an officer next in rank to a president who serves as a deputy come the chairman or monitor a special department or function.

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U.S. Government. The officer the this rank who is elected at the exact same time together the president and who succeeds come the presidency upon the resignation, removal, death, or disability of the president: Lincoln's first vice president to be Hannibal Hamlin.
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OTHER WORDS native vice president

vice pres·i·den·cy, vice-pres·i·den·cy, nounvice-pres·i·den·tial, adjective
vicennial, Vicente, Vicente López, Vicenza, evil pres., angry president, viceregal, viceregal assent, vice-regent, vicereine, viceroy

On respectable 11, 2020, autonomous presidential candidate Joe Biden announced he selected California senator Kamala Harris together his vice-presidential running mate for the 2020 presidential election.

Joe Biden stood for Delaware in the United says Senate indigenous 1973 till 2009. He served as Vice chairman to Barack Obama in between 2009–2017. Previously serving as Attorney basic of California and District lawyer of san Francisco, Kamala Harris has represented California in the U.S. Senate because 2017. Together Biden’s running mate, Harris is the first Black woman—as well as the very first person that Indian descent—to be nominated ~ above a major presidential ticket, the brand-new York time explains.

“It tells black color girls that they deserve to be president."

For plenty of Black women,
KamalaHarris' choice as
JoeBiden's to run mate to represent a full-circle minute after fighting because that generations to have actually their voices heard and political aspirations recognized.

— The connected Press (
AP) august 12, 2020

The expression vice president has actually been recorded due to the fact that the mid-1500s. In ~ its most general level, angry president describes someone who serves together a deputy come a president or serves as president in the president’s absence.

In the U.S., the particular office of vice president is discussed 26 times in the U.S. Constitution. The first use is in short article I, ar 3, in which the vice president is provided the power of a tie-breaking vote in the Senate: “The Vice chairman of the United says shall be president of the Senate, however shall have actually no Vote, unless they be equally divided.”

The various other constitutional duty of the vice chairman is to succeed the president if they die, resign, space removed, or suffer a disability staying clear of them native serving. Write-up II, ar 1 of the U.S. Constitution only vaguely suggests that the office the the president devolves ~ above the vice chairman if the chairman dies, resigns, or is unable to execute the duties; the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution specifically established the succession to the presidency in the event of the president’s death, resignation, or incapacity.

Vice president is commonly abbreviated as V.P. (recorded in the so late 1800s) and also the unshened veep (based top top V.P. And recorded in the 1940s).

The evil in vice president is no to be puzzled with the noun vice, together in “an immoral or evil habit or practice.”

The evil in vice president is a combining type (that acts choose a modifier) offered to represent “deputy,” “assistant,” or “substitute” in titles. This vice originates from the Latin preposition vice, an interpretation “in stead of, in place of.” So, a vice chairman performs the duties in ar of the president in the event that the chairman cannot, such as if the president die or is incapacitated.

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This evil is regarded the one provided in the expression vice versa, which way “in reverse order indigenous the way something has actually been stated; the other way around.” because that instance: We should favor doing what’s ideal over what’s easy, no vice versa.