Each winter, millions of world suffer native seasonal flu. Flu — the brief name for influenza — is resulted in by viruses. Viruses room very little germs. Part viruses can spread conveniently from one human to another. They reason illnesses or infections like the flu.

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Flu is a mild disease for some people. Because that older people, specifically those who have health troubles like diabetes or heart disease, the flu have the right to be very serious, even life-threatening.

How major is the flu?

Most people who gain the flu feeling much better in a week or two. But, some human being can get really sick. Because that example, because your human body is busy fighting turn off the flu, you can pick increase a second infection. Older human being are at an excellent risk the these second infections, such as pneumobuzzpatterson.com.

Ellen"s story

It was mid-November, and also Ellen had not gotten a flu shot. Sooner or later she was out having lunch with a friend and also noticed civilization sneezing and coughing in ~ the next table. Two days later, Ellen woke up emotion achy and had a fever. She had the flu. Her husband Jack took treatment of her and also was mindful to wash his hand after poignant Ellen"s dishes. But, a few days later, he also was sick. Maybe he used the phone just after Ellen finished talking with their son. Or perhaps he touched a doorknob Ellen provided after sneezing. Flu spreads easily from one human being to another.

How does the flu spread?

The flu is contagious — that method it spreads from human being to person, frequently through the air. You have the right to pass ~ above the infection before you feel sick. Girlfriend are transmittable for number of days ~ you obtain sick. Girlfriend can capture the flu as soon as someone near you coughs or sneezes. Or, if girlfriend touch other the virus is on, choose Ellen and Jack"s call or doorknob, and then touch your sleep or mouth, girlfriend could catch the flu. The flu virus have the right to live ~ above a surface like a publication or doorknob for a number of hours. Remember to wash your hands frequently when you are about someone that is sick. Do a suggest of washing them before eating or poignant your eyes, nose, or mouth. If girlfriend can, continue to be away from ailing people. That will assist stop the flu native spreading.

Is the the flu or a cold?

It"s simple to confused a typical cold v seasonal flu. A cold is milder than the flu, but since the flu can make larger people really sick, friend should understand the difference. That method you will understand when to speak to the doctor, who could want to give you a prescription for medicines that can help you get over the flu.

People through the flu have the right to have fever, chills, dried cough, basic aches and also pains, and a headache. Lock feel very tired. Ill throat, sneezing, stuffy nose, or stomach difficulties are much less common. What some people call "stomach flu" is not influenza.

SymptomsIf It"s a ColdIf It"s the FluFeverHeadacheGeneral aches, painsTiredness, weaknessExtreme exhaustionStuffy noseSneezingSore throatChest discomfort, cough
SlightUsual; frequently severe
SometimesUsual; can last two to three weeks
RareUsual; when first become sick
Mild to moderate hacking coughCommon; can become severe

Can the flu be prevented?

Getting a flu shot every year can help you remain healthy. A flu shot contains the flu vaccine, which could keep friend from obtaining the flu. There space special flu shots designed particularly for civilization age 65 and older. Medicare will certainly pay because that the shot, and also so will countless private health insurance plans.

A flu shoot won"t keep everyone healthy. But, obtaining the flu shot each year can mean that if you do get the flu, you could have just a mild case.

Who should gain a flu shot?

The Centers for an illness Control and Prevention (CDC), component of the federal government, states that world age 50 and older should obtain a flu shot every year. Everyone who stays with or takes care of people age 50 and older should likewise have a flu shooting every year.

When should I gain my flu shot?

Most civilization get the flu in between December and also March. That"s why that time is dubbed the flu season. The timeframe can vary every year. The takes at least two main for your shot to begin working, so shot to get your flu shoot by the end of October. Don"t issue if girlfriend can"t get your flu shot before the flu season starts. The shot can aid keep you healthy no matter when you acquire it.

COVID-19 vaccines and also other vaccinesCOVID-19 is a major respiratory condition that deserve to cause an obstacle in breathing, fever, chills, ns of taste or smell, and also many other symptoms. The COVID-19 vaccine can defend you from obtaining sick and help prevent it from dispersing to others. Girlfriend can get a COVID-19 vaccine and also other vaccines, such together a shingles or flu vaccine, at the very same visit. Girlfriend no longer need come wait 14 days in between vaccinations. To discover more, check out CDC guidelines for vaccines.

