What happened to Susan Boyle after Britain's gained Talent and also what is she law now?By Christine Estera| 8 month ago

Everyone loves a great underdog and also Susan Boyle was specifically that as soon as she auditioned for Britain's acquired Talent back in 2009.

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Taking to the phase in front of may be the harshest doubters in the business, judges Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan, Boyle held her ground and also belted out her rendition of 'I dreamed a Dream' native Les Misérables. Over there wasn't a dry eye in the arena. 

The song catapulted the Scottish singer into the finals the the competition. And although she didn't win and also placed second, she ended up being an global superstar.

Here's what ended up being of the shy woman whose incredible voice winner over the world.

Susan Boyle auditions because that Britain's gained Talent in 2009. (ITV)

What taken place to Susan Boyle after Britain's obtained Talent?

After her momentous audition ~ above Britain's acquired Talent, Boyle was instantly recognised not simply in the UK but across the world. 

Her audition alone to be the most-watched YouTube video clip of 2009, clocking increase 120 million views the year. It has actually now obtained 249 million views (and counting) in the 21 years since the show.

Boyle released her debut album in I dreamed a Dream in 2009 soon after BGT wrapped. Top top its release, it was hailed the fastest-selling UK debut album of all time. To date, she has sold 25 million records global and clocked increase 250 million audio streams and 650 million YouTube hits.

The singer go on come release seven albums, her many recent one reduce in 2019 and was called Ten — a compilation of her greatest hits in the critical decade. 

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Susan Boyle and also Donnie Osmond carry out in las Vegas, Nevada, in 2012. (Getty)

She has additionally performed with her idol, singer Elaine Paige, in London, while likewise singing a duet in ras Vegas with her other musical idol, Donny Osmond, in las Vegas.

Boyle has also performed in former of the Queen double — in 2012, Boyle sang at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and also then graced the monarch again v her voice in 2014 at the commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, her residence country.

The singer has additionally received two Grammy nominations for Pop Vocal Album in 2011 because that I dreamed A Dream and also Traditional popular music Vocal Album in 2012 for The Gift.

"The biggest adjust was really the prompt fame, from being a wee unknown lady with a cat in Scotland to being recognised wherever ns went. It took some acquiring used to," Boyle would later tell People in 2019. 

Susan Boyle on America's got Talent: The champions in 2019. (Getty)

What track made Susan Boyle famous?

Boyle sang 'I dreamy a Dream' native the musical Les Misérables when auditioning for Britain's gained Talent. And while she all smiles before and after she performance the fateful day, there was a sad backstory to she audition. 

In 2017, simply two years prior, her mom had passed away aged 91 and also the ns was devastating for Boyle, who in 2012 was diagnosed through Asperger's — a problem that affect one's capacity to socialise and also communicate.

"I had actually just lost my mum and I had nothing to look forward to, therefore I have no doubt it was a blessing," she later on told The Sunday Post of she audition. "I think the was mine mum's method of telling me to store going, that I had actually something to offer.

"I'm certain there was magnificent intervention involved. Mine mum's quiet looking ~ me now, she's quiet here and also she has given me the trust to execute what ns do."

Who won Britain's got Talent over Susan Boyle?

Boyle was arguably the most renowned contestant during collection 3 that Britain's got Talent. TV characters Oprah Winfrey and Larry King wanted to interview her and actor Ashton Kutcher common a clip of her audition with countless his Twitter followers. However somehow, Boyle did no go home with the desire BGT trophy. 

The title and £100,000 compensation money (approx. $178,000) was awarded to dance team Diversity, through Boyle recalling secretly panicking after the winner was revealed. 

"I didn't want to go earlier to mine old life," she later defined to The Metro. "Then Simon came running increase on stage and whispered right into my ear that I had a recording contract no issue what and the panic gave method to exhaustion. I was therefore tired, i tried to perform my best but acquired so totally overwhelmed v the believed of not doing my best, or messing increase my performance that ns couldn't sleep or relax.

"That said, the best men winner on the night and also Diversity to be a great group and well, ns think I confirmed that it's no poor thing come come second!'

What go Simon Cowell say to Susan Boyle?

The TV judge and also record producer initially scoffed in ~ Boyle as soon as she presented herself come the crowd ahead of her 2009 audition. And he's the first to apologise for judging a publication by that cover. 

"I can remember vividly exactly how disgusting i was ~ above the day, before you sang — and also then what girlfriend did, and also what happened afterwards," that admitted come Boyle as soon as she changed to do at one America's got Talent unique in 2019.

"I median seriously, to be fantastic. You're a champion."

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Simon Cowell looks on as Susan Boyle auditions because that Britain's acquired Talent in 2009. (ITV)

What is Susan Boyle doing now?

As discussed above, Boyle was among the contestants asked to compete in America's obtained Talent: The Champions in 2019.

Singing 'Wild Horses', Boyle obtained a gold Buzzer from judge Mel B, sending out the positive straight come the finals. Unfortunately, she didn't win that time either however Cowell was nonetheless impressed. 

Susan Boyle arrives on the America's acquired Talent red carpet in august 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Getty)

"You know what Susan? i can't think of any type of other contestant that has defined this show far better than if I'm being ethical with you," he told her. "You're the one, you made a substantial difference in a most people's lives. I'm absolutely thrilled you're here."

Boyle stays an energetic recording artist signed come Cowell's brand Syco Entertainment.

Simon Cowell, Susan Boyle, terry Crews and also Mel B top top America's obtained Talent: The Champions. (Getty)

How old is Susan Boyle?

Susan Boyle is 59 years old. She was born on April 1, 1961 in West Lothian, Scotland.

Where go Susan Boyle live? 

Despite she newfound fame and also fortune, Boyle still stays in her family members home in Blackburn in West Lothian, Scotland. She was increased in the town by she miner and veteran dad Patrick and also her mom Bridget, who was a shorthand typist.

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Boyle has said in previous interviews that she has no to plan to leave the family home together it's where she feeling closest come her later mother. 

"It's good to it is in in her mum's home as well, there's a lot of nice memory in mine mum's," she called The sunlight in 2019. "I kind of feel she's present here, somehow."

Susan Boyle outside her house in Blackburn, Scotland. (Getty)

Is Susan Boyle married? 

Boyle has never married and also is currently single. She famously revealed back in 2009 the she had actually never been kissed, and only met her an initial boyfriend once she was 53.

Her rep revealed to CBS in 2014 that Boyle was dating a Connecticut doctor during the united state leg of she tour, Susan Boyle in Concert. They supposedly met in Clearwater, Florida, and they make plans for him to relocate to Scotland to be through her. 

"I expect he comes over. I don't desire to say any more about that he is right now as that would certainly be unfair on him. All I'll say is us are about the same age and he was a very nice guy," she called The Sun at the time. 

Sadly, the pair would later split and also during one interview last year through UK talk present Loose Women, Boyle said she hasn't date in the six years since. 

What is Susan Boyle's net worth today?

Susan Boyle is supposedly worth a cool US$40 million (approx. $52 million). Not negative for someone who came runner-up. 

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