If this is the first time you are smoking cigarettes weed, you may have already read increase on the topic countless times. The most typically asked questions include:

What walk it feel like?What will take place after you inhale?How stoned space you going to get?

Well, in truth, no two human being have the same experience, and that is the beauty beauty of it.

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Cannabis affect its users differently, and for some first-time smokers, it will not influence them at all. That is completely normal and extremely common. Others will acquire light-headed, when some might get fully stoned and also start tripping. You might get the munchies, or probably you’ll loss asleep. It counts on the strain, the amount you take, and also your mood.

If this is your an initial time cigarette smoking marijuana, we have actually you covered. This guide outlines what come expect, gives some tips on enjoy it the experience, and looks into suitable strains because that novices.

What Is It like to smoke Weed for the an initial Time?

It depends on who you ask, and additionally on exactly how much girlfriend use. If friend consume too lot cannabis when obtaining high for the very first time, you might experience anxiety and also paranoia.

Some individuals don’t experience any kind of intoxicating high, and that’s okay. Maybe you no inhale right into your lungs, or else you spend a very tiny amount. That is an endure you can learn indigenous nonetheless. Because that others, the key experience once they acquire high is among euphoria. They feel uplifted, happy, and also slightly energized. The world is filled v wonder, and also the possibilities are endless.

No one is totally sure exactly how cannabis will impact them till they try it but much more people have a good experience 보다 bad.

There’s additionally a opportunity that friend feel incredibly hungry as the munchies take hold. Vice versa, you might feel confused, sad, or anxious. No one is entirely sure exactly how cannabis will impact them till they shot it. What we can tell girlfriend is that more people have actually a great experience than bad. Otherwise, marijuana wouldn’t be the most well-known illegal drug in the world!

First Time smoking Weed Tips

Before you begin, that is important to keep in mind the THC content of the strain you’re using. Us recommend the you just smoke weed v a center level of THC. Ideally, the will have actually some CBD to take it the sheet of the intoxication friend feel.

Some sites suggest beginning with 10mg of THC, however that is far too lot for finish novices. Try to save your sheep to 2.5mg or much less if you desire to play that safe. Also, if you feeling a small buzzed ~ a solitary hit, sit earlier and gain the experience quite than going earlier for more. Remember, a small amount can go a really long way.

Staying in ~ your borders will make the procedure far an ext enjoyable. Now, let’s take it a look at five an excellent tips worth considering once you’re around to smoke weed because that the very first time.

1 – Drink Water prior to You Start

Cottonmouth, or dry mouth, is among the most usual side effects connected with smoking cigarettes cannabis. It is a good idea to have a party of water surrounding to rehydrate and keep her mouth moist.

It is one even better idea come pre-hydrate prior to you begin smoking. As it will certainly be your very first time cigarette smoking weed, it’s way to acting a tiny rather 보다 a lot. Therefore, you won’t have to drink a ton the water in breakthrough of smoking one spliff.


The cottonmouth led to by cannabis is only temporary and nothing to concern about. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main intoxicating cannabinoid developed by the three plant. It binding to cannabinoid receptors in the submandibular glands, whose function is to develop saliva in the mouth. THC reasons the signal for saliva manufacturing to it is in shut off, and that’s why we end up with dry mouths.

Once the THC results in our system have actually worn off, every little thing returns to normal, and the cottonmouth side effect disappears.

2 – usage Edibles, Concentrates, or a plain Joint

There space plenty of different smoking options, including joints, blunts, bowls, bongs, vapes, and also other ranges of gadgets on the market. Girlfriend should most likely keep it an easy for the very first time and start by sharing a joint with a friend.

Don’t try to roll it yourself, together you might do the wrong. If your first time smoking weed is v someone who has rolled a joint and smoked before, climate let them role it. If girlfriend are cigarette smoking with someone who is also a newbie, you can ask someone you know and trust to roll it for you.


Alternatively, you deserve to ask the human working in ~ the dispensary whereby you space purchasing the weed native to execute it because that you. Make certain to permit them recognize that the your an initial time.

It’s necessary to be conscious that cannabis won’t immediately affect you. It generally takes a few minutes – in ~ least! – for the effects to absent in. Again, relying on the stress, overload and an approach of consumption, the size of time it takes for the impacts to take organize varies. You can additionally expect variance about the soot of the effects.

