Do you desire to learn just how to decoupage the ideal way? This tutorial shows you the seven most essential steps to mode Podging correctly!

Don’t forget come scroll down come the bottom that the write-up to acquire a video that will present you the basics the applying record to wood. That will assist you start your decoupage trip on the best foot.

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Do you desire to it is in a perfect mod Podger? that doesn’t desire to find out howdecoupage and also be great at it, ns ask! I’ve to be decoupaging for a long time, and I’ve gained a tried-and-true technique that I want to share with you.

Here room the seven actions I always take to get perfect mod Podging, every time. If you desire to learn how to decoupage correctly, keep reading . . . and role to the bottom for a great video!

What is Decoupage?

Before friend start, you might be wondering – what is decoupage? i use the word in two ways. I usage it together a noun through the Wikipedia definition: “is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored file cutouts onto that in mix with special repaint effects, yellow leaf and also so on.” mode Podge is a glue that you have the right to decoupage with!

And I also use “decoupage” together a verb . . . Together as, “to decoupage paper onto a surface.” through the Podge, of course!

How come Decoupage


STEP ONE: Prepare her Surface

Almost any kind of surface deserve to be supplied to develop a decoupage project. Suitable surfaces incorporate wood, papier mache, terra cotta, tin, cardboard and also glass.

Only some plastics are okay for decoupage – ns recommend testing a little area before completing your entire project come make sure that the mode Podge will adhere.


Optional: Basecoat your surface ar with acrylic paint. Countless items need to be basecoated prior to decoupaging if your surface is unfinished. I recommend FolkArt, apologize Barrel, or Martha Stewart acrylic paints.


STEP TWO: choose Your mode Podge Formula

If girlfriend aren’t certain what to pick, that’s entirely understandable – that’s why I’ve created this mod Podge formula guide that you need to visit. It explains everything.


STEP THREE: Prepare items to mode Podge

Here a couple of tips you need to know before beginning:

Paper – many items, especially thicker papers and scrapbook papers, are prepared to use v Mod Podge as is. If you space working v thinner sheets that scrapbook document or inkjet printouts, the may aid to spray your document with a clear acrylic sealer before Mod Podging. Spray both political parties and enable to dry before using.

Cut out your document or every little thing it is the you are planning come decoupage. Experiment with style elements to determine the layout of her piece.

Add attention to your design by using large and small pieces, layering and also overlapping elements and coordinating colors.

STEP FOUR: reduced Items to Fit her Surface

Measure together necessary, with a ruler and also a pencil, and trim your items to fit. You’ll be lot happier if you cut everything to fit prior to Mod Podging instead of after.

STEP FIVE: Adhere Each element With mod Podge

Always begin with the underlying design elements and work your method upward (when layering). Use a tool coat of mode Podge come the surface.

Too little Mod Podge and also you will obtain wrinkles – and also you can always wipe far excess mode Podge. Ar your item(s) to decoupage on height of the mod Podge and also move onto step six.

STEP SIX:Smooth, Smooth, Smooth

Keep smoothing until all of the bubbles are gone. Then, and THIS IS IMPORTANT, permit your job dry for 15 – 20 minutes. Don’t placed a peak coat on best away.

Tip for functioning with huge pieces: smooth indigenous the center outward. Waiting bubbles can be removed with the mod Podge device Set. Usage the squeegee with smaller items such together trays – that was arisen specifically for obtaining into corners.Use a brayer for larger items such together furniture.

STEP SEVEN: include a security Coat of mode Podge come the project Using a Sponge or level Brush

Allow to dry and then repeat. The number of coats you finish with is approximately you, however we recommend at least two.

When you finish, if girlfriend experience any tackiness or simply want to add durability, include a clean spray or brush-on sealer come the top. Allow dry and also you’re done!

EXTRA FINISHING TIP: for a an extremely smooth finish, wet a item of #400 grit sandpaper v water and sand lightly in between coats. Wipe dry and polish with #0000 steel wool on the last coat.

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For more information on just how to decoupageand an FAQ, walk here! and also if you need over 400 decoupage jobs to try, girlfriend can uncover my project gallery here.

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How to Decoupage

Do you want to learn exactly how to decoupage the best way? This tutorial mirrors you the 7 most crucial steps to mode Podging correctly!