While the tourism de France yellow jersey is among sport’s many fabled prizes, there was much more than simply prestige up for grabs in ~ the 108th edition of the gyeongju this year.

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Alongside the yellow, green, polka dot and also white jerseys, the tourism de France had actually a €2,288,450 prize pot to give out in 2021.

This consisted of a €500,000 as whole prize for champion Tadej Pogačar (Team UAE Emirates), although the Slovenian gathered a complete of €610,770 throughout the food of the race for stage wins, placings top top stages and also climbs, and long spells in the polka-dot and white jerseys.

Riders deserve to earn money from every the key prizes, and on categorised climbs, intermediary sprints or also just finishing in ~ the very first 160 divide riders in the race.

All tour de France teams have various formulas because that sharing the compensation money, but usually that put into a pot and also divided in between every driver (and frequently staff) on the team in ~ the end of the race. Cycle is a team sport v individual winners, after ~ all.

Here’s how the 2021 tour de France compensation money was broken down.

Tour de France stage winner prize money

Each stage winner gets €11,000. Thomas Samson / AFP via Getty Images
The winner of every phase earned €11,000 in 2021, and also a place on the podium in ~ the end of the day.

Second-place was worth half that, €5,500, while the rider in 3rd raked in €2,800.

In fact, every rider down to 20th place (€300) deserve a re-superstructure of the €28,650 on offer each day.

Here’s the full malfunction for every individual phase classification.


Tour de France yellow jersey prize money



There’s also prize money up because that grabs in ~ the height of each classified climb. Alex Broadway/ASO
It’s no all about the last classification and the polka period jersey – each climb at the tourism de France has a compensation on market at the top.

For ‘hors categorie’ and also first-category climbs, the very first three end the summit earn prize money; on second-category ascents, the is the height two and also on 3rd and fourth-cat climbs the is simply the very first rider over.

The 2021 tour de France had 27 climbs categorised as second category or above – with 5 in the top HC category. There were also 10 category three and also 23 category four ascents.

The 5 HC climbs were worth €800 come the an initial across, €450 to the second and €300 come the third. The 13 category-one mountains offered €650, €400 and also €150 respectively.


However, irish sprinter Sam Bennett finished Sagan’s run in the environment-friendly jersey in 2020 and Mark Cavendish make a triumphant return to eco-friendly in 2021.

The top eight in the final points group all win prizes, 2021 looked as follows:

€25,000 (Mark Cavendish)€15,000 (Michael Matthews)€10,000 (Sonny Colbrelli)€4,000 (Jasper Philipsen)€3,500 (Wout van Aert)€3,000 (Matej Mohoric)€2,500 (Julian Alaphilippe)€2,000 (Tadej Pogačar)

That’s exactly in line with the hills classification.

Each intermediate acceleration – one on every of the 20 roadway stages – to be worth €1,500, €1,000 and also €500 for the an initial three riders through.

These prizes are often swallowed up by the breakaway, with the sprinters keeping their flour dry because that the phase finishes – the prize money for the top 20 top top each stage is detailed at the top of this article.

Tour de France young rider category prize money


A €300 prize is likewise up because that grabs for each job in the white jersey of finest young driver (in various other words, because that the 2021 race, those riders born ~ above or ~ 1 January 1996).

In addition, the highest-placed young driver on each phase can insurance claim a €500 day-to-day prize.

The top four riders in the final young driver classification also win prizes. In 2021, €20,000 to be up for grabs because that the winner through the compensation money diminish by €5,000 for each place in the top four.

In 2020, in ~ 21 years old, Pogačar ended up being the youngest tourism de France winner since 1904, win the race overall and also securing the white jersey, as well as the yellow and polka-dot jerseys.

€20,000 (Tadej Pogačar)€15,000 (Jonas Vingegaard)€10,000 (David Gaudu)€5,000 (Aurélien Paret Peintre)

Tour de France team category prize money

The top-placed team top top each stage – calculation by the cumulative time of every team’s three fastest finishers – insurance claims a more €2,800 in prize money.

Those everyday times room all added up to kind the in its entirety team classification, and also the top-five teams at the finish of the race additionally win big.

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Here’s a full break down of the compensation money awarded come the five highest-ranking groups at the end of the tour de France in 2021.

€50,000 (Bahrain Victorious)€30,000 (EF education and learning – Nippo)€20,000 (Jumbo – Visma)€12,000 (Ineos Grenadiers)€8,000 (AG2R Citroen Team)

Most aggressive rider group (combativity prize)