Politicians who want to closeup of the door Planned Parenthood down have actually lied around how federal funding works in ~ its health centers. The truth is the Planned Parenthood it s okay reimbursed for delivering care just like any other health care provider.

What plan Parenthood Is

Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit comprised of a headquarters in brand-new York City, and a network of 49 in your ar operated, elevation affiliates nationwide. Those affiliates operate 600 wellness centers and carry out a wide range of safe, trustworthy health treatment services that reflect the varied needs that their neighborhoods — including lifesaving cancer screenings, HIV tests, and birth control. 

Care and also Revenue

What planned Parenthood health and wellness centers execute is wellness care. Yet politicians who press “defund” attacks like come talk about Planned Parenthood’s revenue, together if the federal government somehow hand Planned Parenthood a empty check. That’s no true. 

Planned Parenthood’s revenue originates from three main sources:

Reimbursements from commonwealth health care programs, choose MedicaidDonationsPatient fees, such as reimbursements from patient or private health and wellness insurance for the services Planned Parenthood provides

(1) Reimbursements from federal Programs

Most federal funds involved Planned Parenthood wellness centers through Medicaid, the government-funded health insurance arrangement for civilization with low incomes. Similar to other type of insurance, medicaid reimburses planned Parenthood’s doctors, nurses, and also other clinicians for the preventive clinical services they provide.

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About one-third the the revenue got at plan Parenthood (38%) is from government health solutions reimbursements and grants, such as Medicaid**.

(2) Donations

Donors provide around 25% that revenue because that Planned Parenthood affiliates (including wellness centers) and 94% that revenue for Planned Parenthood’s national organization (including the headquarters) — evidence of plan Parenthood’s an effective grassroots support.

(3) patience Fees

About one-fourth (22%) the the money the comes through Planned Parenthood is indigenous patients’ out-of-pocket payments for health and wellness services and non-government compensation for health and wellness services. 

This chart from to plan Parenthood’s 2019-2020 annual Report mirrors the as whole revenue because that Planned Parenthood’s national office and affiliates.

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The Federal budget plan Has No ‘Line Item’ because that Planned Parenthood that the President deserve to Somehow ‘Zero Out’

Almost 60% of plan Parenthood patients’ visits usage public wellness programs like Medicaid. “Defund" legislation immediately hurts those patient — patients favor Casey, in the example listed below — by blocking lock from care at to plan Parenthood centers:

Impact of "Defunding" Planned Parenthood

If politicians out to “defund” planned Parenthood have their way, they will certainly block countless patients who use Medicaid and also other publicly health care programs indigenous accessing care through those programs at plan Parenthood health and wellness centers. If that happens, it would mean plenty of Planned Parenthood patients would have actually nowhere rather to turn for health and wellness care. Numerous Planned Parenthood patient live in countryside areas, and also 39% of plan Parenthood patient (over 920,000) are people of color.