. It is the tantamount of dad, daddy or pa in English.

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IPA: /pa·pà/
Un papà insieme a sua figlia = A dad with his daughter

A an extremely easy mistake you could make once you first start learning Italian is to accidentally ar the emphasis on the an initial rather than the critical syllable. If you place it top top the first, you acquire papa i m sorry is words for the pope!

Mio papà ha conosciuto il papa.

My dad met the pope.

Also make sure not to confused it through the similar sounding pappa, the childish word because that food and the surname for baby food or mush.

Il papà ha dato la pappa al suo bambino.

The father fed the baby food to his child.

A girl who is an especially attached to, or spoiled by, her father is dubbed bella di papà or cocca di papà (daddy’s girl) in Italian.

Four cute sports on this word are the diminutive creates papi, papino, paparino and also the short kind . Once I was functioning as one au pair in Italy, the children I looked after virtually always called their dad papi instead of papà.

Guarda, papi! – Look, daddy!

Another nickname you might hear fairly often, especially in and around Tuscany, is babbo, i beg your pardon is the very same word seen in the name Italians give to Santa Claus: Babbo Natale.

The hatchet figlio di papà (son that dad) refers to a man who enjoys the benefits or comforts of belonging to a well-off or prestigious family. The equivalent expression in English is to it is in born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth.

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In addition to one’s biological father (padre biologico), over there are different kinds that dads worth celebrating. This include:

bisnonno = great-grandfathersuocero = father-in-lawpadrino = godfatherpatrigno = stepfatherpadre adottivo = adoptive fatherpadre affidatario = foster fatherfigura paterna = father figure

Did you know that…?In Italy, follow to the roman Catholic tradition, Father’s Day – known as La festa del papà or La festa del babbo in Italian – is commemorated on march 19th or the Feast the Saint Joseph (Festa di mountain Giuseppe) fairly than June 21st.


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