Hopper is a heat of digital video clip recording (DVR) set-top boxes offered by the U.S. Direct-broadcast satellite television provider dish Network. First introduced at customer Electronics show in January 2012, the Hopper was released in in march 2012 as a ingredient of the provider"s whole-home DVR system, which networks the main Hopper unit with smaller "Joey" set-top crate to kind a client-server architecture.

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The Hopper is primarily distinguished by its "Primetime Anytime" functionality, which immediately records primetime programming turn off the four significant U.S. Television networks, if a later on software update added "AutoHop", which enables commercials to automatically be eliminated from these recordings. The adhering to year at the customer Electronics Show, food Network presented an to update version well-known as Hopper with Sling, which integrates Slingbox place-shifting technology directly right into the box.



The Hopper is it is provided by a Broadcom 7420 system-on-chip, and contains a 2-terabyte hard drive; component of the drive is scheduled for automatically recordings and video clip on need content. The Hopper contains three satellite tuners, and also can it is in networked with up come 3 smaller set-top boxes, recognized as a Joey, together clients for whole-home DVR access; they are attached come the key Hopper unit via coaxial cable. It additionally includes one ethernet port, and eSATA and USB ports for attaching exterior storage. A ZigBee-based RF remote manage is included. The Hopper through Sling model has an upgraded Broadcom 7425 chip and built-in Wi-Fi, however is otherwise comparable to the initial model.

In January 2014, dish Network unveiled new "Super Joey" and also wireless Joey units; the supervisor Joey includes two extr network ports, permitting users to document up to eight programs at once (four indigenous the major networks, four from other channels). "Virtual Joey" apps were additionally unveiled because that LG smart TVs, game stations 3 and also PlayStation 4, which permit the devices to act together set-top boxes.

In January 2015, dish Network unveiled a 4K ultra HD Joey for relax in mid-2015, which have the right to stream 4K video clip from a Hopper download via satellite, has the capacity to display screen two HD networks at when picture-in-picture, and has a thin kind factor designed to be placed behind a television. Dish also unveiled a new simplified remote manage for the Hopper featuring a clickable touchpad and a microphone for voice commands: upon its release, it ended up being standard with brand-new installations, and is purchasable as an add-on because that existing systems.

In January 2016, food Network unveiled Hopper 3, a brand-new revision v upgraded hardware, USB 3.0 support, 16 tuners, and a brand-new "Sports Bar Mode" that displays a net of multiple networks at as soon as on 4K televisions.

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The Hopper offers standard tv functionality, consisting of an digital program guide, picture-in-picture support, and digital video recorder functionality. The "Primetime Anytime" function uses among the 3 tuners on the unit to immediately record primetime programming being broadcast by the four major U.S. Television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and also Fox) and also presents castle in a unique menu; unless otherwise saved, these recordings are retained for 8 days. Internet-enabled apps ~ above the Hopper on-launch included Blockbuster video clip on Demand, CNBC, Facebook, MSNBC, Pandora Radio, Twitter, and also The Weather Channel. In April 2012, a feature referred to as "AutoHop" was added, which instantly edits commercial breaks out the the PrimeTime whenever recordings. Due to contractual limitations implemented due to the fact that the start of Hopper, AutoHop use is no longer obtainable for ABC, CBS, or Fox programming within particular timeframes.

With an optional adapter, the Hopper can be provided with Slingbox because that place-shifting. The Hopper through Sling design extends this capacity as a built-in feature of the box itself, enabling the capacity to clock live TV and DVR recordings digital or through the Dish almost everywhere mobile app for Android and also iOS smartphones and also tablets, and the ability to "fling" video from a mobile an equipment (such as videos or photos) top top the TV together well. The food Anywhere app also enables DVR recordings to be downloaded from the DVR to the smartphone or tablet for offline viewing, and the Dish explorer app also provides regulate of the Hopper in addition to integration v social networks to monitor trends and also reactions come a program.

In July 2013, food Network introduced an SDK for developing third-party mobile apps the can incorporate with the Hopper, and also in September 2013, announced a partnership through Control4 come implement the capacity to control and integrate with residence automation systems through the device.

In January 2017, food announced that Hopper would quickly support pairing v Amazon Echo, and that Hopper 2 and 3 models would assistance multi-room music streaming via DTS Play-Fi.



The Hopper was critically praised through various an innovation publications; pc Magazine gave the Hopper one "Excellent" rating of 4.5 out of 5, concluding that "It only has actually three tuners come the TiVo Elite"s four and also it doesn"t suggest and also automatically populate her DVR schedule based upon your watching habits, but its price, clean design, and easy assistance for multi-room DVR make it a must-have for Dish Network subscribers." Engadget was an in similar way positive; despite noticing worries with specific aspects of its user interface, "all that being said, things will get much an ext interesting once other providers obtain on the whole-home DVR game and also start to offer as many TV anywhere choices as Dish, yet for currently the Hopper offers some unique, preferable features that you simply can"t get almost everywhere else."

