This website is pretty well known for posting funny and also interesting content. But can girlfriend really do money creating for university Humor? is a site that many of us, in ~ some point or another, have probably heard of. Even I have actually heard that them and visited their website before, and also I sort of tend to live under a rock these days!

But ns didn’t know that this website will salary you to write content for them, which is quite awesome. The course, over there is a bit of a process involved in it, and you have to be good enough (and her piece good enough) to get accepted.

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But indigenous the sound the it, you deserve to actually do pretty kind money creating for them.

So in this post, we room going come talk around writing because that College Humor. What is it like? How an overwhelming is it? and also perhaps most importantly… just how much perform you obtain paid? does the pay do the job-related to get published worthwhile?

These space all things that we want to discover, so ns researched it… and here is what you have to know.

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Making Money composing For university Humor

Making Money creating For university Humor

So ns think that the an initial thing to talk about, when looking at any opportunity choose this, is to number out what we space actually feather for. And for me, this is pretty easy.

I’m looking for side hustles. I desire to find new and better ways to knife extra cash, and also I want to have the ability to earn cash from them consistently, with flexibility, and in high-enough quantities that lock truly do it precious my time.

Make no mistake. There room a lot the websites the end there that will help you to do a few extra dollars here and there. However I to be honestly no really interested in those.

I want to find websites that will certainly pay me enough to do the chance truly worth the time… and this to be my key question about writing for College Humor.

Do they pay sufficient to do it precious the time?

This is the key question that i sought to answer v my research, and also we will obtain to it in simply a moment.

My first Impression that College humor As A Website

So next, let’s talk about what my an initial impression the to be like. Well, we all know that this is a pretty famous website, and if i am not mistaking, they also have a reasonably prolific and popular YouTube channel.

Their website is collection up pretty lot like a blog. Castle publish posts in a number of different categories, consisting of Comics, Love/Relationships, Movies/TV, Food, WTF, Life, Politics, etc.

In researching this site, I decided to review some of their content, just to refreshing myself on the high quality of your blogs and articles.

And in reviewing it, i was reminded that they in reality publish a many comic-type content. In fact, the first several write-ups that I went to were an ext ‘comic-book-like’ than ‘blog-like.’

The truth is, however, that College feeling publishes a wide variety of different types of content. So before making the an option to try to submit anything come them, I would certainly actually recommend, really strongly, the you take some time to review through their website to see what sort of content they generally publish.

A similar pattern is true for the site

I will certainly also, however, speak this. Girlfriend may be a bit more likely to obtain published below if you make comics, because from the look of it, lock publish much more comics than continuous blog posts… and from how I recognize it, the is in reality a little bit more an overwhelming to make comics 보다 blog short articles for most world anyway.

So it would seem come make sense that you can probably discover a ar here, at the very least intermittently, if you were to produce quality comics the they might publish.

How lot Does College humor Pay?

As much as I deserve to tell, over there is really just one section of the website that is dedicated to talking around submitting material, and it is in the FAQ section. Right here is a screenshot that that component of the FAQ page.


As you have the right to see, over there is not a ton of information here around submitting material. In fact, lock pretty much simply tell friend to email the site.

So i did some looking around, and also found some various other sources that declared to understand what College feeling pays the end for their content. Right here are the prices that I acquired from these other online, third-party sources.

$35 because that a single page of content$50 because that an write-up that spans many pagesAs for photo galleries, castle are stated to salary $25 because that 15 pictures, and also $35 because that 25 pictures

All in all, this no seem prefer too negative of a payout… though it likewise depends on how long it would take friend to create such content. I recognize first-hand that different human being can do these things at various speeds.

I’ve known writers who have the right to crank the end two-page articles in twenty minutes, while ns have additionally known writers who have a difficult time composing the an initial draft the a single page in one day.

It is yes, really all about your level that experience, your relevant skills, and also how talented friend are. That also, in the end, comes down to how tough you are willing to job-related for the payout.

About university Humor

CollegeHumor Media to be founded earlier in 1999, and is headquartered in new York City. Castle are known for your funny and also ‘offbeat’ web content, and in addition to the content on their website, lock have likewise published 3 books.

The website itself has an ext than 15 million monthly users/visitors, and their website gets over 100 million web page views every month.

They likewise have an e-mail newsletter the goes out to 300,000 subscribers every week.

So yeah… say what friend want around sites the pay freelancers to compose content… but this site seems to be doing at least something right.

I am actually constantly pretty happy to learn about new sites that accept submissions choose this… and also must recognize that ns was surprised to discover that College humor accepts any kind of external submissions at all.

Their contents is nice professional, and also their website is so… (I think i would specify it as)interestingly focused on sticking to your own distinctive brand that offbeat and humorous entertainment, that it would almost seem come me like they would keep many of their writing in-house.

They probably do still keep most of that in house, but I will just say that i am pleasantly surprised that they also offer avenues to other writers come submit product as well.

My personal Feelings about Submitting content To college Humor

Personally, i love college Humor. Ns mean, who doesn’t love this site? quite personally, i think the the idea of composing a piece and submitting it come them sound super fun.

But then again, I’m no necessarily below to simply ‘have fun.’ I must think that this in regards to it gift a side hustle.

So v that gift said, below is what i am thinking around this possibility after taking a look in ~ it.

I feel like this can absolutely it is in a an excellent use of your time if you are into this kind of thing… and also by ‘this type of thing,’ I median the idea of pitching submissions come websites that pay because that them upon acceptance in hopes that you will obtain something accepted. And then, in turn, gain paid for it.

I feel favor College feeling pays well enough to make writing for them precious the time, despite you do have to factor in some failures.

The actual ‘crunch’ v this one originates from the slim unlikelihood that you would ever get anything past the editors. This is a very, an extremely popular site… therefore obviously, they space going to desire content that they really think will appeal come their reader base.

This way that, in bespeak to offer to them, you have to not just be ‘good’ at what girlfriend do, but additionally have the appropriate kind that style and taste the they are looking for.

You likewise need to be funny and also entertaining at the very same time.

So if you room interested in pitching come them and making part extra money doing it, go for it. Yet don’t acquire upset if it takes a few tries to acquire something accepted, or if the takes a long time come hear any type of kind that response.

And don’t think that this next gig is walking to make you rich, either. To be honest, College humor doesn’t seem to pay out as lot as several of the sites the I’ve watch at.

But castle are also a lot bigger and much more successful, for this reason they probably have actually all type of human being submitting content every day.

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In the end, even if it is or not you deserve to succeed in ~ making extra money this way will depend mostly on you. How tough are you ready to try?

How far are you ready to go? How numerous times space you ready to acquire something rejected prior to you come up with a winner?

If girlfriend think you’re up to the challenge, then I would encourage friend to give it a whirl… simply don’t expect to become a best-seller from the or to knife a fortune law it.

Our final Opinion Of college Humor

Should you send something come them and also see if they will certainly pay you for it?