OfferUp is a resale platform where people can put their items up because that sale. They currently have a website as well as an iOS and an Android app.

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The company places an emphasis on in-person transactions. OfferUp competes with other eCommerce platforms prefer eBay, Craigslist, and also Facebook Marketplace.

The app aims to carry out a more user-friendly alternative to Craigslist and includes seller profiles through ratings. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Bellevue, Washington.

OfferUp has experienced explosive growth due to the fact that its inception. Forbes called the company one of the sexy startups that 2015.

The reception to the app has been excellent, v OfferUp gift in the top 50 many downloaded complimentary apps ~ above the app Store and Google beat Store.

Consumers think about it to it is in a safe and also reliable place to sell supplied goods. So v its emphasis on in-person transactions, exactly how does OfferUp do money?


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How can OfferUp do Money In The Future?

OfferUp has ambitious growth plans. Currently, the is available in major cities in 48 U.S states. They currently have 20 million users, and also there’s plenty of room for the number to save growing.

OfferUp will continue to emphasis its initiatives on bringing an ext buyers and sellers to its marketplace. V an eye to the future, OfferUp is looking in ~ the international market.

Nick Huzar has said that the company has worldwide ambitions, yet there is no set time frame for this.

How go OfferUp make Money: final Thoughts

OfferUp is an amazing startup the is still within its initial development phase. The app attracts customers away from sites prefer Amazon, eBay, and also Facebook Marketplace by giving a user-friendly experience.

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OfferUp is one of the many downloaded free apps in America. The app takes safety and security seriously and also has designated satisfy up spots throughout the country, countless of which space in prior of police stations.