PC Magazine provided the Hopper v Sling version a 5 the end of 5, because that " a staggering range of attributes into a solitary box that comes totally free with a dish Network subscription package, and also lets you clock satellite TV programming at residence or almost everywhere you have actually an internet connection. It quickly earns our enthusiastic recommendation." CNET praised the Hopper with Sling because that being cutting-edge modern technology that "helps Dish make a solid case that its HD DVR is the most progressed out there." It ultimately nominated the new Hopper for the CES finest in display award (which was decided by CNET), and also had won the compensation based off the initial vote of CNET"s staff. However, CNET"s parent agency CBS coporation, group vetoed the results and disqualified the an equipment for legit reasons.

AutoHop lawsuits

The AutoHop usability of the Hopper was met with substantial legal conflict from the owners of the four major U.S. Networks. Leslie Moonves, CBS cook executive, request rhetorically how he is to produce CSI without the revenue stream of commercials. News Corporation refuse to expropriate Dish heralding for the device. A Forrester study analyst said the relocate demonstrated Dish"s desperation to save customers at a time when alternative programming is readily accessible via the Internet.

On may 24, 2012, Dish and the networks filed fit in federal court, the Dish instance in Manhattan and also the networks" situations in Los Angeles. On might 30, U.S. Ar Judge Laura Taylor Swain ruled the networks" instances should not be filed in Los Angeles and asked because that comments on a feasible move that all situations to brand-new York. In the middle of the lawsuit, small-market television terminal owner Hoak Media Corporation pulled its 14 neighborhood stations from dish Network ~ above June 6, 2012, demanding a 200 percent rise in carriage fees and the dropping that the AutoHop feature. David Shull, Dish an elderly vice chairman of programming, accused Hoak of properly telling Dish"s customers that they must watch commercials, disrespecting customer control over the services. Eight work later, the two suppliers announced a circulation deal. Terms were no disclosed.

At a "Future that Video" hearing with the United says House power Subcommittee on communications and modern technology on June 27, 2012, Charlie Ergen made further remarks defending the legality of the Hopper and also AutoHop, stating the the organization " nothing more than improving upon existing, legit accepted, and widely easily accessible technologies". He also remarked that with the feature, "allowing your kids to watch TV doesn"t have to mean they have no an option but to see commercials because that junk food and alcohol." The next day, Michael Petricone that the consumer Electronics Association speak to the subcommittee, likening Hopper to previously time changing devices, and stating the the device would encourage people to clock TV more.

In march 2014, Disney reduce its lawsuit against Dish Network through the signing of a an extensive carriage transaction for that is networks (along v several new networks, such as Disney Junior, Longhorn Network, and also SEC Network), including high an interpretation feeds and also TV Everywhere access for the networks and ABC owned-and-operated stations, and the ability to distribute their networks on a to plan over-the-top internet television service. As a condition of the brand-new deal, dish Network agreed come disable the capacity to use AutoHop on alphabet programming in ~ 72 hrs of its original airing.

The ninth Circuit rule in donate of food Network, finding that Fox had "not presented a likelihood that Dish Network"s "Dish Anywhere" and "Hopper Transfers" modern technology would irreparably injury Fox before final adjudication", and in solution to the claims concerning the Sling functionality, the "the can be fried court has actually all kinds of caveats in the opinion around how this was around Aereo and also nothing else and a the majority of the "nothing elses" seem to it is in pretty comparable to Slingbox." In December 2014, food Network reached a brand-new carriage resolve CBS, restricting the usage of AutoHop ~ above CBS programming for seven days after its original airing. In February 2016, a similar settlement to be made with Fox, in which AutoHop cannot be provided on Fox programming for seven days after ~ its original airing.

CES ideal in show controversy

At the 2013 customer Electronics Show, the employee of CNET--a modern technology news website owned by the CBS Interactive department of CBS, voted for the show"s official ideal in show award on instead of of the organizers, the customer Electronics association (CEA). CNET had actually named the Hopper through Sling together its winner; however, CBS abruptly disqualified the Hopper, and also vetoed the results since the agency was in active litigation through Dish Network. CNET additionally announced the it was no longer allowed to testimonial products and services by suppliers that space in litigation through CBS. The brand-new results subsequently offered the best in display award to the Razer Edge tablet computer instead.

Dish Network CEO Joe Clayton said that the company was "saddened that CNET"s staff is being denied that editorial independence since of CBS" heavy handed tactics." ~ above January 14, 2013, editor-in-chief lindsay Turrentine handle the situation, stating that CNET"s employee were in one "impossible" case due come the dispute of attention posed by the situation, and also promised that she would certainly do every little thing within her strength to protect against a comparable incident from developing again. The conflict additionally prompted one CNET senior writer, Greg Sandoval, to resign.

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The decision additionally drew the ire of staff from the CEA; CEO Gary Shapiro criticized the decision in a USA this particular day op-ed column and a explain by the CEA, stating that "making television easier to clock is not versus the law. That is just pro-innovation and pro-consumer." Shapiro felt that the decision also hurt the to trust of CNET"s readers and also staff, "destroying its call for editorial truth in an effort to get rid of a brand-new market competitor." together a an outcome of the controversy and also fearing damages to the show"s brand, the CEA announced on January 31, 2013 the CNET will certainly no longer decide the CES best in present award winner due to the interference that CBS (the place would be offered to other modern technology publications), and also the "Best in Show" award to be jointly awarded come both the Hopper with Sling and Razer Edge.