Your finest bet is to it is in an American man in her 50s or 60s, to be a spiritual leader or have a high-powered job like, for example, the president


Young, female and not American, Malala Yousafzai did no fit the profile of Nobel laureates once she to be joint recipient of the award in 2014. Photograph: Cornelius Poppe/EPA
Young, female and not American, Malala Yousafzai did not fit the profile of Nobel laureates once she was joint receiver of the award in 2014. Photograph: Cornelius Poppe/EPA

On Friday the chairman that the Norwegian Nobel committee will certainly announce the winner, or winners, of maybe the world’s most prestigious award: the Nobel tranquility prize.

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This year there have actually been much more than 273 nominees, the second highest number ~ above record. The nominees are a carefully guarded secret but whoever wins – Pope Francis is at this time the bookies’ favourite – will certainly be an impressive sort, involvement the ranking of mommy Teresa, Nelson Mandela, young name Luther King, Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, Barack Obama and Aung mountain Suu Kyi.

The Nobel tranquility prize is among the five awards inaugurated through Alfred Nobel, the man who developed dynamite, before his death in 1896. It can be awarded to multiple world or come an organisation, and some years – specifically non-peaceful years, like throughout the civilization wars – the is just not awarded come anyone.

The award is expected to price “the human being who shall have done the many or the best work because that fraternity in between nations, because that the abolition or reduction of standing armies and also for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”. No biggie then.

It’s also late for you to be nominated this year but if friend think you might be the human who has actually done the most for world peace recently, applications because that the 2016 prize room due in February, so the is not too early on to start thinking about securing your nomination.

The process

Given the big amounts of glory and prize money (this year around £627,000) bestowed on everyone wins the award, the procedure of nominating someone is surprisingly easy. Every it requires is a letter or email submitted come the Norwegian Nobel committe by 1 February, nominating someone and explaining why they deserve the prize. Girlfriend do more work to acquire unsubscribed from some email mail lists.

The record is that no everyone can nominate someone because that an award. The Nobel committee keeps the riff-raff out by limiting the people who are permitted to submit nominations to members of national assemblies and governments, members of worldwide courts, university chancellors, university professors of specific subjects, directors of peace research institutes and foreign plan institutes, vault winners the the Nobel peace prize and also members of or advisers to the Norwegian Nobel committee.

But let’s assume the you have one of lock on your side or in your pocket and they’re all set to nominate you, friend still need to impress the panel. Based on past winners the the prize, this is a nifty overview to give you the finest shot of win the gong.

You have the right to be a woman, however it help if you not


Aung san Suu Kyi it is provided her peace prize acceptance speech in Oslo in 2012 – 21 years after her home arrest in Myanmar prevented her from collecting she award in 1991. Photograph: Lise Aserud/EPAApparently it to be a woman, Bertha von Suttner, who motivated Alfred Nobel to encompass peace as a classification for the awards he was thinking of creating. Consisting of Von Suttner, that won the compensation in 1905, just 16 individual women have actually won the tranquility prize since it began, compared to 87 men. Much more organisations (22) have won the prize 보다 women.

Shockingly, these room the ideal statistics of any type of of the categories, with an ext individual females winning the tranquility prize 보다 the prizes for physics, chemistry, medicine, business economics or literature. However, the rate at i beg your pardon women are winning the tranquility prize has actually accelerated. Over there were just three female winners that the award between its inception in 1901 and 1975, and there have actually been 13 in the 40 year since, including six since 2003.

Be a spiritual figure cursed to peace and/or social justice


The Vatican’s other frontrunner for this year’s award, Eritrean monk Mussie Zerai – however he’s rolling Pope Francis. Photograph: Alessandro Bianchi/ReutersThe ideal odds being available for tranquility prize winners this year go to Pope Francis (9-2), complied with by another Vatican man - dad Mussie Zerai (5-1), an Eritrean-born priest who proponents for phibìc African refugees.

