Every time I try a transaltion business I keep getting the geometric shape and also not the word for the gemstone.Can anybody call me what the Japanese call diamonds, the gems?
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I"m not sure what girlfriend mean. The word in Japanese because that the gem is the same, diamond, well a mutilated version of it: daiyamondo, or if you have the right to read kana, ダイヤモンド. It"s frequently abbreviated come "daiya." If you don"t believe me, simply go to the Wikipedia web page for diamond and also click ~ above the Japanese page (it"s just above Norsk). For the shape, they occasionally use the word "hishi-gata" (菱形) from the name of a plant, i beg your pardon is probably finest known together the second part of Mitsubishi, which method "three diamonds".

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Thank you Jens, that"s more information than I might dig up in a main of spring on mine own. Why go they have to borrow our word because that it, didn"t they have daiyamondos prior to Perry"s visit?
For the shape, they sometimes use the word "hishi-gata" (菱形) indigenous the surname of a plant, i m sorry is probably ideal known as the second part of Mitsubishi, which method "three diamonds".
I had never thought about it before and also just suspect hishi described the rock (having just come across it in the paper definition of Mitsubishi). My thesaurus translates it together water chestnut, i beg your pardon is confusing since the "water chetsnut" ns am familiar with has actually round (not diamond shaped) and really crunchy fruit (often used in Chinese cooking).Turns out there space two plants referred to as water chestnut. The other one (Trapa natans) does have actually rhomboid seeds pods. Oddly, this is the one i was familar through as a plant however never knew the wasn"t the exact same one as the vegetable. Although, this one is edible together well.Live and also learn, eh.
I had actually never thought about it before and just suspect hishi referred to the stone (having only come throughout it in the context of Mitsubishi).
So did I, type of. I type of presume it described the shape. Yet actually, thinking around it, the kanji offers it away. It has a "kusa-kanmuri" top top top, which method it describes a tree of part kind.

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Thank friend Jens, that"s much more information 보다 I could dig increase in a main of feather on mine own. Why walk they need to borrow our word because that it, didn"t they have actually daiyamondos before Perry"s visit?
It"s a great question, and actually something ns was wondering myself before you came along and also asked! i think the basic answer is the yes, they had a word because that it before Perry, and also probably an ext than one. Spring in the Japanese wiki, castle mention another term that I"ve never ever heard, i m sorry is actually a Chinese loanword. But Chinese loanwords came right into Japan in favor the 8th century AD, so it might go earlier that far. And also then, there appears to it is in a indigenous in old Japanese, "honu," yet I"m not certain if it refers to a diamond especially or to gemstones in general. About the much more general question, why did they need to borrow the word, i can"t really describe why so clearly, yet people loaned words even when they have words of their own. In English, we obtained words favor "pork" and also "mutton" also though we had actually perfectly good words of our own. Sometimes words are obtained not due to the fact that they are necessary but since they room cool or useful. Us say "boutique" in English, also though "shop" would do perfectly well, since it has actually a type of classiness to it. Ns imagine that the word "diamond" was adopted because it sound exotic or something.