NASCAR is the just sport in i beg your pardon a team have the right to qualify for the playoffs after ~ winning a solitary game.

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Okay, that’s a gross oversimplification, however it’s also an accurate one.

More 보다 likely, the winner of the Daytona 500 will certainly lock himself into the 16-team, 10-race playoff that starts in September v the southerly 500. An ext than likely, everyone who wins a gyeongju this season will certainly be included into the playoffs too, through the caveat the the winners are full-time registered Cup collection drivers.

More on that in a moment.

The NASCAR Cup series playoffs have actually undergone numerous transforms over the previous 17 years because it was introduced as the chase for the Championship ago in 2004. Earlier then, to do the playoffs, a driver essential to finish the continual season inside the top-10 of the championship standings.

From there, the 10 playoff vehicle drivers had their points reset and also they raced it the end over the last 10 races in a condensed, classic points battle that established the championship.

Over time, NASCAR wanted to emphasize winning over "having a great points day," and added two extr playoff spots to the initial format in the kind of wild map drivers. These two spots were awarded to the two highest possible finishing points drivers not currently in the top-10 who won races throughout the first 26 gyeongju of the season.

The current format premiered in 2014 and simplified the worth of winning.

If you’re a full time driver registered to contend for Cup collection who wins a race, you make the playoffs. It’s pretty much as simple as that. Over there is a possibility that an ext than 16 drivers could win a race, in ~ which point, the highest possible points earners v wins would complete the ar of 16. Otherwise, every eligible winner inside the top-30 in points qualifies for the championship chase and also the continuing to be spots are established by championship points.

A proceeding theme the this style is the best of both worlds in between traditional points racing and the value of win races.

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HOW execute RACES occupational NOWADAYS? NASCAR races are now broken into segments, ending with a green-and-white checkered flag and also a caution duration where laps proceed counting. Many races have three stages, however the Coca-Cola 600 has actually four. In ~ the finish of the an initial and 2nd stages (and the third, in the Coke 600), the top-10 finishers knife championship points. The phase winner gets 10 championship points and a playoff point, second gets nine points and also no playoff points, 3rd gets eight, and so on. We’ll get ago to playoff clues in a minute. In ~ the finish of every race, the winner earns 5 playoff points and also 40 championship points. 2nd gets 35 constant points, and also each successive driver earns one point less under the running order. To simplify championship points because that fans watching in ~ home, this is essentially one allude per position. The driver who has actually the most points in ~ the end of the continual season earns 15 added playoff points. The playoff points, which space earned through wins or phase wins, identify the playoff seeding when the playoff begins.


HOW carry out THE PLAYOFFS WORK? The playoffs consists 10 races, and also they’re broken up into 4 rounds and also feature eliminations spiritually akin come the MLB or NBA playoffs. The an initial three ring are consisted of of three races, and the championship race. The present playoff schedule is composed of Darlington Raceway, Richmond Raceway, Bristol motor Speedway, las Vegas engine Speedway, Talladega Speedway, Charlotte engine Speedway Roval, Texas motor Speedway, Kansas Speedway, Martinsville Speedway and also Phoenix Raceway. The four motorists lowest in point out after every three-race round is got rid of from championship contention. Together was the situation in the constant season, to win a race automatically guarantees entry into the next round. The first-round cut from 16 come 12, the second-round cuts from 12 come 8, the 3rd round cuts from 8 come 4. The final race takes the 4 remaining playoff drivers and also the highest possible finisher amongst them in the finale insurance claims the championship.The mechanics job-related the same for the Xfinity series and the Camping human being Truck Series, yet with 12 motorists for the previous over the course of three rounds (round of 12, round of 8, Championship 4) and also 10 vehicle drivers for the latter, also over the food of three rounds (round that 10, ring of 8, Championship 4).