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Syda Productions/Shutterstock.comIf you check out the acronym “w/e” in a text, then someone may not have actually been paying fist to what you to be saying (or they can not care). Here’s what this net slang term way and exactly how to use it.


“W/E” means “whatever.” It’s provided in digital chats and also conversations when you want to convey a looseness or lack of urgency. It’s nearly always composed in the small letter “w/e” rather of the uppercase, which come many, provides it look at even much more lazy or uncaring.

It’s among the few online acronyms that’s frequently written with a cut in the middle—you would form it together “w/e” rather of “we.” This is excellent to minimization confusion through the pronoun “we.” other acronyms that have actually a slash include standard English terms choose “w/o” and “c/o,” or much more internet-specific slang words choose “j/k“, which represents “just kidding.”


The initialism shares part similarity v the internet slang hatchet “idc,” which means “I don’t care.” Both generally display a ignore for the object of conversation and can even be offered together in a message. For example, you could say “w/e idc” to entirely shut down a conversation and also tell someone that you’re not interested in what they need to say.

Alternatively, w/e deserve to be offered to refer to “whoever” or “whenever,” both that which space quite comparable to “whatever.” Another definition for w/e is “weekend,” as in “Let’s hang out this w/e.” However, this definition isn’t that usual anymore.

The history of W/E

The usage of w/e has been around for a fairly long time. However, its form has differed throughout the years. Since of the need for punctuation in between the 2 letters, various other versions, such together “w.e.” and “w e,” have been supplied in the past. However, w/e has arised as the most influential of these spellings and is most seen in online messages and also on social media today.

On the digital slang website Urban Dictionary, the first entry for w/e is indigenous 2003. It reads “slang or abbrv. For whatever.” Interestingly, this isn’t the first entry because that a slang term because that “whatever.” There’s an even earlier entry from 2002 using an all-caps, no punctuation variation of the ax (“WE”) the reads “Whatever, shorten come be supplied in chatting and messaging situations.” there are likewise several entries for different versions of the slang term, consisting of “w.e,” “w e,” and also “we” through a backslash.

The hatchet is currently most popular in an individual conversations end chat apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, and also Telegram, specifically among teenagers and young adults.

What Is W/E for?


A common use that the term is to present your disinterest in a conversation, signaling come the person you’re talk to the you don’t care about something. Because that example, if someone has come to you with a long, rambling sales pitch about a potential scam, you might say “w/e” come let them understand that girlfriend don’t want to listen anything more.

One thing that w/e conveys is that something doesn’t matter or isn’t that huge of a problem to you. For example, let’s say the someone asks you what you desire them to order for dinner. You can say “Just choose w/e” to inform them the you don’t have actually a preference and that they deserve to decide because that you.

Another usage for w/e is to pretend that you don’t care around something also though you do (sometimes out of frustration). Because that example, if who doesn’t seem interested once you share an amazing life update, you can message them, “You understand what, forget it, w/e.” When supplied in this way, it has actually a most similarity to the acronym “nvm,” which stands for “never mind.”

How to use W/E

To use w/e, swap it the end for any instance wherein you could otherwise use “whatever.” Make certain to type it in the lowercase rather of the uppercase. Due to the fact that it’s a casual acronym, just use it in an individual conversations with other human being or in society media comments. Simply be mindful that since it regularly has a an unfavorable connotation, you could upset someone if you usage it.

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Here space a couple of ways to usage w/e:

“Well, w/e floats her boat, man.”“Do w/e you want. It won’t really issue anyway.”“Just gain w/e you want to get.”“Meh, w/e.”

If you want to learn just how to use various other online initialisms, check out our piece on TBH, IDK, and TTYL. You’ll it is in typing choose a savvy texter in no time.

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Vann VicenteVann Vicente has been a an innovation writer for 4 years, through a emphasis on explainers geared towards typical consumers. He likewise works as a digital marketer for a local e-commerce website. He"s invested in net culture, society media, and how world interact with the web. Read full Bio »
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