Android Users

For most Android phones

Dial *67 climate the phone number you room calling.

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Optional Android settings based on the phone and carrier

Step 1. Open Phone application (telephone icon)Step 2. Select Menu icon (three little dots height right screen)Step 3. Choose “Settings”Step 4. Select “Calls” and also then “Additional Settings”Step 5. Pick “Caller ID” from below you can set it come Hide.

Unblock caller ID: *82 prior to the number you room calling method that the human you are calling does not enable blocked numbers calling, so *82 unblocks her phone number and lets them know who is calling.

Note: Calls come 800 numbers and also 911 won't usage Caller identifier Blocking.


Dial *67.Dial the number you desire to call.Tap the contact button.


To learn just how to block or unblock Caller id on all calls:


To deactivate Caller id Blocking for a details number:

Enter *82.Enter the number.Tap Call.

You've successfully deactivated Caller identifier Blocking for a particular number.

How do I block Caller id on every my calls?

You deserve to turn ~ above Caller identifier Block v the mine Verizon application or virtual to prevent human being you call from seeing her mobile number.

The my Verizon AppTap the menu in the optimal left to open up it.Tap Devices.Find the maker you want to include Caller ID blocking to and also tap Manage.Tap Controls.Tap readjust Service blocks.Find Caller identifier Blocking and also tap the move so it's green.OnlineGo come the Blocks page in my Verizon.Note: If you have an ext than one line on her account, select the line you desire to block Caller id for.Tap or click Block Services.If you're top top a smartphone, madness Add. Otherwise skip this step.Under added Services find Caller identifier Blocking and select On.Tap or click send Changes.


Restrict your Caller i would information

To permanently restrict her caller identifier information, please contact Customer service via chat or dial *2 from her handset. There is no charge to restrict this information. When you restrict her caller identifier information, you can have her information appear on a call-by-call basis. Just include *68 or *82 before you dial a number, and also your details will display, but for that contact only.

Note: This restriction may take approximately 72 hours to take effect, and also it does not guarantee your calling name will certainly be gotten rid of from all market databases that carry out calling and name information as a service. We deserve to only control the details that is directly associated with Sprint.

iPhone Users

Main Option

Go to Settings> Phones> display Caller ID, move off.

Dial *67 climate the area code and also phone number of the human being or company you'd prefer to contact.Your number will appear as No Caller identifier on the display screen of the recipient.

How come Block Caller ID straight from her iPhone

If you'd like to make exclusive calls from her iPhone on a much more regular basis, withouthaving to get in a code each time, there's a setting you can readjust to accomplishthis. This setting isn't easily accessible for part carriers, including Verizon, straight Talk, and US moving customers, yet for other users, you can permanently block your number ~ above caller id by transforming off present My Caller id in the setups app. Come disable the display My Caller i would feature and instead do incognito calls:

Open the settings app.Scroll down and tap top top Phone.Tap on display My Caller ID.Toggle off show My Caller ID.

How come Temporarily Share her Number on Caller ID

Once you've toggled off display My Caller ID, there's a code you have the right to use if you'd prefer your caller ID come be visible on a call-by-call basis. Favor with *67, the password to temporarily expose your hidden cellphone number is entered before dialing the recipient's phone number. Come make your number clearly shows for details phone calls:

Dial *82, climate the area code and phone number you want to contact. Her number will present on the screen of the human you're calling. Relying on your phone business provider, you might need come wait because that a rapid dial ton after beginning *82 and before entering the area code and phone number.

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Call Private: Ask your Phone service Provider to Hide her Number

If you're a Verizon client or subscribe to another service provider who doesn't sell the alternative to toggle off show My Caller ID, speak to them and also see if they market the option to block caller i would for your number. AT&T offers a totally free caller i would restricting service. Verizon provides the options below at this link.