as soon as I was in center school my friends and also I chose to develop our own potato cannon. That was really easy, affordable, and a the majority of fun. Newly my friend brought it up and I to be curious about how it in reality worked. After ~ a little bit the roaming the internet and class lectures it came to be pretty clear how the cannon works.

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just how we built or potato cannon to be simple. We took 2 pieces that PVC piping, one piece had actually a twist turn off cap and the larger chamber was associated to the smaller chamber. A hole was drilled on the next of the PVC pipeline in that we inserted a grill igniter. For fuel we provided hairspray, gas, ect., usually anything that would certainly combust with a spark. For this reason now how does the design help shoot the potato out?

First we have the right to look at exactly how pressure and also fluid motion work with each other in the chamber of the cannon. We have actually studied that as soon as fluids flow from larger areas to smaller areas the price of flow increases in the smaller areas. Thus, the staggered develop of the cannon; the style of the big chamber connected to the smaller chamber helps achieve an boost in flow, i beg your pardon pushes the potato forward. The press that builds up in the chamber as the gas ignites will push the potato forward the end of the barrel.
following you can look at the energy produced due to the to explode of gas. This reaction release an substantial amount of power which is walking to aid propel the potato out of the barrel. At the exact same time the explode of gas outcomes in an enormous expansion in volume, which is walk to greatly increase the price of flow in the tiny tube. The form of the barrel will focus the power released by the explosion down the smaller tube. The barrel chin is going to do an unfavorable work ~ above the potato through frictional forces of the barrel and also air resistance. The better the pressure in the big chamber the better the difference in pressure in between the two chambers. Every one of these concepts are going to shoot the potato the end of the barrel at a significant rate, that’s how a potato cannon works!
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