He began posting songs digital while in high school. On hits favor “Lucid Dreams,” he linked melodic hip-hop instincts through heavy-hearted angst.

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Juice WRLD, among a crop of sweet-voiced to sing rappers who emerged from the streaming platform SoundCloud in recent years, passed away on Sunday in a hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill. He was 21.

The cook County clinical Examiner’s Office in Illinois, identify him by his genuine name, stated Jarad A. Higgins to be pronounced dead in ~ 3:14 a.m. At support Christ clinical Center. No reason was given, and the office claimed an autopsy would certainly be performed. He stayed in Homewood, Ill., a Chicago suburb.

Juice WRLD’s sharp, attractive songs, which were often freestyled in just a few takes, merged the melodic hip-hop instincts that Lil Yachty, write-up Malone and XXXTentacion v the heavy-hearted angst and also nasal hooks the emo and also pop-punk bands like autumn Out Boy and Panic! in ~ the Disco.

“I’ve always been different,” that told The brand-new York Times critical year. “I provided to shot to hide the a small bit, however now I have actually a platform for being different.”

Juice WRLD started posting songs online that he had actually recorded straight onto his cellphone if in high school in 2015. But it to be his debut EP, “9 9 9,” that recorded the attention of labels after its relax in June 2017.

After “All Girls are the Same,” his breakout breakup tune — “All this jealousy and agony that ns sit in/I’m a jealous boy, really feel choose John Lennon” — took turn off on SoundCloud, he to be signed come Interscope records at period 19.

His profile rose easily with the success of “Lucid Dreams,” one more belted, distressed lullaby, built about an interpolation that the pillowy guitar in Sting’s 1993 struggle “Shape of mine Heart.” (Sting, that owned the bulk of the royalties because that the Juice WRLD song, in 2018 referred to as it a “beautiful interpretation that is faithful come the original song’s form” while likewise joking that it would placed his grandchildren through college.)

“Lucid Dreams” went on come hit No. 2 ~ above the Billboard singles chart, anointing Juice WRLD as one of the few SoundCloud rappers come break with to the popular music mainstream.

His first album, “Goodbye & good Riddance,” was released in 2018 and also eventually certified platinum; its follow-up, “Death race for Love,” debuted in ~ No. 1 ~ above the Billboard 200 in March. In between, he exit “Wrld on Drugs,” a cooperation mixtape v the rapper Future, a stylistic forebear who seemed glad to happen the torch.

Juice WRLD generally touched on themes of psychological health, suffering and also mortality in his music.

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In June 2018, following the deaths of 2 of his music contemporaries, XXXTentacion and also Lil Peep, he released a two-track EP virtual titled “Too Soon.” It contains the tune “Legends,” in which the sings, “They call me I’ma it is in a legend/I don’t desire that title now/‘Cause every the legends it seems ~ to die out.”

Fellow rappers and also collaborators expressed your shock on social media. Possibility the Rapper referred to as Juice WRLD “a young legend” top top Twitter. Ellie Goulding, that sang with Juice WRLD top top the track “Hate Me,” wrote, “You had so much more to go, you were just getting started.”

Interscope records said in a statement on Sunday: “Juice do a profound influence on the human being in such a short period of time. He to be a gentle soul whose creative thinking knew no bounds.”

Jarad Anthony Higgins to be born in Chicago top top Dec. 2, 1998. The was elevated there mostly by a solitary mother, comes to music with childhood piano lessons and from listening to local rappers prefer Kanye West and Chief Keef, along with rock acts prefer Senses Fail, Paramore and Billy Idol. And while his unique mix of impacts made for a decidedly nonregional sound, that would eventually fall directly into Chicago’s rap music lineage, through management and also career guidance native the local artist Lil Bibby and his brothers G-Money.

Throughout his quick career, Juice WRLD would certainly speak openly about his early on struggles through substance abuse, consisting of his exposure to prescription pills favor Xanax and Percocet as a freshman in high school. Medicine use, he claimed in one interview v No Jumper, “opens doors to feel emotions the you more than likely wouldn’t usually feel,” yet he added, that “can destroy you — utterly destroy you.”

As his star rose, Juice WRLD said he was trying to take far better care the himself. “I acting weed, and also every now and also then ns slip up and do miscellaneous that’s bad judgment,” he told The Times. “I have a lot going because that me, I acknowledge it’s a lot of of huge things, a lot of of big looks. I want to it is in there, and also you don’t have to overdose to not be there.”

In an additional interview through The Times, he handle his penchant because that morbidity disguised in sugary hooks. “I talk about stuff like that due to the fact that those space subjects that civilization are a) as well scared to touch on or b), don’t execute it the right way, where people can find out from her mistakes,” he said. “I cherish every mini-second that this life.”