A couple of days ago I shared just how your iphone phone keeps tabs on whereby you are. Well, facebook does too. “Nearby Friends” on facebook mobile allows friends know that you’re nearby. If you have the Facebook app on your phone (iPhone or Android) you have actually this attribute available. Surrounding Friends is an opt-in feature; meaning, it is OFF uneven you rotate the attribute ON.

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Let’s take a closer look at at nearby Friends, consisting of what it could mean for teens.

How nearby Friends works on the facebook mobile app

Nearby friends is uncovered within the FB application on the “More” tab in ~ the bottom. Click the “more” tab and then you’ll see nearby Friends. If turn off, you will do it be motivated to turn it on.


Once on, you’ll watch a perform of nearby Friends – those on your facebook friends list who have additionally decided to turn on this feature. (This means you won’t see all your friends noted here).


(Faces blurred due to the fact that they don’t desire to admit they understand me ;-))

Click the settings symbol in the upper best (as in the screenshot above). This is wherein you can select who have the right to see her location. For instance if you have collection up perform in Facebook, friend can select to re-superstructure your place with simply that certain list, such together Close Friends. The default is “Friends” as presented on the left; simply select and also then select from your accessible lists.


You can also share your specific location through a friend, if girlfriend wish. For instance you could see the a friend is surrounding and you want to satisfy up v them. Click the arrowhead icon alongside their name and also then choose how long they have the right to see her every move.



This video clip from technology Crunch shows exactly how this works.

How to rotate off adjacent Friends in Facebook

If you’ve used adjacent Friends and decided it’s no for you, simply turn the feature off. Monitor the same actions (More tab > Nearby Friends > Settings) and also then on slide the slider come the left till the slider is no much longer green.


The tiny message on the display screen lets you recognize that even though you have turned off nearby Friends, the app is still building a “history of your precise location even when you’re not making use of the app”. If you feeling this is a little intrusive, take a look in ~ the Location Settings.

On the Location Settings screen, slide the slider to the left come turn off location History. This doesn’t delete her previously saved history; that is still lurking about on your task Log. While you space the only who have the right to see this log in (it is not shared with friends) you have the right to remove your background if you prefer.


To get to the background log, click the “More” tab again, scroll all the way down and also find Activity Log. Pick the Filter in ~ the top, and also select Location History (It’s close to the bottom that the list). When selected, you’ll have a filtered check out of your task that just shows ar history. Pick “Clear location History” (shown here).


Learn more about Facebook nearby friends ~ above the Facebook help page.

Teens and nearby Friends

For those with teens who are energetic on Facebook, this would be a good time to testimonial their girlfriend lists. Teenagers are much more likely to have a big number of facebook friends. Their friends list is probably an ext of a “random acquaintance” list. They could be sharing their whereabouts with numerous people. Uneven they are selective when adding friends they can be make their basic location well-known to an ext people than you’d prefer (or they also realize).

Again, this is an opt-in feature, so talk with your teen around whether they need to use this function if they have Facebook on their phone. If they do, perhaps limiting the sharing to “Close Friends” would certainly be a way approach.

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So what execute you think? does this attribute sound choose a an excellent idea? If friend think you can find this useful, like the young hipsters in the TechCrunch video meeting up for coffee, you might want to rotate this function on. I only see worth if most of your friends use Facebook top top the go and likewise turn this function on. If you room concerned about privacy and sharing your place data with others – even if they room your girlfriend – or you nothing think you’ll ever before use it, then leave it off.


Rick Shur says

November 20, 2015 in ~ 8:01 pm

Who decides what “nearby” method on Facebook? If a friend is a mile far or less, then I consider him to be nearby. Yet FB is announcing he’s “nearby” once he’s 6 miles away. In Manhattan, the is no nearby! have the right to I set/decide the meaning of nearby?

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