The Harry Potter films have been understood by most fans come be proper adaptations of the wildly popular publication series, pass the story of hogwarts to life when bringing them to a much broader audience.

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While the movies were, for the many part, faithful to the books (aside indigenous a couple of key alters that drew ire from faithful fans), there were some distinctions in the figure of the gibbs versus the way their personalities were defined in the books. Here"s what the Harry Potter actors would have actually looked favor if their appearances yes, really reflected Rowling"s writing.


Everyone"s favorite hero is explained often transparent the books, v his primary development in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone giving the many information.

"Harry had always been small and skinny for his age," Rowling wrote. "Harry had actually a thin face, knobbly knees, black color hair and also bright green eyes. He wore ring glasses held together with a most Scotch tape... The just thing bother liked around his very own appearance to be a really thin scar ~ above his forehead the was shaped favor a bolt the lightning."

Daniel Radcliffe"s Harry has the dark hair defined in the books, and, for the most part, that wears it in the same style; however, in Deathly Hallows, Rowling notes the his hair had actually grown to shoulder length due to his preoccupation for looking for the Horcruxes, something that didn"t occur in the films. The other notable difference between book Harry and film bother is Radcliffe"s blue eyes, i beg your pardon don"t complement his literary counterpart"s environment-friendly ones.


Fans would have rioted if Rupert grint didn"t have actually Ron Weasley"s signature red hair, and the films ceded on the front. Outside of his hair, Ron is also described ~ his introduction in Harry Potter and also the Sorcerer"s Stone together being "tall, thin and gangling, with freckles, huge hands and feet, and also a lengthy nose."

Rupert green is virtually freckle-free, and none were added via makeup or unique effects. He also isn"t the tall; the actor is just 5"8", i beg your pardon is below average. Rowling also notes the Ron has actually blue eyes, compared to Grint"s hazel ones. However, through his spot-on portrayal of Ron"s goofy yet loveable personality, many fans weren"t complaining about the physics differences.


Rowling to write in Harry Potter and the Goblet that Fire that Voldemort is "tall and skeletally thin," through a face "whiter than a skull, through wide, livid scarlet eyes and also a nose that to be as flat as a snake"s with slits for nostrils"—more or much less in line through Ralph Fiennes" creepy portrayal the the character. However, for some reason, the film determined not come go v scarlet eyes because that Voldemort, rather going with Fiennes" herbal blue.

Young Tom Riddle in the movie is also similar to Riddle in the books. The personality is defined in Chamber the Secrets as a "handsome" teenager with "jet black color hair" and also dark eyes, i m sorry works with Frank Dillane"s eerie version of the character in the films.


Rowling explains Voldemort"s faithful follower Bellatrix as having "long, black color hair" v "dark, heavy-lidded eyes" and an "air the arrogance." Rowling notes the Bellatrix was an extremely beautiful prior to her imprisonment in ~ Azkaban, and also that she arisen a an ext gaunt figure afterwards.

Helena Bonham-Carter"s signature wild hair together Bellatrix was not a feature in the books; however, it assisted sell the craziness the the character and also wasn"t the end of place with her personality. Bonham-Carter also wasn"t together gaunt together Bellatrix to be described, back she did offer the air of arrogance perfectly.


In Harry Potter and also the Sorcerer"s Stone, Rowling explains Dumbledore together "tall, thin, and very old, evaluate by the silver- of his hair and beard, which were both long sufficient to tuck right into his belt... His blue eye were light, bright, and also sparkling behind half-moon spectacles and also his nose was really long and crooked, as though it had actually been broken at least twice."

Two actors take it on the duty of Dumbledore, and also both looked pretty close come the headmaster"s summary in the book. Richard Harris, who played Dumbledore in Sorcerer"s Stone and also Chamber that Secrets before his 2002 death, had hair that was much more white than silver, and also his eye were a darker blue. Other than that, however, his portrayal to be pretty clues on.

Michael Gambon, who took over the role in Prisoner of Azkaban, had a beard the was probably a couple of inches too quick to it is in tucked right into his belt, and also his eye were brown instead of blue. Still, both he and Harris go the character justice.

In the book, Snape is explained as having actually "greasy black hair, a hooked nose, and also sallow skin," i m sorry is quite close come Alan Rickman"s look in the films, back his nose was a bit on the straight side.

One key difference is his age. As revealed in Harry Potter and also the half Blood Prince, Snape"s date of birth is Jan. 9, 1960, which would make him 31 as soon as Harry first started at Hogwarts. Rickman to be 55 when the very first Harry Potter film was released. Very specific fans might additionally note that Snape"s height may not be right. In Order the the Phoenix, Rowling notes that Snape is much shorter than Sirius, i beg your pardon doesn"t fit, as Rickman is 6"1" and Gary Oldman, that played Sirius, is 5"9".

In Harry Potter and also the Sorcercer"s Stone, Rowling defines Hogwarts groundskeeper Hagrid as "almost twice as tall together a regular man and at least 5 times together wide. That looked simply too huge to be allowed, and so wild–long tangles that bushy black color hair and beard hid most of his face, he had hands the dimension of trash deserve to lids, and his feet in their leather boots were choose baby dolphins."

