I go a search of myself ~ above the website www.mylife.com. It has actually inaccurate information around me ~ above there. I dubbed to remove my information, however it has actually yet to be removed. Walk anyone know where lock gather your "publicly available" data from? ns cannot find any type of information anywhere!


mylife acquires data from multiple sources, lock don't even try to do the data watch real, mine for example had multiple dates of birth, after ~ looking around I found that it has put dates of bear of human being I had lived with in the past.

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I observed that it had some "relatives" the were not family members at all. I question the credibility of their sources.

I would certainly flood the California Attorney general office and Governor Brown's office v complaints. I have actually written letters myself and likewise to numerous victim's civil liberties advocacy orgs.

My following step is to develop a letter and send it come every PI attorney provided in LA county. Some day among these offices is likely to have a case where it might be verified that damage was caused to plaintiff by defendant, based on finding a home attend to or various other details ~ above this site.

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EDIT: you know what would be a pretty idea to group source? take the perform from the CA state bar association and crosscheck against mylife, so as to send letters straight to each atty homes

This is my complaint versus them

Mylife.com has posted mine sensitive personal information top top its website. This invasion of privacy quantities to harrassment, libel, defamation, has caused me undue stress, and hinderance in my career that has a an extensive monitary value. There are hundreds if not countless complaints about their unscruptulous service practices. In significance they post slanderous, not confirmed information around an unsuspecting citizen, then proceed to extort the person by charging a monthly/yearly fee to remove the information or allow you to see the information. These tactics space the same supplied by the Mafia on chaste men and also women. This scams have actually been considered illegal in the unified States. In addition, posting my an individual information place me at danger from estranged indviduals from mine past. Mylife.com has no ideal to decide who does and does not recognize what city ns live in/where i work/how much I make/ and enable unverified rather to make comments around my character and reputation. If they do feel the is your right and responsibiliy to write-up such information, it will additionally be their responsibility if one individul is harmed by their reckless behavior. Ns am requesting to have actually my details removed and the site be closed down due the injury they are resulting in the American people.