rob Kardashian no longer has to pay $20k a month in boy support. Picture: Getty
plunder Kardashian has actually a daughter v Blac Chyna. Picture: PA pictures

What's rob Kardashian's net worth?

Rob Kardashian's net worth is approximately $10million. Also though it's a huge amount, it's the shortest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

Kylie zener is the richest, although there has recently been some scandal about whether she is actually a billionaire.

Kim climate comes in in ~ $350million, Khloe's in ~ $40million, Kourtney's in ~ $35million and also Kendall zener is worth roughly $18million.

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How has actually Rob Kardashian do his money?

While Rob tends to continue to be out that the limelight, like his brothers he's made a same whack from showing up on fact TV series, Keeping Up v The Kardashians. He had a spin-off series with Blac Chyna when she was expecting their baby.

He's additionally previously endorsed assets like Coc-Cola ~ above his Instagram, yet he has because deleted his account. The youngest Kardashian sibling is still active on Twitter though.

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Rob also launched his own sock line, Arthur George Socks, and also appeared top top Dancing v The Stars.

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