It’s always disheartening to establish you’ve acquired a clogged toilet the can’t be fixed with a plunger, however the great news is that another straightforward tool can help you address the problem—a line or drain auger.

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with a toilet snake (also recognized as a drain auger or plumber’s auger), you’ll have the ability to reach into the bowels the the toilet and either press the blockage through or traction it out.

What is a restroom Snake?

The device basically is composed of a lengthy cable, sheathed in a rubber tube. A coiled guideline on one finish goes right into the drain and also grapples with the clog, when an angled take care of on the other end acts together a crank for prolonging the cable.

How much Do Toilet snake Cost?

Toilet snakes have the right to be rented native a hardware store, however it generally doesn’t price a many (less 보다 $10) to purchase a basic version.

Fancier models with features like an electric crank or extra expansion can be more expensive; usually, however, a hands-on snake will execute the job just fine. A line is safer to usage on tough clogs than a plunger, i beg your pardon can apply too lot pressure ~ above the wax ring at the base of the toilet, bring about it come break—and it’s also gentler than a fluid dissolving solution, which deserve to corrode her pipes.

Steps for Unclogging a Toilet v a Snake

Here’s a step-by-step guide on just how to unclog a toilet through a snake.

Step 1: prepare the an are and tools

Clear the area near the toilet in instance water sloshes the end of the key while you working, and also put on a pair the plastic gloves to defend your hands. Keep a bucket handy, in situation you finish up fishing out the obstruction and also need to place it somewhere.

Make certain the snake’s rubber sleeve is pulled every the method down come the head (the coil end). This will avoid the metal cable indigenous scratching the porcelain that the bowl and also the drainpipe pipes. Also, make sure the auger head is completely retracted before you begin.

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Step 2: expand the cable

Guide the head that the line to the base of the toilet bowl, angled toward the drain. Revolve the crank clockwise to relax the cable steadily, applying slight downward pressure. If necessary, change the edge of entry. Keep cranking to prolong the size of the cable until you fulfill resistance, which suggests you’ve come upon the clog.

Step 3: Dislodge the clog

Once you’ve made call with the blockage, girlfriend can continue to crank the end the cable in hopes of advertise the obstruction through. If the items is too huge to relocate forward, shot breaking it up by jiggling the snake and also retracting and extending the cable until you’re able to relocate it front freely.

If the obstruction no budging, however, retract the cable by turning the crank in the contrary direction. Whatever’s clogging the drain should be captured in the coil the the snake, and you’ll be able to pull the out. Dispose of that in the bucket. If the blockage is in pieces, you might need come repeat this procedure until every little thing has been fished out.

Step 4: provide the restroom a flush

If the water doesn’t automatically drain indigenous the key after you’ve gotten rid of the blockage, do the washing up the toilet to make certain the trouble is totally fixed. Nothing forget to provide the snake and also toilet key a ideal cleaning after ~ you’re every done!