Where deserve to I get a flu shot?

You can gain a flu shoot at her doctor"s office or from your local health and wellness department. Periodically grocery or medicine stores market flu shots. The vaccine is the same wherever you get it. Use the vaccine finder to uncover a vaccine in her area.

Why carry out you require a flu shoot every year?

You require a flu shot every year for two reasons. First, flu viruses change. Every year"s virus may be just a small different. If the virus changes, the vaccine provided in the flu shot is changed. Second, the protection you acquire from a flu shot lessens through time, especially in enlarge people. So, friend should get the shooting every autumn to perform your finest to stay safeguarded from the flu.

Are there next effects?

Most people have no problem with a flu shot. In fact, for many people, the flu is far much more dangerous than the flu shot.

When you gain the flu shot, her arm can be sore, red, or a bit swollen. This side impacts may start soon after gaining the shot and can critical up to two days. They should not get in the means of your daily activities. A couple of people do have a headache or a low-grade fever for around a job after they get the shot. The flu shot cannot reason you to get the flu.

If you are allergic come eggs, you can usually gain the flu shot. However, if girlfriend have ever before had a significant allergic reaction to a flu shot, you should not acquire a brand-new flu shot.

When to examine with her doctor

It is vital to inspect with your doctor as soon as you first get the flu. Also, contact your physician if:

Your heat goes away and then come back; girlfriend may have a an ext dangerous infectionYou start having actually breathing or heart difficulties or other serious wellness problemsYou feeling sick and also don"t seem come be acquiring betterYou have a sneeze that begins to make thick mucus

What deserve to I carry out if I obtain the flu?

If you gain the flu, there are things you have the right to do to feeling better. First, contact your physician to watch if over there are medicines that can help. Repeat him or her if you space taking medicine to struggle cancer or other medications that do it difficult for her body come fight illness. There room prescription drugs, referred to as antivirals, that are used to treat people with the flu. If you take them within 48 hrs after the flu begins, this drugs have the right to make you feel far better more quickly. Antibiotics carry out not assist you get over the flu. Castle are occasionally prescribed to help you get over a an additional infection if the is caused by bacteria. Bacteria space a different form of germ than viruses.

Antivirals can additionally be supplied to protect against flu. If girlfriend hear that there is a flu outbreak in your area, check with your doctor. He or she could prescribe one antiviral that can protect you. Prevention is key. The very first choice for preventing the flu is a flu shot.

If you room sick, try to rest in bed and also drink many of fluids, prefer juice and water however not alcohol. Medicine such as acetaminophen can lug down your fever, which might help with the aches and also pains. It is vital not to smoke if you room sick through the flu. It is a respiratory condition that have the right to infect her lungs, as well as your nasal passages. These same areas are also bothered through smoking. Take it it straightforward as lot as you can until you are well.

What about the "bird flu?"

Sometimes a new, different kind that flu virus appears. You may have heard about the avian or bird flu. This flu is an example of how transforms in a flu virus could lead to major illness. However, over there is some good news around bird flu. That is rare in people. In many cases, the bird flu has not passed from one human being to another, and so, it might not become widespread in humans. But this could change over time. Researchers are functioning on new vaccines the can aid protect human being from bird flu. Right now, having actually seasonal flu does not develop your body"s protection versus bird flu.

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Things to remember around the flu

The flu can be dangerous because that older people.The flu deserve to be prevented.Older people need a flu shooting every year.Medicare pays for the flu shot.The flu shooting is safe.The flu vs. COVID-19The flu, resulted in by the influenza viruses, and COVID-19, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, are comparable respiratory illnesses, but COVID-19 causes an ext serious illnesses and also spreads much more easily than the flu. It may be hard to call the difference in between the two viruses because the symptoms are similar. That is important to do an appointment v your health treatment provider as quickly as you feel symptoms, so you can take the certain precautions. To learn much more about the differences between the flu and also COVID-19, visit the CDC.

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