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vertically strip green-white-red nationwide flag through a central coat of eight featuring an eagle, a cactus, and also a serpent. The flag has a width-to-length proportion of 4 come 7.

The battle for Mexican freedom took ar under a variety of flags, but, as soon as it was finally accomplished in 1821 under the conservative Iguala Plan, a tricolour of green-white-red was officially established. This architecture may have actually been influenced by the French Tricolor, yet the colours to be distinctively Mexican. Eco-friendly symbolizes independence, white is for the roman inn Catholic religion, and also red is because that union—the “Three Guarantees” that Iguala. That political compromise permitted Mexico to totally free itself native Spain while keeping the supremacy of roman inn Catholicism and of the social mechanism in i m sorry the privileged Creoles ruled over those of mixed ethnic background and the Indian majority.

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The main emblem on the tricolour shows in graphic kind the structure myth of the ancient Aztec empire. The scene illustrated is the one that the Indian founders of Tenochtitlán (now Mexico City) supposedly experienced in 1325, i m sorry met your prophecies that the predestined website for their capital—namely, an eagle v a line in its beak standing ~ above a cactus farming out the rocks in the middle of water. Various artistic renditions of this scene have actually been made use of over the year by different regimes to signify both mexico nationality and also adherence to changing political philosophies. For example, from 1821 come 1823 and from 1864 come 1867, Mexico was realm and the eagle on the flag to be crowned. The present version the the arms shows a wreath that oak and also laurel tied with a ribbon in the national green-white-red colours. This variation of the flag was made official on September 17, 1968.