It is no a great idea to begin puffing ~ above a spliff lot of times because you haven’t feel anything in the first thirty seconds. Monitor the ‘puff, puff, pass’ protocol. Gauge exactly how you’re emotion while wait for the share to come back your way. Room you noticing any change in your mood? do you feel high yet? execute you feel overwhelmed, or room you calm?

If the impacts have kicked in and you feel in any way uncomfortable, pass when it’s your revolve again to let any an adverse feelings dissipate.

3 – nothing Smoke Alone

It is not a good idea to try a mind-altering substance that you have actually no endure with on your own. With no former experience, you have actually no idea how marijuana will impact you. Having someone there that is judicious that you know and also trust is advisable.

They will help keep you base if you have a poor experience and also feel overwhelmed by the effects. Also, they deserve to hopefully call you as soon as you’ve had sufficient so the you don’t overindulge throughout your very first time.


When girlfriend have much more experience smoking weed and also become conscious of your limits, you will feel a lot more comfortable having actually a spliff on your own. Personally from every one of the practical and sensible factors for smoking weed with friends, you can additionally discuss exactly how you room feeling during it, and also they have the right to tell you exactly how they feel.

Try to make your very first time smoking cigarettes weed as enjoyable together possible. Having actually a friend or a couple of friends to share the suffer with you will certainly make it a lot much more fun.

4 – Music go Help

To truly enjoy your bud, you need to be in the best mood. If you autumn asleep, you room not walk to have an enjoyable experience. You’re likewise unlikely to gain it if you’re also stressed. The idea is to chill out and enjoy it. If over there is a particular jive the you like to hear to the can get you in the mood, then go for it. Plus, the will add a whole new dimension to your experience.


As anyone knows, music produce an emotive solution in people. Select some music the you reap that set the tone nicely because that your very first time smoking cannabis. Opt because that music the is straightforward to listen to and is upbeat. After a few tokes, friend may discover yourself singing follow me to every little thing music is playing in the background. Music will assist make the experience an ext enjoyable, particularly when the is in the company of great friends.

5 – The Comedown

Thankfully, the comedown isn’t as negative as a disastrous hangover. You can feel a little bit sleepy, therefore it’s finest to acting in the evening prior to you walk to bed. Nothing fret around being overtired – this is a typical thing, and also it does wear off.


Sometimes after cigarette smoking weed, you deserve to have cottonmouth the adhering to morning, relying on how much you have smoked, of course. As pointed out above, pre-hydrating and also drinking lot of of water in between puffs will aid lessen the cottonmouth effect.

Now, let’s check out a couple of marijuana strains an ideal for newbies.

5 Recommended cannabis Strains for first Time Users

1 – Harlequin

This earthy hybrid is renowned because that its distinct CBD:THC ratio and calming properties, perfect for the novice smoker! Harlequin is a sativa-dominant hybrid that packs superb CBD proportion of 5:2. That is the ideal smoke come relax the body and also take away those aches and pains!

Harlequin is a descendant that Columbian Gold and Thai and Swiss landrace strains. It offers a clear-headed high that will leave friend alert and relaxed every in one go! Harlequin is perfect for first-timers due to the fact that its high CBD levels counteract the intoxicating results of THC. Therefore, you have the right to enjoy a chilled-out high v none of the concerns!

Harlequin is known for the sweet exotic smell coupled v musky tones. This tree flowering time is usually in between 60 and also 70 days. The stress, overload performs ideal indoors, whereby you gain the ideal quality thick nugs coated in substantial trichomes!

However, keep in mind the Harlequin stress, overload you acquisition as that THC content can vary from 7% to 15%. First-timers should stick to the lower end of the scale.

2 – Plushberry

Plushberry is well known for its superior fruity taste that will certainly leave friend in a state the calm because that hours! This indica-dominant strain offers THC levels that reach 19% through a low CBD content. That is perfect because that a high the flows v both body and mind. Plushberry had to do our list!

While the THC:CBD ratio of this stress, overload seems difficult to the much less experienced smoker, the is wonderful if friend are looking for an uplifting high there is no falling prey to couch lock! Plushberry is a popular strain for patients spring to benefit from its body melt effects. The emotion of relaxation come slowly and leaves you emotion deeply chilled out yet tho able to go around your day!

