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Quickly, ns realize I'm a tiny out of my element. Lara Walsh because that To begin the week off, ns follow Jolie"s routine that she trainer Gunnar Peterson mutual with popular music Workouts and do 15 reps of wide dumbbell squats, forward lunges, next lunges v a twist, and the squat and press through the 5- come 10- lb dumbbells the the actress apparently provides for many of she workouts.

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I have a pretty strong lower body, so ns breeze through a couple of sets of these easily as well as the 12 leg curls ~ above the stability ball.

However, I easily realize i underestimated Jolie"s upper-body strength as soon as it comes time to execute the arms and back part of the workout.

Although I"m hold 5-pound dumbbells, my arms are shaking together I carry out 10 cable-lat pulldowns, dumbbell rows, dumbbell bicep curls, and also close-grip bicep curls.

It"s a welcome relief to provide my arms a break by switching to the abdominal side of points with 15 crunches, 15 reverse crunches, and also then 30 secs of high knees.

As Peterson told popular music Workouts, Jolie in which method does 2 to 3 circuits of every one of these moves, however my chest starts hurting once I effort the third collection of the cable-lat pulldowns so i stop.

I lay under on the mat to offer myself a break prior to grudgingly gaining on the treadmill for 30 minute of high-intensity expression training.

I only last top top the treadmill because that 10 minutes, so i follow it with 10 minutes on the stationary bike.I"m method more worn down than i expected.


ns can't even complete the workout. Lara Walsh for

I wake up emotion pretty sore but I"m feeling pretty confident that the second day will certainly be better than the first. I conveniently learn that ns am an extremely wrong.

Looking with Peterson"s workout setup for pop Workouts, i realize the there space some moves the I"ve never attempted, favor dumbbell flys, medicine-ball push-ups, and lateral dumbbell raises.

I battle to do three of each of these and I can"t carry out 10 that each choose Jolie supposedly does.

The dumbbell chest press, overhead shoulder press, dumbbell curls, triceps extensions are likewise a battle to get through, and also I need to admit that I"m happy if I finish five the end of the 10 the I"m supposed to carry out for each.

My core is slightly stronger than my upper body, therefore I"m maybe to perform the 30 lumber choppers (oblique twists), 15 crunches, 15 turning back crunches, 15 stability-ball crunches, and 24 stability-ball climbers, although mine abs space burning and also I"m out of breath at the end.

It"s a struggle holding a plank for also one minute and my whole body is soaked in sweat and trembling just 20 secs in.

I"m seriously questioning how I am an alleged to execute three reps of these.

I put on mine mat and rest for 20 minutes before finally getting myself up to attempt the 2nd set. It"s just as brutal as I supposed and, again, I"m barely may be to do it through half as countless reps together Jolie does.

I"m supposed to close out my workout v at the very least 30 minutes of cardio, yet I decision to cut it quick and try to bring more intensity come the aerobic section of the practice tomorrow.


ns don't like yoga too lot either. Lara Walsh because that

I never thought I"d to speak this, but I"m in reality looking front to skip the weights and beginning off my day through 20 minutes of yoga.

Literally every little thing hurts in ~ this allude including muscle that ns didn"t also know ns had, and I"m looking front to stretching things out.

Fortunately, Jolie can relate to my slight dislike the yoga — in a 2014 interview v USA Today, she said that she"d had to grudgingly begin doing the to exercise for her role in Disney"s "Maleficent."

"It"s not something I perform easily because I"m no a still person," she called the publication. "But i was forced to execute yoga due to the fact that you have to have your core strength to be able to hold yourself."

Just like the actress, I"m not a "still person," for this reason it"s pretty difficult for me to shut down my mind and focus on breath while performing the yoga moves.

To finest replicate Jolie"s workout, I focus on core-focused movements, starting with cat-cow pose, complied with by a forearm plank, locust pose, bow pose, cobra pose, spider planks, watercraft pose, and side planks.

Once mine abs are on fire indigenous the warm-up, I placed away mine mat and get prepared to throw myself into 45 minute of cardio.

Since ns can"t imagine to run on a treadmill because that 45 minutes, ns take Peterson"s advice and also decide to try three various cardio machines for 15 minute each. In this case, I division my time in between the treadmill, elliptical, and also stationary bike.

I"m actually no as bored together I expected, and also I"m able to power v with the help of a good playlist.

The exercise feels pretty refreshing after ~ the last pair of days, and I"m hoping ns feel much more recovered before the workout tomorrow.


I'm no in as much pain as I was the an initial time. Lara Walsh for

Now that i know simply how hard this mainly is going to be, I have no complaints around repeating the an initial day"s workout. Instead, I"m currently mentally bracing myself for how difficult tomorrow is going come be.

Again, i grab 10-pound dumbbells together I power with 15 reps of large dumbbell squats, forward lunges, side lunges with a twist, and the squat and also press, finishing with the 12 foot curls on the security ball.

