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Our readers have spoken – incomprehensibly in numerous cases. Newcomers and old-timers alike enjoyed our very first guide to 30 of new Orleans toughest pronunciations. So much so the they have contributed (mis)pronunciations of their own. Check out on YUH-all.

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With comments by Dug MAK-Kash (Doug MacCash).


You have the right to put crab meat in a mirliton, you can put shrimp in one, breadcrumbs, garlic, and spices too. Simply don’t put any type of Rs in there.

As commenter Don Cazentre explained: "My family constantly said that melly-tawn. And no one outside of 504 ever before heard of a melly-tawn."

MEL-eh-tawn is likewise acceptable, if properly cooked.


A MEL-eh-tawn is a vegetable. commenter blackdovedesigns reminds united state that part "old world say Vege-TIBBles."

We’ve even heard VEH-JEH-tables. However that seems like a long time ago.


The city to our northeast is pronounced on slide – L, prefer SLIDE Trombone.

But commenter artsstreet point out out, that if you usage voice navigating (think Google Maps or Siri) "you might not even know where you room from your pronunciations: Slid-dell, Pant-chartrain, Lee-ah-nye-das."


The Holly Grove/Uptown street is pronounce LEE - ahn – ih – dus, much more or less. The street was named after King Leonidas, the star that the movie “300.” In Greek, Leonidas way “really an excellent abs.”

Note: ns made the last part up.

A reader called Nancy commented: "For whatever reason, locals express Leonidas Street together "lee-ANN-ders" street."


"Anyone who has studied Greek mythology knows that Clio St. Is pronounce Klee-Oh," composed commenter mallag4. "But right here most world say Cly-Oh (like Clyde there is no the de). Yet some say, See-el-ten. commenter AtTheEndOfTheLine listed that the C-L-10 pronunciation was acquired from the banner that marked the CLIO streetcar line.

The photograph is that Bonnie and Clyde, that were most likely around around the very same time together the C-L-10 streetcar. I thought around putting in a snapshot of Bono and also calling the slide "Bono and also Clio," but that seemed too random.

Random photo of ...


Terpsichore Street

Reader Nancy Fourrier says: "I"ve lived in Louisiana all my life and also I"m stumped through Terpsichore."

Nancy, the concensus seems to be: Terp-sih-kore.

General ascendancy number 1

Don’t shot to acquire all Greek with the Uptown pronunciations. To trust me, every little thing language we’re speaking, that ain’t Greek.

For instance, in Greek, Euterpe is pronounced something favor F-terp-ee. No lie.

Please scroll through: "Meet the 9 Muses, brand-new Orleans" unpronounceable Uptown streets."


"After analysis all these comments on mine iPad, I have to recharge the battree!" created commenter

A picture of a battree appeared dull.


New Orleans’ suburban neighbor come the west is express MET-er-ee. Remember, friend might be able to breathe perfect well, however there’s still no air in Metairie. Just the announcers on late night infomercials gain to say met-AIR-ee.

Sometimes you hear MET-ry, but that might be one affectionate over-pronunciation, favor Nawrlins. Top top the various other hand, if you to speak battree, you could say Mettree. Sometimes brand-new Orleans pronunciation is prefer Burger King; have actually it your way.

Speaking of citizens King, I simply love this story: "Burger King create flap over new Orleans" own miss Chicken Fries."

General preeminence number 2

You absolutely shouldn’t to speak MET-ry, uneven your grandparents and also your uncle Sid live in Metairie. Or Kenn-uh eethuh.

Mirror commenter Delaforet (DEL-uh-for-et?) asks: "How numerous variations of words "mirror" have you heard?" commenter po-girl suggests: MEER.

Used in a sentence: Meer, meer on da wall, who gonna take it me to a Mahdi Grah ball?

Carrollton Avenue commenter liveoak wrote this around the avenue and/or neighborhood: "I quiet get called out ~ above my brand-new Awlins together of Carrollton, i m sorry comes out inevitably together CAL-Ton but with the L absent almost as if I"m saying Cow-Ton.

"No one claims "N"Awlins"," liveoak added, "but most natives (myself included), say "New Awlins.""

New olions revisited

"One thing great since Katrina is that civilization know lock are getting "New Orleans" wrong and might ask just how to to speak it," wrote commenter artsstreet. "Good luck through the 4 or 5 various ways! I just say never ever "New Or-leenz," other than in a song."

Generally we agree. Yet it has involved our fist that, in the poignantly playful documentary “Bayou Maharaja,” piano maestro James Booker pronounces the city New-or-leenz. Now, it should be detailed that Mr. Booker flourished up in Biloxi (BUH-lux-ee) and also was speak to one audience in Sweden or France as soon as he pronounce the name of the city thusly. Possibly Booker’s pronunciation proves the the people of Mississippi and/or Europe prefer lengthy Es.

Claiborne Avenue commenter Meg Coop wrote: "One joint newcomers seem to battle with is Claiborne. I"ve heard the pronounced Clay-burn but I"ll pronounce it Clay-born. My dad might even speak Clay-bon."

That"s a picture of Ernie K-doe"s Mother-In-Law Lounge on Claiborne Avenue.

LeBlanc commenter Albert J. LeBlanc states his name is correctly pronounced Leh no Lah, to add "I perform not express the c in ~ the end; the is silent."

One marvels if the Cowboy Mouth drummer pronounces the C. If so, it would be the only part of Fred LeBlanc that’s ever before been silent.


Commonly dubbed Luh-plahs, however apparently not exclusively so. commenter Now wrote: "On the LaPlace thing - a many of people I recognize (even some who live there now) speak La-Place (as in Park Place)."

The hunger-inducing picture was taken in ~ the yearly Andouille (AHN-do-wee) Festival in LaPlace.

General ascendancy number 3

In new Orleans, vowels are prefer yield signs. They’re just vague suggestions. Sure accidents happen; that’s why everybody has actually ensurence.

My partner Christy Lorio states she pronounces insurance: IN-sure-ance.

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Boil and also oil commenter LuckyDog argued these standard old-time Crescent City pronunciations:

“Boil = berl, as in.. ‘Let"s berl some crabs.’ The rule additionally applies come oil, as in ‘Did you obtain your erl readjusted at Jiffy Lube?’”

Point and also oyster

"My Mama has constantly said pernt for point," composed commenter Ronda Williamson. "I loved hearing the Calliope (KAL-I-O-P in this case) from the river boats as a child sitting ~ above the porch top top S Miro (ME-ro) Street."

Several readers discussed that brand-new Orleans’ many beloved bivalve is periodically pronounced ER-ster.