If you’ve ever collection foot in a supplement keep (or poke around online supplement clearing houses), you’ve probably had an employee (or pop-up ad) shot to up-sell girlfriend on creatine.

And that sell is strong: Creatine has been scientifically proven to enhance your strength, which can lead come muscle growth. Every you need to do is pop some pills or stir some powder right into your usual protein shake.

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But that"s simply what"s advertised ~ above creatine complement labels. Those assures can"t actually be true, right?

Because nobody need to put anything in your body there is no weighing the benefits and risks (and there are a few risks creatine carries the you must be mindful of), it"s a good idea to education yourself around the popular supplement.

To assist you out, us turned to few of the smartest mental in nutrition to answer every one of your questions around creatine supplementation. And their answers room refreshing if you"ve watched conflicting answers on other (less authoritative) corners of the internet.

The good news is that the complement is well-studied in scientific circles (perhaps an ext so than any other supplement, short of protein power) and, if you"re taking creatine additionally correctly, that science largely considers creatine safe and effective. In short, creatine, once taken as recommended, delivers on its guarantees of strength and also muscle gain.

But the not-great news is the some human being don"t take creatine together recommended (read: "user error"). That way that those human being won"t endure the exact same benefits together someone who adheres to direction. In various other words, they"re wasting their money. (If you"re to buy the an excellent stuff, creatine additionally aren"t cheap.)

So prior to you walk all-in on acquisition creatine, here"s what the supplement actually is, what the does, and also how come avoid any kind of of its side effects.

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What is creatine?

Your human body actually provides its own creatine, by way of your kidney and also liver, after girlfriend eat protein. Pet proteins, particularly red meat and fish, save creatine naturally, but you"d must eat virtually inhuman amounts of each to hit the level available in most creatine supplements.

Your muscle then transform creatine right into creatine phosphate, i m sorry is then generated into adenosine tree phosphate (ATC), which your body uses for explosive exercise.

Supplement manufacturers have actually made creatine intake an ext efficient. Rather of spend pounds of protein, all you need to do is take the nutrient in powdered, liquid, or pill form.

Also important: Creatine supplementation need to be taken into consideration complementary to spend protein, no a replacement for. That"s due to the fact that creatine and also protein work-related in different ways. In short, creatine leader to much more strength during your workout when protein leader to more muscle repair after your workout.

What room the results of acquisition creatine?

Creatine boosts the body’s capability to create energy rapidly. Creatine exists naturally in our bodies and helps fuel our muscles, i beg your pardon is why some civilization take it as a complement to rise their performance in the gym.


The mechanism is straightforward: If you"re able come lift much more weight in the gym, you"re able to create much more of the muscle fiber tears the your body have the right to then repair and rebuild bigger and also stronger after her workout.

According to the U.S. Nationwide Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus, creatine is rated together "possibly effective" once it comes to improving muscle strength.

"There is a lot of blended research ~ above creatine’s capacity to boost muscle strength," the government website says. "However, analyses the this research display that creatine appears to modestly enhance upper human body strength and also lower body strength in both younger and older adults." Creatine has additionally been shown to improve athletes’ performance in rowing, soccer, and jumping height.

Don"t worry, though: "You should feel an excellent about her creatine supplementation," Men’s Health nutrition advisor Michael Roussell, Ph.D., says. "Take 5 grams of creatine monohydrate with your workout shower to aid you get bigger and stronger."

Although some research has pointed to creatine’s efficacy for high-intensity, explosive exercises prefer sprinting, the in its entirety results have actually been mixed.

What room the short-term impacts of creatine?

One thing is nearly certain: If you take it creatine, you’ll acquire weight.


"Creatine is a quick means to include muscle, but not without some water weight, too," Carolyn Brown, R.D., a nutrition counselor in ~ Foodtrainers. "Most people gain between two and four pounds the water retention in the very first week."

But that water weight is good, Roussell points out: "Creatine’s going to pull an ext water right into your muscles, making her muscles bigger and also fuller."

And if you"re not acquiring weight ~ above creatine in the short-term, you might not be drink enough water. Make sure you"re well-hydrated as soon as you"re acquisition creatine supplements.

What space the long-term results of creatine?

After that initial retention period, succeeding gains are as result of the rise in the workload you have the right to handle, according to Paul Greenhaff, Ph.D., professor the muscle metabolism in ~ the university of Nottingham in England.

Basically, if you continue pushing harder and also harder in the gym, creatine will save fueling you to better gains.

Some world think the if they take creatine and also don’t work out, they’ll placed on fat—but Roussell claims it isn’t true.

"Creatine contains no calories, and also has no affect on your fat metabolism," the says. "So taking creatine and not working out is just going to lead to nothing."

