Face it; her Android phone is her gateway to the world. Through it, continuing to be in touch with friends and also family is faster and easier. Yet, as much as friend love this capability to affix with people and contact them when it’s necessary, there room times together a connection becomes unnecessary. That’s the factor you might think about blocking a number, to prevent them native calling friend or texting you.

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We yes, really aren’t fond of everyone who deserve to reach us on ours mobile phones. If you’re prefer me, you’re most likely thinking the scammers, cold calling sales executives, her annoying high school flame. Questioning them to stay away from you is not enough, only because it never works.

But, how do you also block a number ~ above Android?

How to Block a phone call Number on Android


We require to gain practical around this. Exactly how do you stop unwanted messages and calls from acquiring through to you?

The bulk of Android phones have a native means to block certain numbers. Yet, the procedure has variations from phone to phone. Without worrying ourselves with the details because that blocking calls on every single phone top top the market, we have the right to paint a general photo of the procedure for most popular devices.

Stock Android

Certain phones operation stock Android – vanilla Android native Google. There space two methods anyone deserve to use come block phone numbers on tools running this smell of Android.

The first method is to open the Phone application on her Android smartphone and accessibility your current calls. A long press on any type of of those numbers will expose a menu on i beg your pardon you deserve to tap “Block Number.”

You still open up the Phone application in the 2nd method, yet this time, you’ll tap on the top-right corner’s three-dot menu. Pick “Settings” and also tap “Call blocking” to add the numbers you wish to block.

The carriers Who know You

The share Android method assumes you’ll no be convert phones. Well, in the real world, anything is possible. This factor is why friend should think about blocking a number much more systemically.

Your phone transport can help you block a phone number.

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon – the four significant US carriers – carry out a business where you can block particular phone numbers. Girlfriend only have to be sure of the carrier’s terms, and also conditions are. 

The Samsung Galaxy Way

Samsung continues to be a sector leader in the company of smartphones. There’s part likelihood that you’re utilizing a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to review this article.

Samsung Galaxy phones have actually an ingenious method to take care of blocking of phone numbers. It’s a straightforward 4-step process:

Open the Phone app.Select the number you wish to block and tap “More.”Add it come the blacklist by tapping “Add to Auto-Reject List.”If you desire to unblock a number or make more edits, navigate to Settings > speak to Settings > all Calls > Auto Reject.

What Happens when You Block a Number?


Once girlfriend block a number, the caller have the right to not reach you anymore. You don’t obtain their calls anymore. Girlfriend don’t acquire their message either. But there’s one thing you certain get earlier – your peace of mind.

So, what really happens as soon as you block a number?

First, realize that after blocking a phone number, you can still speak to that number together if nothing happened. Girlfriend can also send text messages come the number. However, castle will receive your message messages but cannot respond.

Let’s it is in clear about what’s continue here; calls ring once and also go come Voicemail, whereas messages go to a “blocked senders” directory. So, it’s no a “block” in the genuine sense of the word. Instead, it’s much more of a “re-routing,” yet the clogged party go not obtain any notification that they space under a block.

The block is in one direction, meaning you deserve to initiate communication from her end, while the call number you’ve blocked cannot. However, you deserve to unblock the phone number if you nothing mind resuming regular interactions with a call number you previously blocked.

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There room several concealed gems on your Android phone. The capacity to block any phone number is just one. This feature shows you just how much regulate you can exercise, if just you’re mindful of it.