eGift FAQ

Q: What is this? A: an eGift is an Gift card featuring a specific item indigenous It"s a good way to give a gift the is both thoughtful and flexible--returns are never necessary. This is particularly handy if girlfriend aren"t certain which model, size, color, etc. Her recipient wants. The eGift have the right to be redeemed for the item, or towards countless other items at It permits the recipient to pick their very own gift.

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Q: exactly how does the work? just choose an object and eGift it, consisting of the amount and a an individual message. We"ll send the eGift to her recipient via e-mail. Lock can select to redeem the gift card in the direction of the item you selected, or pick from numerous other items on

Q: Am i buying the selected items or a gift card? A: Technically speaking, you space buying an Gift map that can be redeemed toward numerous items at Her recipient will receive a customized eGift that screens the image and also title that the item friend suggest. They have the right to use the amount towards the acquisition of the item, other similar, or numerous other item storewide. Watch Gift map Terms & conditions at

Q: walk the recipient have to buy the item I choose to feature on the gift card? A: No, Gift Cards space redeemable for numerous items in ~ The eGift they get will feature the item girlfriend selected and will prompt lock to purchase the article upon redemption, however they can select something else, or simply apply the gift map to your account because that future use. Watch Gift card Terms & problems at

Q: does purchasing the eGift host the inventory of the item i selected to feature? A: No. You space purchasing one Gift Card, no the item itself. There is no insurance the item will certainly be in-stock once the recipient chooses to redeem their gift card. If the article is no available, the recipient have the right to use the eGift amount towards something else.

Q: walk purchasing the eGift organize the price that the item i selected to feature? A: No. You room purchasing one Gift Card, no the items itself. Over there is no price guarantee. If the price changes, the recipient can use the eGift amount in the direction of something else.

Q: What about tax and also shipping? A: Shipping and also tax are not had in the eGift total. Tax and also shipping vary, based upon the recipient’s shipping address, element membership, and also speed that delivery. Friend may select to add an additional amount come cover feasible tax and also shipping. Any unused balance will certainly remain available for the recipient to usage later.

Q: What if the item is not obtainable when the receiver of the eGift desires to redeem the Gift Card? A: The recipient can choose one more item, or simply claim the Gift map amount to their account and also purchase the item when it becomes obtainable again.

Q: have the right to I send one eGift suggesting things that is out of stock or top top pre-order in ~ A: Yes.

Q: What have the right to an Gift map be used to buy? A: nevertheless of the argued item, one eGift is an Gift card that have the right to be redeemed towards millions of items storewide at The recipient can choose to usage their eGift for the item friend suggest, or they deserve to shop for something else. See Gift card Terms & conditions at

Q: deserve to I send an eGift for any item on A: Currently, only pick items on are easily accessible to give as an eGift. However, conventional Gift Cards have the right to still be supplied towards the purchase of these items. If you can’t discover the eGift choice for a details item, you deserve to buy an Gift Card and mention the items in her gift card article for a personal touch. Shop now.

Q: have the right to I include a personal gift note? A: Certainly! girlfriend may include a an individual message as much as 500 characters long that will certainly be yielded with the eGift. Prior to checkout, you will be able to preview what the eGift e-mail will look prefer upon delivery.

Q: have the right to I adjust the picture to be featured on the Gift Card? A: Yes. Before proceeding to checkout, girlfriend will be able to choose between any kind of of the featured items images.

Q: How and also when is the eGift delivered? A: The eGift is delivered to the receiver via e-mail. You can select immediate shipment for immediate gifting, or setup ahead and schedule a delivery date up come a year in advance.

Q: What wake up if the price for the item changes after I acquisition the eGift? A: doesn"t guarantee product price or ease of access through the eGift purchase. As part of normal sector cycles, prices deserve to go up and also down and products may end up being unavailable or discontinued. In some cases, the items price may go down and the recipient will have actually an extra gift map balance. In various other cases, the price may go up and also the recipient will should pay the distinction if they desire to redeem their eGift for the item.

Q: What happens to the remainder of the eGift accumulation if over there are any kind of left over? A: once a customer enters one Gift Card insurance claim code on our site (either claimed to your account or offered towards a purchase), any type of balance continues to be in your account for use on future purchases.

Q: will certainly I know if the eGift recipient purchased the item ns selected for them or determined a various item? A: No, in bespeak to defend the privacy of our customers we execute not share the redemption details of Gift card recipients.

Q: will the eGift ever expire? A: No, Gift Cards never ever expire. Watch Gift map Terms & problems at

Q: deserve to I resend the eGift if the recipient go not obtain it? A: Yes. Instructions to re-send one eGift via e-mail deserve to be discovered here.

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Have an ext questions around Gift Cards? review the Gift card FAQ.