What are the finest forms the creatine?

Not all creatine supplements room made equal.


"If you’re walk to include a complement in, make certain it’s creatine monohydrate," Brown says. "A many other supplements out there will have actually a the majority of junk the you don’t need, and they’ll be much an ext expensive."

One category to watch the end for: "pre-workout" supplements that advertise the they save creatine. Surprise: numerous of this supplements execute not contain the minimum quantity of the nutrient proven to it is in effective.

Powder is the way to go. Studies show that fluid creatine and creatine ethyl ester (CEE) space unstable and breakdown in your blood system. Don’t bother v them.

Chad Kerksick, Ph.D., assistant professor of exercise physiology in ~ the college of Oklahoma, proposal 100 percent pure creatine powder. Part companies add electrolytes and also other ingredients, yet tests show those do small to enhance performance.

"Save money and also buy creatine powder and also fruit juice," Kerksick says.

Fruit juice? That’s right—the street in the juice raises insulin levels, i m sorry helps boost creatine uptake right into the muscle. Sports beverages work just fine too.

You need about 70 grams of an easy sugars because that every 5 grams the creatine, Greenhaff says. He suggests looking for a drink or supplement with 60 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams the product.

You’ll understand the flour is of negative quality if it’s tough to dissolve and also there’s residue at the bottom of her glass after girlfriend drink it. You desire the flour in her muscles, no in the glass. If this happens, try a different brand.

And pills? if they"re effective, you frequently have to take it a ton, especially during the creatine loading phase, in order to hit an reliable dosage. If you love taking pills, go for it. For everyone else, powders seem to it is in the best bet.

Here"s a buyer"s overview for what to look because that in a high-quality, efficient creatine supplement.

What foodstuffs are high in creatine?

Just as our bodies produce creatine, the chemical is also found naturally in miscellaneous foods.

"Creatine isn’t just found in supplements,” Brown says. "It’s actually found in beef, pork, and also salmon."

Try these recipes because that creatine-rich meals:

Will creatine mess through my kidneys, blood sugar, or reason muscular dystrophy?

Don"t believe everything you read on Reddit.


Researchers are constantly studying creatine for its effectiveness and safety. That’s why plenty of trainers and health specialists support the use of creatine: Studies indicate it’s safe.

"Creatine is among the most-researched sporting activities supplements the end there," Kerksick says. "And there’s no published literary works to imply it’s unsafe."

There have actually been anecdotal reports the kidney damage, blood street concerns, heart problems, muscle cramps and pulls, dehydration, and also diarrhea, in enhancement to other an adverse side effects. But the vital word is anecdotal.

"I’m no saying people don’t suffer cramps, however I don’t believe it have the right to be an extremely common," Greenhaff says. "If there to be any significant adverse next effects, us would have actually seen castle by now."

Some the these conditions can be brought about by consuming too lot of certain vitamins, says Tod Cooperman, M.D., president of ConsumerLab.com. "Too much vitamin C can cause diarrhea, and too lot iron may result in stomach problems," the says.

To be safe, he recommends utilizing creatine just if you room healthy and also have no kidney problems. That’s because your kidneys excrete creatinine, a breakdown product that creatine.

So there are no adverse impacts of taking creatine?

Not therefore fast. If you have the right to get huge without it, there’s no factor to usage creatine.

"I wouldn’t introduce doing anything the would present minimal improvement and feasible risk," claims Jim King, M.D., president of the American Academy of family members Physicians. "Weigh the negatives and the benefits prior to you shot it."

Kids under period 18 need to avoid creatine, King says. "Children space still in a growing phase, and we’re not sure what affect creatine may have on muscles and bones together they grow," the says. "I feel really strongly that middle and even high schoolers shouldn’t usage it."

Will creatine rise my power, strength, and body mass?

Here’s one thing all the specialists can agree on: It’s difficult to say.

Creatine has various effects on every individual. Some world just don’t respond to creatine—it’s a genetic thing.

If you"ve began taking creatine, you should understand if it works for friend in about a week. If her training volume increases, it’s functioning for you. If not, you’re probably a non-responder, and also taking the powder isn’t walking to help you.

Diet is important. Since certain meats and seafood have high levels of creatine, vegetarians—i.e., people who don’t eat those creatine-rich foods items on the reg—usually see a higher response. Those whose diets are extremely carnivorous might see much less change.

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Of course, a healthy diet is an essential to anyone’s muscle-building plan. "If her diet is junk, there’s no suggest in adding creatine," Kerksick says. "It’s better to eat great sources of carbohydrates and lean protein."

In the end, creatine alone will certainly not make you a bigger man.

"Only when linked with exercise does it boost the top quality of training," Greenhaff says. "You still need to do the work."