NFL fans cannot talk around paychecks without discussing Patrick Mahomes" record-breaking contract. Mahomes would sign an eye-popping 10-year contract worth $450 million in 2020, something never ever done prior to in the NFL.

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Before agreeing to an extension, Patrick Mahomes wanted come ensure that he had securities if he endured an injury. The Patrick Mahomes contract could be a authorize of good things to come for NFL players.

The Chiefs have shown that they have actually all the to trust in the human being in the 25-year-old quarterback. V the mean career only lasting around three year in the NFL, 10 year is a lengthy time. Hopefully, the future room of reputation quarterback can play out the complete 10 years and have a successful career in the NFL.

When thinking around the Mahomes" extension, it renders NFL fans wonder. As soon as do NFL players obtain paid? execute they obtain paid weekly or bi-weekly? just how does your pay job-related for the playoffs?

Let"s take a look at exactly how every NFL player it s okay paid throughout your career.

When do NFL players acquire paid throughout the consistent season?

Every main of the NFL"s consistent season, each player under contract will obtain a video game check. The video game checks space deposited right into the NFL players" financial institution accounts ~ above Monday morning.

These video game checks space for their yearly salaries and do not include the football player signing bonus, roster bonus, or any kind of other bonuses the were i agreeed on throughout negotiations.

Here"s Houston"s leverage, if used:*Can well Deshaun Watson $95,877 for lacking minicamp.*Can fine that $50,000 every day for each day of maintain camp missed, add to one week salary -- $620,000 -- because that each preseason video game missed.*If that retires, Texans have the right to collect $21.6 million.

— Adam Schefter (
AdamSchefter) January 28, 2021

NFL football player will obtain 17 game checks throughout the NFL season. Players additionally receive a game examine for their bye weeks. Allows take a watch at how an NFL player gets paid during the NFL playoffs.

How lot do NFL players make during the NFL playoffs?

During the playoffs, one NFL player will receive a collection amount of money. This money does not include any kind of of the performance bonuses the were i agreeed on throughout contract negotiations. Here is a failure on exactly how NFL players space paid during the playoffs.

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NFL playoff salary breakdown:

-- Wild card Round (Division Winners): $31,000

-- Wild map Round (Non division Winners): $28,000

-- Divisional Playoff Game: $31,000

-- Conference Championship Game: $56,000

-- Super bowl (Winning Team): $124,000

-- Super bowl (Losing Team): $62,000

(These amounts are based off the 2019 NFL playoffs follow to CBS Sports)

Do NFL players get checks in the off-season?

NFL players have the right to negotiate to get paid for off-season workouts. This means each time a player steps right into the basic to work-related out v the team they room paid. According to sports Illustrated, the projected complete amount that players earn throughout the off-season would be right around $7,500.