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Despite some last-minute drama, Congress has (again) avoided a federal government shutdown—for now.

Lawmakers have actually approved law to store the federal government funded v mid-February. The approval came much less than 36 hours prior to the current capital was poised to expire, preventing yet another duration of darkness in ~ the federal government.

The stop-gap funding legislation is a victory for Democrats. GOP leaders threatened to pressure a shutdown over resources for vaccine mandates in the bill, but 20 Republicans ended up poll in donate of the bill.

While the brand-new funding comes as an excellent news to countless federal workers that would’ve had to go without work and also paychecks if it no pass, it’s just a matter of time before we’ll be stating the next potential shutdown. Legislator will have to approve capital again in mid-February, and also are apparently aiming to pass a longer-term regulation at the time.

As with all points in Congress, though, us never know what might happen. Here’s what can happen during a shutdown, should lawmakers miss the next resources deadline.

4 solutions That might Be influenced By A government Shutdown

When a government shutdown occurs, nonessential federal services prevent until brand-new funding law is passed and signed into law. Every federal firm has its own shutdown plan, which suggests if its activities can proceed during the shutdown—and if it has to furlough the employees.

According to the Committee because that a Responsible Federal spending plan (CRFB), countless programs space exempt from a government shutdown. However, plenty of services would certainly suffer negative consequences that would be pass on to ordinary Americans. Here are four of the biggest.

1. Delays in ~ the IRS

During a government shutdown, the inner Revenue service (IRS) would not be able to verify income and also Social protection numbers. It would additionally have an obstacle answering taxpayer questions and also resolving compliance problems quickly.

During a current scramble to pass federal government funding, push secretary Jen Psaki stated that also if a shutdown happened and IRS employees were furloughed, the IRS would certainly be meant to continue processing taxes refunds and also child tax credits. It’s likely that would use now have to the federal government run the end of funding.

2. Food Stamp distribution Challenges

The Supplemental Nutrition assistance Program (SNAP), frequently referred to together food stamps, has actually been a crucial lifeline for family members struggling v the economic aftermath of the pandemic.

Though a federal government shutdown wouldn’t cut funding, it can lead come food stamps not being sent out. Follow to the CRFB, past proceeding resolutions have only authorized the services to be sent out for 30 days after a shutdown begins.

Should a shutdown go longer, family members with restricted means could be required to slash their grocery budgets.

3. Brand-new Applications for Social Security, Veterans Affairs i will not ~ Be Processed

Those currently receiving Social security benefits i will not ~ be affected by a government shutdown.

But brand-new applications or insurance claims for federal benefits, such together Social protection or Veterans affairs payments, would not it is in processed during a government shutdown, potentially leading to a hold-up in receiving first payments.

4. National Parks and also Monuments might Close

National parks have actually proven to be a really popular refuge throughout the pandemic—in 2021, Yellowstone collection monthly visitation records.

However, a federal government shutdown can put the kibosh on countless Americans’ holiday plans. Throughout the federal government shutdown the 2013, much more than 300 parks, national monuments and also other sites were closed (although countless remained open throughout the 2018-2019 shutdown, with no visitor services or maintenance).

If one more shutdown occurs, that may affect whether nationwide parks and monuments stay open, particularly given the we’re quiet in a global pandemic.

Why Were we Facing an additional Shutdown?

The longest government shutdown in history, i beg your pardon lasted because that 35 days, occurred between 2018 and 2019. It started when trump demanded capital for a $5.7 billion wall surface between the U.S. And Mexico and refused to sign a government funding bill the didn’t include it.

An approximated 800,000 federal workers and 1.2 million builders went there is no pay during that period, which happened over the holidays—with some employees so negatively impacted that castle filed for joblessness benefits.

Congress has actually been passing momentary fixes to keep the federal government open for most of this year. The stop-gap measures have bided much more time because that lawmakers, who have remaining quarrels over what must be consisted of in a long-term funding bill.

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On optimal of the politics drama, the nation is tho grappling v a deadly, highly transmittable virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the manager of the nationwide Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, stated a pandemic would be a terrible time because that a government shutdown.

“The worst time in the civilization we desire to shut down the government is in the middle of a pandemic whereby we have actually 140,000 people a day acquiring infected and 2,000 people a work dying,” Fauci said throughout a September interview through The Washington Post. “That’s the time once you desire the government working complete blast to resolve this.”

In September, Psaki stated a shutdown would certainly be daunting for pandemic relief efforts such together updating therapy recommendations, however “the vast majority of work on Covid would certainly be exempted.”