Over the years, I’ve had an excellent success buying and selling ~ above OfferUp, and also today I’m going to share my top 10 OfferUp tips with you! These advice will help you to sell your item faster and make more money in the process.

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Selling ~ above OfferUp is a great way to make part extra money. We’ve sold all type of things—home decor, infant gear, furniture, camping equipment, a Blentec blender, eye shoes— you surname it!

Our tiny apartment has restricted storage space, so undesirable items are promptly donated or sold.

It’s constantly nice to declutter her home, clean the end your closets, and bring in some extra cash!

Why usage OfferUp?

Personally, I like using the OfferUp application because it’s fast and easy—and no as creepy together Craigslist!

Buyers and sellers have actually profile pictures and ratings (based on past purchases and sales), so it’s somewhat less anonymous.That alone provides me feel safer, both as a buyer and also a seller.

Plus, it’s supervisor easy and convenient to have actually a conversation right in the app. I don’t have to provide out my phone number or email attend to to anyone!


10 OfferUp advice to Sell much faster & Make much more Money

When you take the time to present your item nicely, industry them well, and communicate efficiently with potential buyers, you substantially increase the odds of marketing your stuff. Plus, you’ll make much more money in the process!

1. Before You Sell

Before you begin the listing process, invest a couple of minutes clean up the items you desire to sell.

Wash clothes, wipe under dirty equipment, repair damaged items (if possible), and also touch-up scuffed furniture through fresh paint.

2. Photo Like a Pro

Good images make all the distinction when marketing online! i can’t tell you how plenty of listings I’ve passed by simply because of poor photo quality.

When the details and condition of an object aren’t clear appropriate away, it’s commonly not worth the problem of trying to investigate further.

Do not picture your items in a dimly lit room. Instead, location your items near a window—or, much better yet—take them outside! Make sure the lift is together clean and also uncluttered as possible, and make certain the picture is sharp.

Take photos at multiple angles to see which ones look best. Also, take pictures of the whole item, and close-up information shots.

Be sure to edit your pictures before uploading them come OfferUp. Adjusting the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and saturation will go a lengthy way. This have to only take it a couple of minutes, and also will assist your items to was standing out.

Make certain to upload numerous photos—not simply one. This is specifically important for bigger-ticket items.

Of every my OfferUp tips, improving your photos will most likely make the best difference!These tips will rise your buyers’ confidence, both in you as the seller and also in the item for sale.


3. Create a clever Title & Description

Use strong keywords in both your title and description. Include important information, such together the brand, size, model, and color. An excellent keywords will assist potential buyers find your listings!

Be honest and accurate in your wording, and describe your items properly.

4. Price that Right

When deciding how much to sell your item for, ns recommend an initial doing a quick OfferUp search. Then inspect Craigslist and also eBay come make certain you’re pricing her item correctly.

If I see that most world are asking $25-$30 for a details item, I’ll commonly price mine a couple of dollars less (especially if over there are numerous already provided for sale).

This help my items come sell an ext quickly. I’d rather sell it in a couple of weeks, than wait a few months before someone bites.

5. Communication is Key

Respond to messages from buyers as conveniently as you can! it is in clear and also courteous v your wording.

I favor to use finish sentences, an excellent grammar, and also even smiley encounters when appropriate!When you communicate effectively, you’re telling your buyers the you room trustworthy.

Sometimes, buyers will protect against responding to your messages, i beg your pardon is exceptionally frustrating (especially when they’ve currently told friend where and also when they desire to meet)! when that happens, simply shrug it off and also move on.


6. Know how to Negotiate

If someone uses you less money 보다 you feel your item is worth, girlfriend can constantly counter. Try to find a happy medium.

When a buyer sends out me lowball offer, I shot countering through something reasonable. If they proceed offering me unreasonable numbers, I just send lock the lowest price I’m willing to accept.

“Thank you for your offer, but the lowest price I’m currently able to accept is $50.”

Sometimes, it’s worth accepting an offer that’s a little low in bespeak to offer an item an ext quickly. Buyers deserve to be fickle, and coordinating can take a few days, so I like to jump on sales whenever ns can!

7. Very first Come, first Served

Some buyers will not it is in considerate of your time, and will not keep their word. I’ve knowledgeable this firsthand.

I have actually a rule: The an initial person to provide me money for an object gets it!

In the past, buyers have actually asked me to host items until a specific date. I would agree, and also end up turning down various other potential buyers while ns waited. Then, the initial buyer would change their mind and wouldn’t follow through with the purchase.

Talk about frustrating!

So now, if someone come along, ready to accomplish with cash in hand, they’re the one I’m doing organization with!

8. Confirm before You Go

Before you leaving your house to accomplish someone, send castle a fast message to confirm the place and also time. This is specifically important if friend agreed to meet a couple of days prior.

(I favor to add reminders to mine Apple calendar for this reason that i don’t forget to accomplish my OfferUp buyers.)

And don’t forget come let someone recognize if you’re running a couple of minutes late. It is in courteous!


9. Choose a Convenient meeting Place

When selecting a location to accomplish buyers, ns don’t journey long ranges in case they flake out on me. Plus, the farther i drive, the more time and gas money I’m spending.

Instead, I have actually buyers drive to a location that’s convenient for me—especially if I’m marketing a little item. The bigger the item, the aside from that I’m ready to drive.

10. Be Wise

Be wise about where and when you’re conference someone.

I favor to fulfill in front of a large store during the day, once there’s many light and plenty of civilization around. The safest ar to meet is up by the enntrance gate of a store, however parking lots can work, too.

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Oftentimes, I’ll send my husband to fulfill a buyer (especially in the evening).

Share Your best OfferUp Tips!

I learned many these OfferUp tips and tricks through trial and also error. They’ve aided me to build the device I use today for selling on OfferUp, and also have successfully made me some extra money!

Have girlfriend tried make extra money utilizing OfferUp? What are your ideal OfferUp tips?