Sounds same enough however it provides the von + dative as genitive, which is ugly and only embraced in Austria and Switzerland as much as I know (maybe in southerly buzzpatterson.comy too). Unfortunately I’m writing to who from the North right now.

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Also the variant through the pronoun before the surname i’m pretty sure it’s generally Swiss and Austrian and would no be welcomed in buzzpatterson.comy, i am however not 100 % sure.

Ich bin (der) Sohn Karls.

Beautiful usage of genitive, however this works fine because that names the does not end in -s. Currently if my dad is called Andreas, just how am I supposed to perform it?

Ich bin (der) Sohn Andreas.

Is ambigious, as we don’t recognize whether ns referring come Andrea or Andreas.

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The genitive of Andreas is Andreas’. Thus:

Ich bin Andreas" Sohn.

The non-genitive and also most typical solution would be

Ich bin der Sohn von Andreas.


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More or less all variants are supplied in one paper definition or another.

In historical, biblical or arabic contexts, the usual building would be:

Pippin, Sohn des Karls

Isaak, Sohn des Abrahams

which can, the course, it is in affixed come an I am:

Ich bin der Sohn des Karls.

(But the sounds really weird; this form of construction is really only used to introduce or address someone an extremely important.)

Ich bin Sohn des Karls.

is possible, if there is something essential (or girlfriend feel that there should be part implication) attached to the opposite side knowing who’s kid you are.

Ich bin Sohn des Kaisers!

Auch Majestäten zahlen Eintritt.

In a less formal/historical or whatnot setting, that is often shortened in the means you argued with postfixed genitive:

Ich bin der Sohn Karls.

It is also possible to usage the standard prefixed genitive albeit without the identify article.

Ich bin Karls Sohn

These two may lead to the difficulty in differentiating in between Andrea and Andreas. Yet honestly, if her father is Andreas or one of two people of her parents room Andrea, friend will just avoid this specific construction altogether. And actually, girlfriend wouldn’t usage it in colloquial speech anyway (genitive is quite rare in colloquial In created form, the presence (Andreas’) or absence (Andreas) of one apostrophe plainly indicates the who name.

In colloquial decided — at the very least to me, implying south buzzpatterson.comy — the is perfectly fine to use the von construction. However, keep in mind that in mine area an short article with the name is mandatory, leading us to:

Ich bin der Sohn vom Karl.

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Which can likewise be turn around:

Ich bin vom knife der Sohn.

And then there is a multitude of execution you might here however never read and which always succeed in ~ irritating northerners, such as: