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French Synonyms for Oui

Saying "yes" in French is pretty simple, however there are quite a few synonyms and precisions to be conscious of. Examine out this lesson come learn exactly how to to speak yes, yeah, sure, and also more.

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oui = yes

Oui is the basic, typical French word for "yes":

Oui, j’aime les fraises.Yes, I favor strawberries.
– Veux-tu m’épouser ?– Oui !– will you marry me?– Yes!

It’s additionally the best translation of "I do":

– Veux-tu épouser cet homme … ?– Oui.– carry out you take it this man …?– i do.

ouais, ouaip = yeah

Ouais and also ouaip are informal equivalents because that yes, identical to “yeah” or “yep”:

Ouais, je sais.Yeah, ns know.
– T’es prêt ?– Ouaip.– girlfriend ready?– Yep.

Texting abbreviation: Oué

mouais = um, yeah

Mouais is informal and also a little uncertain:

Mouais, d’accord.Um, yeah, ok.
– T’es prêt ?– Mouais, attends deux secondes.– friend ready?– Um, yeah, simply a sec.

ouah ! = yes! yay! wow!

Ouah is an informal word used to express joy or admiration, choose “yes!” or “wow!”

Ouah ! Je l’ai réussi !Yes! ns passed!
Ouah, on a gagné !Yes, we won!

si = correct after no

Si is one of my favorite French words, due to the fact that it’s very useful and also doesn’t have an English equivalent. It’s supplied to contradict a negation: come say yes as soon as someone else claims no, asks a an unfavorable question, or renders a an adverse statement.

– Il n’a pas de sœur.– Si.– the doesn’t have a sister.– correctly (he does).
– N’as-tu pas faim ?– Si.– Aren’t friend hungry?– correctly (I to be hungry).

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More synonyms for oui

assurémentsure, certainly
avec plaisirwith pleasure
bien entenduof course
bien sûrof course
bonfine, ok
ça marche(informal)ok, that works
carrément (familiar)totally
c’est çathat’s right
c’est exactthat’s right
effectivementindeed, quite
en effetindeed, quite
évidemmentof course, obviously
exactthat’s right
je ne dis pas nonI wouldn’t say no, ns don’t do not agree (an unemphatic yes)
justementthat’s right
moi aussime too
pouce en hautpouce vers le hautthumbs up
tout à faitexactly, absolutely
voilàthat’s right, there you go
volontierswith pleasure

Oui is additionally found in a number of expressions, not all of which room variations on the "yes" theme.