Nasty, irritating, uncomfortable. Poison ivy is the worst, but you can uncover reliefright in ~ home.

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You"ve been the end scouting, turkey hunting, or simply for a relaxing go in the woods. The following day, you wake up v an unforgiving itch. Yep, you have actually poison ivy. It wake up to practically everyone. In fact. Also if you room "immune" come the tree oil from poison ivy, there"s still a possibility of arising an allergy reaction later on in life. To trust us, us know civilization who have had actually it happen.

Unfortunately, a poison ivy rash is one of the many unpleasant feelings in the world, favor a bad sunburn you can not itch less you spread out it to other parts of your body bring about blisters and also even oozing in too much cases.

Urushiol, the nasty oil on this poisonous plants, is what causes the reaction. The oil can remain active for as much as a year, yet resist the urge to burn her clothes. Just wash everything. Sometimes you might not have accessibility to one over-the-counter anti-inflammatorypoison ivy treatment choose calamine lotion, an antihistamine cream, or dental antihistamines choose benadryl. These wellness remedies need to work not simply on rashes indigenous a poison ivy plant, however for toxicity oak and also poison sumac persons too.

1. Baking Soda


This one"s new to me (and one of the weirdest residence remedies because that poison ivy I"ve seen), however if that works, that works. Keep the peel that a banana, and also rub the inside of it on the impacted area. It provides a cooling effect and relieves the itch.

5. Cucumber

Cool as a cucumber on poison ivy... All right, negative joke, however for some prompt relief, girlfriend can reduced a cucumber into slices and place lock on the decision to mitigate the effects. Leave it on until it dries. Friend can also blend the cucumber into a paste and apply it to the skin.

6. Watermelon Rind

Watermelon will likewise cool skin and also ease the symptoms. Use the inside of the rind come the skin to alleviate itching:the juice neutralizes the toxin in the skin.

Everyone is different, and your results may vary. Ultimately, if her symptoms room too strong or the decision spreads too much, go check out a doctor. Yet while you"re waiting it out, hopefully these house remedies because that poison ivycan administer you through some relief.

7. Wet compresses

Sometimes you may be in the backcountry, and also you may not have access to various other remedies ideal away. A basic solution comes from the mayo Clinic. Simply use a wet compress made through a fabric or washcloth and also cold water to the area affected by itchiness. This may be the most basic of herbal remedies, however it will perform in a pinch. Keep the cool compresses top top the area because that 15 to 30 minutes and repeat a couple of times a day for ideal results.

8. Witch hazel

Another odd one, yet it works very well for many people. Mostly because witch hazel has astringent properties to it that provides it work and also those high-quality hydrocortisone cream at the store. Soak a little of that in a cotton ball and apply it come the impacted area and it will bring quick relief.

9. Rubbing alcohol

This equipment is perfect for as soon as you realize you simply brushed a toxicity ivy plant. I save small, single use rubbing alcohol wipes in mine vehicle and also gear for just such one occasion. Often, you can quickly wipe the oils away before they have actually a chance to produce those dreadful itching and also burning sensations. Follow it up with quick cold compressesto clean the area and you might avoid itching altogether.

10. Aloe vera

You have actually probably offered aloe vera top top a sunburn before for instant relief. Well, it deserve to work exceptionally well on poison ivy too. Simply apply it straight to the influenced area and you should start emotion the relief.

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