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More personalized, intuitive and also beautiful architecture makes discovering and enjoying height content faster and also easier than ever.

Starting today, our new app suffer is broadening to Roku Ultra devices. The brand-new design is the most substantial update in TV"s history and gives a more personal and also easier to use streaming experience. 


It is now accessible on Amazon Fire TV devices. It will proceed to roll out to all Roku tools in the coming weeks and other devices throughout the year. 


New features include:


Brand-new residence Screen 

With the new Home Screen, TV it is intended a personalized experience where friend can discover the many relevant content, consisting of your favorite shows and also recordings, quickly and also easily. A brand-new section spotlights the perfect movies and also shows liked specifically for you!


Reimagined Guide 

While maintaining a acquainted feel that many have concerned know and also love, the reimagined overview makes it easier to note your favorite channels, filter and A-Z sort the overview order, conveniently record a show and explore channel details. 


Channel View

To see every little thing your favorite channels have to offer, simply pick a channel logo design within the Guide. Examine out live and upcoming programming as well as everything On demand on a certain channel.


Easy-to-use DVR 

The addition of a new, committed DVR tab allows you to conveniently watch and also manage all recorded content in one place. TV now has 50 hours of complimentary DVR storage and also the capability to upgrade to 200 hrs for just $5/mo. With DVR Plus, so friend won’t miss out on any favorites. 


TV on her Schedule

Easily pause, rewind, fast-forward and also record live TV, and also seamlessly jump between recently watched channels without missing a moment.

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Intuitive Navigation

A new, streamlined navigation top top the left makes it less complicated to discover content. Easily explore the Guide, check out what’s On need or browse recordings.


Smart Search 

Looking because that something to watch? TV’s brand-new Smart Search feature narrows down the alternatives to help you discover the perfect fit. Girlfriend can also find vault searches with just one click and instantly see results as friend type. 


When TV an initial debuted a little much more than six years ago, it took the entertainment industry by storm as the very first premier live TV streaming service. Due to the fact that then, we’ve continued to innovate and remain laser focused on transporting the finest entertainment suffer at the ideal value. 


Learn much more about the brand-new TV experience. Examine it the end here. 


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