Since I"m no looking forward to the rest of the workout, I placed on a great playlist and also do two an ext sets the these. I"m feeling pretty accomplished at this point.

After acquisition a fast break, ns grab 2 5-pound weights (for a total of 10 pounds) as I execute 10 the dumbbell rows, dumbbell bicep curls, and also close-grip bicep curls, followed by the cable-lat pulldowns.

To be honest, it"s really no as bad as i remember the second time around, return I operation on the treadmill because that 15 minute in in between to provide my burning eight a break.

Two set later, I complete off through 15 crunches and also reverse crunches complied with by 30 seconds of high knees.

Again, I"m really tempted to skip the cardio part of the practice (definitely sensing a pattern here), yet I weaken by going on the stationary bike because that 10 minutes and putting the resistance level up.

I feeling tired however satisfied after mine workout.

I try not to be too tough on myself. Lara Walsh because that

On work five, ns wake up and lay in bed dreading this workout.

There"s almost nothing much more frustrating 보다 realizing that you don"t physically have the strength to execute a details workout, therefore I"m not feeling very confident together I head with the gym.

Already, I know which exercises are my an individual weaknesses (the medicine-ball push-ups, the lateral dumbbell raises, and overhead shoulder press) so I shot to not be so difficult on myself as soon as I deserve to only perform two that them.

I acquire through just a few reps the the dumbbell flys, the dumbbell chest press, dumbbell curls, and also triceps extensions, trying to focus more on form and performing them effectively than top top how numerous I have the right to do.

Again, I finish off the regimen with the ab-focused component of the workout and a 60-second plank.

Muscles that ns didn"t understand existed under my armpits and on my back are on fire and also my arms are visibly trembling at this point, but I feel a little less defeated than i did previously this week.

ns felt favor the practice really placed my endurance to the test. Lara Walsh because that

Since Jolie is so renowned for she action-based movie roles, i knew working out prefer her because that a mainly wouldn"t be complete without some sort of combat training.

To prepare for several of her movie roles, Jolie supposedly learned a mix of Muay Thai (a kind of combat sport) and Krav Maga (a military-style fighting system) and also practiced lock for hrs a few times every week.

I"m not quite ready for either the those, so I shot something more accessible, yet still combat-related: a boxing class.

Before i start, the trainer teaches me a pair of the different punches and the correct stance, mirroring me how I"ll be working my core and my foot by twisting through each hook.

I uncover out the attendees have the right to burn a complete of 800 calories throughout the hour-long class, which attributes a mix that high-intensity term training, punching, and abdominal and core workouts.

I"m a small intimidated once I see how intensely few of my classmates space warming up, yet I shot to patience my nerves and also do part light stretching prior to we start.

I quickly realize that not just does boxing take it physical strength, but also it take away some mental acumen to remember the different combinations and also how to move your entirety body properly with each punch.

I struggle during some that the high-intensity term sections, such together the dreaded push-ups through the medicine ball, however I feel worn down at the finish of the class in a an excellent way and also my whole body is fully burning.

I additionally didn"t establish what a great stress reliever it would be to punch a bag, and also I"m emotion pretty badass v my boxing gloves on.

I carry out a mix the workouts on job seven. Lara Walsh because that

I"m feeling sore however excited come have one more day of boxing.

Although ns was timid v my punches at first, ns realize that I"m starting to feeling a lot much more confident and also am not overthinking the routines as much as before.

Instead, I shot to focus more on the correct form, and I feeling my legs and butt burning together I walk from the boxing ring to practice I"m familiar with, like jump squats, jumping jacks, and also side lunges through a twist.

I"m surprised in ~ how conveniently an hour walk by and just how much of a full-body exercise I gained in.

Again, there"s additionally just something around wearing the gloves that makes me feel solid and prefer I deserve to do anything, and I need to admit I"m pretty hooked ~ above this kind of workout.

Angelina Jolie's practice is quite killer. mary Altaffer/AP photos

Overall, Jolie"s practice left me emotion empowered and solid — and I definitely arrangement to incorporate several of Jolie"s moves right into my daily routine.

Combat training is something that I"ve never thought about before, but I to be surprised how much of a workout I got while structure upper human body strength and getting cardio in at the very same time.

I to be surprised through how easily the boxing course flew by — and also how toned and solid my upper body feeling after simply a few days.

In the past, boxing intimidated me because of its reputation together a male-dominated workout yet I was inspired to see other women in my class killing it and also putting their all right into the class, as with I was.

Plus, there to be something around adding a combat ar to my regime that feeling empowering on its own.

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Of course, i still had actually my fair share of struggles with Jolie"s routine, however it was one of my favorite celebrity practice routines I"ve done thus far since it felt choose it was daunting but likewise sustainable.