The an initial meal the the day has some necessary questions.

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Check the end our McDonald"s breakfast FAQ for all of your answers come questions around our breakfast!

Why can"t I obtain bagels at my McDonald"s restaurant?

Some McDonald"s food selection items are discovered regionally in our restaurants and not offered throughout the U.S.

Do friend use genuine butter?

Yes! just like how friend butter toast in ~ home, us use real butter on our English muffins, biscuits and bagels provided for several of our breakfast food selection items, do mornings extra special.

Do you have actually vegetarian breakfast options?

Although we don’t have actually a vegetarian menu, we carry out offer choices without meat, including our Fruit & Maple Oatmeal. We’re likewise happy to make any kind of of ours breakfast sandwiches for you without meat—just ask.

What"s the Difference in between Hotcakes and Pancakes?

There is no difference. We simply prefer to speak to them ‘hotcakes’ rather of ‘pancakes.’ still round, fluffy and also topped with actual butter. Straightforward as that.

Still curious? Learn much more about our hotcakes.

Are McDonald"s eggs microwaved or grilled prior to serving?

Well, it counts on i beg your pardon egg you’re referring to. Our freshly cracked and scrambled eggs are cooked top top the grill with liquid actual butter. We additionally use the grill to heat our urgently egg, i m sorry is previously cooked in our suppliers’ kitchens before showing up at our restaurants. Together for the eggs supplied in our Sausage Burrito, we cook these in ours suppliers’ kitchens climate microwave in our restaurants prior to serving.

With one ingenious tool we call an ‘egg ring.’ the way, the egg effortlessly fits the English muffin and also is simple to host when eating. The Grade A egg comes v extra lean Canadian bacon and also a slice of melted American cheese, offered on a toasted English muffin with genuine butter. Cool, huh?

How space McDonald"s egg Prepared?

Good question. Ours breakfast menu items space all make with genuine eggs—they’re just prepared a little differently because that each sandwich.

Round Egg:Scrambled Eggs:

Our scrambled eggs are made v liquid egg that room cooked new on our grill with real butter.

Folded Eggs:

Our urgently eggs, choose the ones on a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, room made v liquid egg that space pre-cooked and also folded prior to being speed frozen by our suppliers. As soon as in our kitchens, they’re ready on the grill with real butter.

Sausage burrito Eggs:

Our providers pre-cook fluid eggs through ingredients that incorporate sausage, tomatoes, environment-friendly chilies, onions and seasonings prior to flash freeze them to aid maintain your taste.

Visit ours breakfast menu to get the complete list of ingredient in her favorite sandwich.

Are her Eggs Real?

Oh, they’re real alright. Across all 5 styles the eggs we make, you deserve to feel confident learning they all start with a actual egg.

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Learn much more about what sort of eggs us use.

Does McDonald"s usage Freshly Cracked Eggs?

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