This strain provides a medium to heavy yield and is versatile as it grows indoors and also outside! Plushberry has a colorful purple hue v orange hairs and gives turn off a very delicious fruity aroma. That flavors room often compared to blackberry jam and raspberries!

3 – Pennywise

Don’t be put off by the creepy namesake; this indica-dominant strain is one efficient type of clinical marijuana. Pennywise is perfect for those who want to advantage from a milder intoxicating high! It commonly has a 1:1 THC come CBD ratio with in between 12% and also 15% of each.

It combine Harlequin and Jack the Ripper to carry out a relaxing and also cerebral high that works wonders for various clinical conditions. Patients through arthritis, PTSD, and epilepsy reach because that Pennywise as it it is provided a euphoric emotion with psychological clarity and also an all at once relaxing effect.

This beautiful plant comes in emerald green and also purple coloring and has more thick coated buds. The flower time for Pennywise is between 60 and 67 days, and you can prosper it indoors and also outdoors. Inexplicable in aroma and also flavor, Pennywise combine the bitter note of coffee and also pepper v undertones the citrus and bubblegum! we recommend this strain as a nightcap to advantage from its soft sedative effects.

4- Dancehall

Named ~ a popular style of reggae music played throughout celebrations, this sativa hybrid is whatever you can want in a society strain! The uplifting impacts of Dancehall will lift you to a brand-new level through its clear-headed high and mellow human body buzz! Bred through Reggae Seeds, Dancehall combine Juanita La Lagrimosa and also Kalijah to produce a supervisor sweet and fruity bud v a note of earthy tones.

Dancehall is a favorite strain because that those looking to control symptoms of pain, cramping, inflammation, and muscle spasms. This vivid strain has neon green nugs splattered with bright gold hairs that give it a look as lively together its effects!

Dancehall is great option for less experienced cannabis users. Through a reasonably even ratio of CBD: THC, that won’t leave you couch-locked or paranoid yet will accumulate you to obtain creative! In general, it have the right to have native 9% come 15% of each cannabinoid.

5 – Aliens top top Moonshine

This strain is known finest for its bizarre aroma that combines sweet v savory and also a hint of chemicals! Aliens top top Moonshine is the indica strain that packs a chuck 18% CBD against 9% THC, make it terrific medical three option.

Aliens on Moonshine comes through a body high like no other. If it permits you to remain functional, you can expect one uplifting high and a really mellow the atmosphere boost!

With small nugs that come in deep shades that green, Aliens ~ above Moonshine is perhaps one of the less colorful plants on ours list. However, what the lacks in aesthetics, it more than makes up because that in effects! we recommend this strain for patients who room not searching for an intense high, together it might leave friend pain-free, calm, and clear-headed!

Best means to smoke Weed for the first Time

Ideally, your first-time act weed will involve numerous preparation, including following at least a few of the over tips. The most sensible option is to take a few hits indigenous a joint prepared by a girlfriend or purchased indigenous a licensed dispensary. Take keep in mind of exactly how much THC is in the joint, and also begin with a couple of puffs. Sit back and wait a couple of minutes to check out what happens.

The most cautious option because that first-time smokers is to take it a couple of hits native a joint ready by a girlfriend or purchased indigenous a license is granted dispensary.

We don’t recommend utilizing a blunt or a bowl due to the fact that they tend to provide more THC per hit. Then again, through a bowl, you have the right to use the tiniest amount at first. Edibles are tricky due to the fact that although you understand the THC content, the high can take hrs to become apparent. If nothing else, remain away from bongs and also concentrates together they space too potent for novices.

Final thoughts on cigarette smoking Weed for the very first Time

Hopefully, by following the 5 tips above, your first time cigarette smoking weed will certainly be a memorable one for every the best reasons. Target to save it together light-hearted, fun, and as tranquil an endure as possible.

It is much better to share the endure with close friends, preferably people who have actually smoked weed before. If castle have, they deserve to roll the joint for you and include only a little bit that marijuana to lull you gently into the experience.

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Drink plenty of water, either prior to or in-between smoking. Pick some simple listening music to assist create the appropriate ambiance because that the occasion and surround yourself with an excellent friends. It is in sensible, nothing overindulge, and of course, enjoy the experience.

Remember come treat marijuana favor your far-ranging other. If friend love that right, it will return the favor in full!