If either to be to success they would join a huge number of various other men and women of the towel who have been offered the tranquility prize, such together Nathan Söderblom, previous head of the church in Sweden (1930), Dominique Pire, a Belgian priest that headed increase a relief organisation for refugees (1958), mom Teresa (1979), Desmond Tutu (1984), the Dalai Lama (1989), and also Catholic bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo that campaigned for independence for eastern Timor (1996).

Though religious leaders stand for a sizeable cluster of tranquility prize winners, they each had actually particularly complicated routes to gain there. Teresa lived among the poor and also leprous in Calcutta, Tutu and Belo both received death threats for speaking out on worries in their particular countries. So, coming to be a prominent, probably poor, maybe life-threatened religious figure is an extreme route come winning the Nobel tranquility prize, yet then again, this is the Nobel peace prize, display some commitment.

Be an American president


Former us president Jimmy Carter mirrors off his 2002 Nobel peace prize, authorized three other US presidential winners. Photograph: Bjoern Sigurdson/AFP/Getty ImagesAfter spiritual leaders, this is the profession best represented by tranquility prize winners. Four US presidents have won the award, Theodore Roosevelt (1906) because that his occupational mediating the end of the Russo-Japanese war; Woodrow Wilson (1919) for his work setting up the league of Nations; Jimmy Carter (2002) because that his work marketing for global peace and also the advancement of lives in occurring countries, and Barack Obama (2009), for… well, no one’s rather sure.

The prize has also been winner by two vice-presidents: Charles G Dawes (1925) and also Al Gore (2007) and by the climate secretary of state, Henry Kissinger (1973), jointly v his Vietnamese equivalent Le Duc Tho. Kissinger’s award was one of the many controversial in the prize’s history, with Tho refusing to accept the award and also two Nobel compensation committee members resigning in protest.

If you can not be an American president, at the very least be American

Seventeen tranquility prize winners were born in the US, 11 in the UK, nine in France, five in Germany and also five in Sweden. There have actually been winners born in non-US, non-European nations – distinct mentions to south Africa and Egypt with three winners apiece – however there have only been a handful of winners from southern America and also Asia. Similar to female winners, gyeongju diversity appears to be raising as well, the last five years have actually seen winners native Pakistan, India, Yemen, Liberia, and also China.

Get organised


The occupational of the Red Cross supporting refugees continues on the Croatia-Slovenia border. The organisation has been a peace prize winner three times since 1901. Photograph: Srdjan Zivulovic/ReutersOne of the strangest things about the peace prize is the it can be winner by organisations and also individuals. Come date, the award has been bestowed on 22 organisations consisting of the office the the United nations high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR), which has won twice (1954 and also 1981) and the worldwide Committee of the Red Cross, i m sorry takes the Nobel cake by having actually won three times (1917, 1944 and also in 1963 with the organization of Red overcome Societies), as well as staking a case to the very first ever peace prize compensation which visited Red overcome founder Henry Durant, alongside Frédéric Passy, in 1901.

Your sunset years are likewise your tranquility prize years

Nobel peace prize winners by age

The average period of tranquility prize winners is 61, and the great bulk the winners obtain the award in your 50s, 60s or 70s, for this reason these space prime Nobel-prize-winning years. That being said last year Malala Yousafzai became the prize’s youngest ever before winner in ~ 17, in partnership through Kailash Satyarthi, for her work campaigning for girls’ education. The earliest winner is Joseph Rotblat, a Polish-British physicist, that was joint recipient in 1995, at the period of 87, because that his work-related in the area of atom disarmament.

If you don’t win, nothing worry, neither did Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi with his granddaughters in Delhi in 1947. Despite numerous nominations he never received the prize. Photograph: Bettmann/CorbisThere have been some notable omissions on the winners’ list over the years, but none so far-reaching as the of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The Mahatma to be nominated in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947 and also 1948, a couple of days before his death, however he never ever won.

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The an option of Nobel laureates is a an extremely closely guarded topic – check out this amusingly circumspect interview v Geir Lundestad, the secretary of the Norwegian Nobel committee because that proof – however, the committee has expressed regret at no awarding the compensation to Gandhi and also in honour of him, nobody was vested the tranquility prize in 1948, the year that his death. So, if you don’t win, cling to this, also the greats room neglected, probably you’re among them.