Knowing how to tape her breasts because that a deep V dress is a skill in itself, particularly for those who room blessed in the boob department.

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Many renowned celebrities choose Kim Kardashian, JLo, and Beyoncé, among so numerous others have nailed down how to store theirs perked up every time they appear in public. For the rest of us, we can shot their tricks and celebrity-approved means to tape ours breasts for a red carpet-ready look.


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​How to Tape your Breasts for a Deep V Dress

If dresses have a deep plunging neckline, ​even put on the ideal push up bra everor going braless are not constantly the best options.


A regular bra will be visible and can destroy the look. Stick-on bras, although claimed to be designed because that the certain purpose that serving together a bra for dresses or tops through plunging necklines, don’t constantly do the project well. Most women who usage them admitted lock slide off easily and offer no assistance for your breasts.

On the various other hand, there is no some sort of support, you threat a little nip slip. For females with large breasts, it’s prefer a wardrobe break down waiting come happen.

​If friend don’t have a sticky backless bra that works through your dress, ice cream may end up being your new best friend.

Small-breasted women can get far with just nipple covers. But, tape does an ext by adding definition to the breasts and even boosting or developing some cleavage.

Taping her breasts up is no a facility concept. It involves cutting out an adequate strip of tape which deserve to go indigenous the bottom of your breasts come the earlier of her shoulder.

When you use it, you’ll start at the bottom of her breast and also work your way to behind her shoulder.

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Need some new boob tape? Here’s our favorite! We’ve also written a great guide ~ above the ideal boob ice cream for various outfits and body types.


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