Robbie Coltrane"s hair and also beard fit well v this description, but, although the actor is towering, that doesn"t with Hagrid"s mythological size. The half-giant is described as being 11"6", if Coltrane is only 6"1"; although he ended up being much taller through the help of some movie magic, he still didn"t ever quite seem as overwhelmingly large as Hagrid to be intended to be.

Sirius it s okay his an initial description in Harry Potter and also the sinner of Azkaban, wherein Rowling states he has "a massive of filthy, matted hair hung come his elbows. If eyes hadn"t to be shining the end of the deep, dark sockets, he can have to be a corpse. The waxy skin was stretched so tightly end the skeleton of his face, it looked favor a skull. His yellow this were bared in a grin." However, she additionally notes the Sirius is "very good-looking; his dark hair fell into his eyes v a kind of casual elegance"—something that appears to come naturally to actor Gary Oldman.

Oldman was never ever as matted together the instantly post-Azkaban Sirius is explained as gift in the books, and he definitely didn"t have hair under to his elbows. Back the gibbs did a an excellent job v his portrayal that Sirius" breakable mental state complying with his imprisonment, his appearance never quite lived up to its grossness in the books. If anything, that had an ext in typical with this thing illustration reflecting Sirius as a young boy at Hogwarts.

The Dursleys, because that the many part, fit with their publication descriptions, through one key difference—Petunia and Dudley are both blonde.

Mr. Dursley is explained in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone together "a big, beefy man with hardly any neck, although the did have actually a very huge mustache," i m sorry fits v Richard Griffiths" portrayal. Petunia is "thin and also blonde and also had twice the normal amount of neck, which come in very useful together she spent most of she time craning end garden fences, spying on the neighbors," which works well with Fiona Shaw, next from she dark brown hair.

Dudley was described as having actually "a huge pink face, not much neck, small, watery blue eyes, and thick blond hair the lay clearly on his thick, fat head. Aunt Petunia frequently said that Dudley looked prefer a infant angel— Harry often said that Dudley looked choose a pig in a wig." all of this fits through Harry Melling, again aside from his brown hair. His eyes space also an ext blue-green than right blue.

Hair shade notwithstanding, all three actors did a great job play Harry"s opening adoptive family.

Emma Watson began out together a pretty exact portrayal that the novelized variation of Hermione. The personality was described in Harry Potter and also the Sorcerer"s Stone as having "a bossy type of voice, numerous bushy brown hair and rather huge front teeth," which, because that the many part, fits through Watson (although her front teeth only briefly bordered on "rather large").

However, in the later on films, the two started to diverge an ext as Watson flourished up to be model-level gorgeous and also Hermione remained, because that the most part, a more confident version of she bushy-haired, large-toothed self. Return the books did include some of this transformation—Rowling provided in Goblet of Fire that Hermione "had excellent something with her hair; it was no longer bushy yet sleek and also shiny... The reduction in the size of she front teeth was much more noticeable 보다 ever"—Watson is probably much more gorgeous that Hermione was ever before intended to be.

Neville doesn"t get much of a summary in the Harry Potter books, aside from being "a round-faced boy," together Rowling write in Sorcerer"s Stone. However, Rowling did fancy a bit an ext on just how she pictured Neville in an interview with NPR, saying that "to me, Neville"s short and also plump and blond."

Matthew Lewis, earlier in the at an early stage Neville Longbottom days, to the right well through the character aside native his brown locks. However, together we all know, Lewis coined the term Neville Longbottoming by ending up being very, really attractive in the later on films, which to be ill-fitting with Neville"s continued awkward appearance. We acquired over it pretty quickly, though.

Luna is defined in Harry Potter and also the order of the Phoenix together a dirty blonde with "straggly, waist-length" hair and "very pale eyebrows, and also protuberant eyes that offered her a permanently surprised look." her eyes are later said to be grey.

Evanna Lynch has actually light blue eyes, no grey, and also her hair in the films was closer to platinum blonde than dirty blonde. However, the actress" brilliantly loopy portrayal the the character much more than comprised for any little differences in appearance.

Rowling explained Ginny as having actually "bright brown eyes" with "vivid, flaming red" hair "worn as a lengthy mane," i beg your pardon is greatly fitting v actress Bonnie Wright, barring the actress" green/blue eyes.

Another difference lies in the similarities between the Weasley siblings. If Wright bore no much more than a passing same to she movie siblings past their shocking red hair, the books say Ginny is claimed to look at a lot much more like she brothers. "Her same to Fred and George was all of sudden striking," Rowling wrote about the identified Ginny in Harry Potter and the bespeak of the Phoenix.

The Malfoys" pale blonde hair is well outlined in the books, and fits well v the method the evil family is illustrated in the films. Draco specifically is explained as having "a pale, sharp face" during his arrival in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone. Rowling additionally notes that Draco has grey eyes.

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Tom Felton, like many of the Harry Potter actors, has an eye shade that doesn"t complement his character"s, together his eyes room blue contrasted to Draco"s grey. However, he sported the Malfoy platinum hair and the character"s signature sneer perfectly throughout the films.