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Milwaukee, city, seat (1835) the Milwaukee county, southeastern Wisconsin, U.S. That is a port of entrance on Lake Michigan, wherein the Milwaukee, Menomonee, and also Kinnickinnic rivers join and also flow right into Milwaukee Bay, around 90 mile (145 km) phibìc of Chicago. Milwaukee, the state’s largest city, creates the core of a five-county city area that includes such suburbs together Waukesha, Wauwatosa, and also West Allis and also the city of Racine, about 30 mile (50 km) south. The area likewise constitutes the northern level of a heavily urbanized region that stretches southward along the lake with Chicago to northwestern Indiana. Inc. 1846. Area city, 97 square miles (251 square km). Pop. (2000) 596,974; Milwaukee–Waukesha–West Allis subway Area, 1,500,741; (2020) 577,222; Milwaukee–Waukesha–West Allis subway Area, 1,555,908.


Growth was slowed by the an excellent Depression the the 1930s, but armament manufacturing during people War II brought new prosperity. The city’s population, which had actually grown steadily for decades, got to a height of part 750,000 in the mid-1960s, ~ which that gradually began to decline. The ratio of afri American residents ongoing to rise and also constituted nearly two-fifths that the city’s population by 2000. Milwaukee remained a leading production city till the 1980s, by which time numerous plants had closed; also beer production declined, and, in ~ the beginning of the 21st century, just one major brewery remained in the city.

The modern-day city

Milwaukee subsequently developed a much an ext diversified economy, with services (including health care, finance and banking, and insurance) and also high-technology sectors becoming major factors. Manufacturing (including medical equipment, mining machinery, engines, animal leather goods, electronics, padlocks, and motorcycle parts), shipping, and brewing space still important; printing, food handling (including meat products and also snack foods), and conventions and also tourism also contribute to the economy. The harbor of Milwaukee is open year-round and available to the biggest ships using the an excellent Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway; the significant cargoes handled encompass steel, heavy machinery, and forest products. In addition, the city has substantial road and rail systems and an global airport.

Among Milwaukee’s many institutions of higher education space Marquette college (1881), Alverno college (1887), Cardinal Stritch college (1937), the clinical College of Wisconsin (1893), Mount mar College (1913), Milwaukee school of engineering (1903), Milwaukee Area technological College (1912), and also the college of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (1885). Milwaukee has a symphony orchestra and also ballet and opera companies, as well as other theatre and also music organizations. Notable among the city’s museums space the Milwaukee windy Museum, comprise exhibits on natural history, and the Milwaukee art Museum, i beg your pardon includes considerable collection the European and American art. The Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion (1892), a 37-room home developed by among the city’s early major brewers, offers tours.


Milwaukee arts Museum (centre front), Wisconsin. It comprises three buildings: the war Memorial center (1957), designed by Eero Saarinen; the Kahler building (1975), through David Kahler; and also the Quadracci Pavilion (2001), by Santiago Calatrava.

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Milwaukee has substantial park system with a scenic lakeshore (Lincoln Memorial) drive. The Milwaukee county Zoo, on the west edge that the city, features animals exhibited in natural-looking environments, and also the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, recognized as the Domes, consists of 3 beehive-shaped greenhouses. The city is recognized for that many annual sporting events and festivals; the major events incorporate Summerfest (a music festival; June–July), an art festival (June), the great Downer path Bike race (July), Oktoberfest (September), and also the Lakefront Marathon (October). In addition, the Milwaukee Mile race track (in operation due to the fact that 1903) hosts several auto-racing occasions each summer. Over there are additionally numerous country festivals celebrate the diverse social backgrounds the the city’s inhabitants. The city’s experienced sports teams include the Brewers (baseball) and also the Bucks (basketball).