Showrunner Bruce Helford opened up up about the decision to have actually Roseanne Conner die from an accidental medicine overdose.

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Roseanne Barr may not it is in happy around the way her character was killed off on "The Conners," yet the show"s writers thought it to be a "respectful sendoff."

Bruce Helford, who co-wrote Tuesday"s premiere that the brand-new "Roseanne" spinoff, penned a guest tower for The Hollywood Reporter, explaining the decision to have actually Barr"s character, Roseanne Conner, dice of an accidental opiate overdose.

Aunt Jackie (Laurie Metcalf), Darlene (Sara Gilbert), Becky (Lecy Goranson) and also Dan (John Goodman) struggle to make sense of Roseanne's fatality in "The Conners" premiere episode.ABC

"There to be a most chatter in the ether about how us should describe Roseanne"s absence: have to she have a sudden love attack, a mental breakdown or go off into the sunset ~ above a watercraft with her child Jerry Garcia?" Helford wrote of the writers" dilemma of producing a "Roseanne" spinoff there is no Barr, that was fired by abc in might after tweeting a racist remark.

"But ago in the authors room, we firmly decided against anything cowardly or far-fetched, something that would certainly make the fierce matriarch of the Conners it seems ~ pathetic or debased," the added.

ABC canceled the top-rated "Roseanne" resurgence in might after star Roseanne Barr tweeted a racist remark around former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett.Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

The writers eventually determined Roseanne Conner"s exit should it is in a "permanent" one so that Conner household members "could truly move on boldly with their lives, evolve and also grow."

But the way in which Roseanne died "would have to be reverent to the woman that was so beloved by her family. And also the an outcome would need to leave no shadow end Dan, Jackie, Darlene, Becky, DJ and all of Lanford," the wrote.

Making points trickier to be the truth that Barr assisted launch Helford"s television career. "I wanted a respectful sendoff because that her," he wrote, "one that was relevant and could inspire conversation for the greater an excellent about the American functioning class, whose authentic troubles are frequently ignored by transfer television."


Barr did presumably clock Tuesday"s premiere and, unfortunately for Helford, she hated what she saw.

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After the illustration aired, the outspoken comedian took to Twitter come voice she outrage, tweeting, ""I AIN"T DEAD, B------!!!!"

In a more thoughtful post-show statement, one released in conjunction v longtime friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Barr made it clean she to be disappointed by her character"s death.

“While us wish the an extremely best because that the cast and production crew the "The Conners," every one of whom are deeply committed to their craft and also were Roseanne’s cherished colleagues, us regret that ABC decided to release Roseanne through killing turn off the Roseanne Conner character," the declare read. "That it to be done with an opioid overdose lent an unnecessary grim and also morbid dimension to one otherwise happy family show."