The Italian word for fox is volpe (feminine, plural: volpi). The derives from the Latin native vulpes that the very same meaning.

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Two types of fox with which most world are familiar are the volpe rossa (red fox) and the volpe artica (arctic fox). In total, there room twelve different extant species and four fossil species.

Some common terms associated with foxes include:

caccia alla volpe = fox huntingcucciolo di volpe / volpacchiotto = fox cubtana di volpe = fox’s lair

I cuccioli di volpe stanno giocando fuori dalla tana.

The fox cubs room playing external the lair.

Una piccola volpe molto carinaA very cute tiny fox

Two various other creatures the take the surname volpe in spite of not being associated are the volpe volante (flying fox) and pesce / squalo volpe (common thresher).

Because foxes are associated with slyness and also astuteness in both Italian and English, they appear in a pair of to compare expressions: essere una vecchia volpe (to it is in a wily old fox) and also essere furbo/a come una volpe (to be together sly together a fox).

The augmentative volpone (volpe + -one) is an additional term because that a very cunning person.

È furbo come una volpe! – the is together sly as a fox!

An exciting expression the plays through the idea that foxes being intelligent is mangiare pane e volpe which means to eat bread and fox. That was influenced by the traditional Italian breakfast pane e marmellata (bread and jam). Return the expression means to smarten up or to end up being astute, that is exclusively used in a sarcastic or ironic sense to suggest the precise opposite. Take it the adhering to dialogue because that example:

Ho rubato 300 euro e l’ho detto a tutti i miei amici. – Ma che cosa mangi la mattina? Pane e volpe?

I stole €300 and also told all my friends. – What, are you stupid or something?(Literally: ns stole €300 and also told all my friends. – What do you eat in the morning? Bread and fox?)

It can likewise be shortened come Pane e volpe!, an exclamation supplied to comment on someone doing something stupid.

Expressions concerned ‘volpe’

Fare come la volpe con l’uva

Literal translation: to behave favor the fox through the grapeEnglish meaning: To scorn something friend desire just due to the fact that you know you can’t obtain it

Based ~ above the expression:La volpe che non arriva all’uva dice che è acerba / amara.The fox that does not get the grape claims it is unripe / sour.

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Alternative:La volpe che no arriva al lardo (lard) dice che è rancido (rancid).

Tu seivolpee iotasso, tu seifurboma io ti passo

Literal translation: You space a fox and also I a badger, you space smart but I will pass youEnglish meaning: Even those who think about themselves smart, will sooner or later fulfill someone that is smarter

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