A C-32 aircraft of the 89th Airlift soup is shown at Joint base Andrews, Md. The 89th AW maintains and operates the aircraft, which are supplied by the president's cabinet secretaries, the vice chairman and first lady when they travel. (Senior grasp Sgt. Kevin Wallace/Air Force)
First Lady Melania Trump’s C-32 plane was required to return to Andrews Air force Base, Maryland, shortly after takeoff Wednesday due to the fact that the cabin filled v smoke, the Air force said.

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The very first lady to be on her method to Philadelphia to visit a hospital when simply minutes after ~ takeoff from andrew there was “a thin haze of smoke” and also reporters traveling v Trump might “smell miscellaneous burning. The odor quickly became stronger,” follow to a swimming pool reporter who was traveling through the first lady.

The Air pressure said in a statement that “the source of the smoke to be isolated come the former of the aircraft and also originated from communication equipment which was shut down after the occurrence."

The C-32, which is similar to the 757, is part of the presidential fleet and is often called “Air force Two,” as it is used by Vice president Mike Pence.

It also is offered by the president’s room secretaries, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Secretary the State Mike Pompeo, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and also the chairman that the share Chiefs the Staff.

The very first lady’s plane landed safely back at Andrews with no reported injuries, the Air pressure said. Trump was able to proceed on her trip to Philadelphia around 90 minute later.

“As a precaution the flight crew reverted the plane to Joint base Andrews wherein the first Lady and also passengers were transferred to a C-40 to continue the mission,” the Air pressure said.

Tara Copp is the Pentagon office Chief for armed forces Times and author that the award-winning military nonfiction "The Warbird: 3 Heroes. Two Wars. One Story."


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