This write-up is adapted from the new edition that "Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the danger Distortion the Truth," i m sorry was published in paperback top top Tuesday.

When Donald Trump lost the presidency critical November, Fox News lost too. But unlike Trump, Fox was never ever in denial about its loss. The network"s executives and also multi-million-dollar stars stared the ratings in the face every day and saw the their pro-Trump audience to be reacting to the prospect of chairman Biden by switching channels or transforming off the TV.

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To solve the problem, Fox ran also further come the right. And here"s the thing: it worked. That was toxic for the American political system, but it was rewarding for Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch.
"Fox is a really different place 보다 it to be pre-election," a commentator said to me, through regret, ~ Biden take it office.
The post-election alters at Fox occurred one day in ~ a time, one show at a time, yet when viewed in totality, they room unmistakable and also stark. Virtually every adjust was around having much less news on the waiting and more opinions-about-the-news. The was like serving dessert without dinner, when the dessert contained screaming around how horrible the dinner was, and warning that the meal could be a socialist plot, and hey, if we"re in ~ it, why are chefs therefore corrupt?
And since Fox News is the major trusted source of details for millions of Americans, consisting of Republican chosen officials and also party activists, the changes impact everyone.
Fox"s ratings declined in the immediate after-effects of Mitt Romney"s lose in 2012, for this reason the slump after the networks projected Biden as president-elect was no surprise. However the precipitousness to be a shock. Fox"s afternoon and also evening hours fell off through 20, 25, 30 percent, even though the news cycle was nothing short of epic. For people at Fox that were used to winning because that years, this was disorienting, and for part downright terrifying.
"Our audience hates this," one executive said to me in a minute of candor. "This" was Biden as president-elect and Kamala Harris together VP-elect. "They"re pissed," claimed a 2nd source. "Seething," stated another.
I granted anonymity to this sources due to the fact that they weren"t permitted to speak with exterior reporters top top the record, and also because I want them to easily offer blunt assessments of the situation.
Fox"s problem was that the audience all of sudden had in other places to go. Top top the up-and- coming channel Newsmax, Biden wasn"t called president-elect best away. In various other words, trump wasn"t a loser yet. Newsmax"s 7 p.m. Organize Greg Kelly maintained saying that he thought Trump could stay in office because that four much more years. "IT ISN"T over YET," Newsmax"s banners proclaimed. When Fox just dabbled in election denialism at first, Newsmax went all-in.



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Inside Fox, staffers little their nails and also braced for more changes. In reality, the only people who to be really fragile were liberals prefer Juan Williams, who were significantly fighting not simply their other panelists but Fox"s whole editorial bubble. As Fox downplayed the trump card impeachment trial, Williams shed his cool, shouting on The 5 that "you don"t want to attend to the news!" In May, he left the show, ostensibly due to the fact that Covid restrictions were loosening and the display was return to in-person production. He stated he would remain in Washington, whereby his family members lives, rather than commute to brand-new York to be in studio.
"The continuous power that the "Big Lie" is fed daily with conspiracy talk and misinformation by society media, talk radio and cable opinion shows," he wrote.

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Williams continues to be a politics analyst in ~ Fox, but he has actually only been on the network a couple of times since leaving "The Five." The Fox basic doesn"t it seems to be ~ to miss him. "The Five" bounced ago in the ratings, like lot of the rest of the network, due to the fact that the rightward run worked. When cable news ratings room down throughout the board appropriate now, contrasted with last spring"s pandemic- and also protest-triggered highs, Fox News is earlier in an initial place.