Like many of us, Miley Cyrus periodically finds the a bit tricky to correctly spell people"s facility names. Unlike countless of us, she wake up to be dating Patrick Schwarzenegger, male of the many need-to-google-check-that name around.

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During an appearance on Good Morning America, Miley had actually to face a miniature on-air assignment test. Because sometimes interviewers are kind of dicks (YOU spell things, dude). "Are girlfriend a good speller?" asks the interviewer. "Uhhhh, not really," responds Miley, giving us a pretty great indication that what"s come come.

She"s climate asked how to order Schwarzenegger. "I can"t phone call you," she replied. "Apparently there"s no a T in it."

Thankfully, she doesn"t respond by kicking increase a fuss or spelling other an overwhelming words just to prove her skills, but is actuallypretty chill, together if she has actually resigned come the truth that she simply does not know exactly how to spell she boyfriend"s name. I m sorry is fine, since it"s yes, really hard, and also Google is still in existence.

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