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How to say police in Russian: politsiya

Learning Russian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say police in Russian: politsiyaSay it out loud: “pah LEE tsy ya

You deserve to learn how to speak police and over 220 various other travel-friendly words and also phrases v our inexpensive, easy-to-use Russian language cheat sheets. We can assist you do your following trip to one more country even much more fun and also immersive. Click below!

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Some an ext helpful indigenous in ours Russian major Nouns category:

airport – aeroport (ah eh rah port)bank – bank (bahnk)bar – bar (bar)car – mashina (mah shee nah)city bus – gorodskoi avtobus (gorod skoi ah ftoh boos)coffeehouse – kofeynya (kah fyey nya)hospital – bol"nitsa (bahl nee tsa)hostel – gostinitsa (gah stee nee tsah)hotel – otel" (ah tehl)long-distance bus – mezhdugorodniy avtobus (mye zh doo gah rod neey ah ftoh boos)long-distance train – poezd (poh yezt)pharmacy – apteka (ah ptye kah)police – politsiya (pah LEE tsy ya)post office – pochta (poh chtah)restaurant – restoran (rye stah rahn)short-distance train – elektrichka (eh lye ktree chkah)supermarket – supermarket (soo pyer mahr kyet)taxi – taksi (tah ksee)

And here’s how to speak police in other languages!

Arabic–Shorta (shor ta)Chinese–Jǐngchá (Jing Cha)Croatian–policija (poe leets ee uh)Czech–policie (poe leets ee yeh)Finnish–poliisi (poh rental fees ih)French–Police (police)German–die polizei (dee poh leet zye)Italian–polizia (poe leets" ee uh)Japanese–Keisatsu (Kay Sah Tsu)Korean–Gyeongchal (Gyung Chal)Polish–policja (po lee" tzyah)Portuguese–Polícia (poh lee see-ah)Russian–politsiya (pah LEE tsy ya)Spanish–policía (poe lee see" uh)Swahili–kituo cha polisi (kee as well oh cha po lee see)Thai–Tamruat (tam ROO-aht)Turkish–polis (police)Vietnamese–Công one (Gong Ahn)

Are you lost? Can"t discover your means around also after consulting your map? lost your bag or purse? friend will need the assist of the "police", translated in Russian as (politsiya). Acquire even much more helpful phrases from the instant accessibility to the Russian Language Set.

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